Chapter 132 - Equally Marvelous

Chapter 132: Equally Marvelous

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Mr. Lu chuckled when he received the answer. Luo Mingxin‽

Normally speaking, the interaction between different social circles was an exchange of benefits. One wished for the other’s fame, and the other wished for their power. Connections made many things easier. Thus, as long as one was at the top of one’s circle, one would gain the respect of the upper society. However, this was slightly different for the entertainment circle.

It was normal for people to have close friends that were outside of their normal social circle. However, this was an exception when it came to friends from the entertainment industry. At least, they would not openly flaunt their close relationship mainly because of the lack of privacy.

Having meals with friends was to improve relationships, but if they were caught having meals with a celebrity, the media would come up with their own reasons why. This was why, while celebrities collaborated a lot with influential businesspersons, it was rare to hear they were actual close friends. Of course, there were exceptions to this rule, but the relationship would normally be a hush-hush one to not disturb the friend’s life.

After asking a few more people, Mr. Lu soon found the corner where Luo Mingxin and Ye Shuang were hiding. Before Mr. Lu even got close, Ye Shuang heard people mentioning her name. Naturally, she changed the topic with Luo Mingxin. When Mr. Luo arrived, he happened to chance upon them talking about how horrible Luo Mingxin’s agent was.

“So, Miss Ye was here to rescue Luo Mingxin.”

Mr. Lu understood everything after he listened in for a while. This kind of behavior was not only common in the entertainment circle but also in the business world as well. For example, he had come across B-list celebrities who pretended to trip, forgot to do this or that before him.

When he went over to help as a gentleman, the headline the next day would be that he was apparently in a secret relationship with XX. After this happened a few times, Mr. Lu learned his lesson. Now he could smile when a girl pretended to fall before him and expertly ask his bodyguard to lend the girl a hand.

Luo Mingxin was surprised by Mr. Lu’s voice that suddenly appeared behind him. He turned back to smile. “This is such a humiliation before Mr. Lu. My contract with this agency is coming to an end, so this recent period… In any case, there won’t be a chance of us cooperating in the future, so I suppose I’ll need to be patient for a little while longer.”

Mr. Lu walked over to Ye Shuang to replace the empty glass in her hand with a glass of red wine. After he did this naturally, he smiled at the pair and said, “Don’t worry, I’m familiar with all the reporters that were invited. Before they leave, I’ll have the butler go over their cameras, and they have handed in their phones before entering the place. As long as you do not go on a private date after you leave this place, I have confidence that I can still manage to take care of a small issue like this.”

“Mr. Lu’s workers sure are well-trained,” Ye Shuang praised with a smile. “If they were allowed to take random pictures within the hall, I think I would feel quite uncomfortable as well.”

Luo Mingxin laughed awkwardly. He caught the gaze that Mr. Lu had managed to send his way. The warning in his eyes was clear: Do not use others to help you escape from your own problem!

It was obvious who he was warning. Mr. Lu was looking at him, and Mr. Lu purposely came over to show concern toward Ye Shuang. So, could the target of his warning have been any clearer‽

Looking at the innocently-smiling girl who was happily chatting with Mr. Lu, Luo Mingxin sighed helplessly. Technically, he too was a victim that was being used, and in the future, he would need to repay this debt to Ye Shuang, but now he also had to bear the sin of ‘using an innocent party’‽

The guests interacted among themselves, and when enough time had passed, the ball started officially. Those who wished to dance could do so, and those uninterested would move to the grassy yard to continue chatting with their friends. Both the yard and the hall had a buffet laid out to serve the guests, but the food served at the ball was mostly high-end meals while the food at the yard was mostly roasted fruits. There was a chef standing beside the prepared barbeque, waiting to serve the guest.

Ye Shuang abandoned the red wine to have a taste of peach brandy as she moved over to the buffet of pastries and cakes. She paid attention to her manners, so even though she had quite plenty to eat, no one realized that she was acting out of place. She changed her position occasionally, and no one at the ball really would pay attention to other people eating. However, the one person who had been following Ye Shuang suffered from a burning stomach looking at the amount of food that fell into Ye Shuang’s stomach.

Mr. Lu left to interact with other guests, and Luo Mingxin was snatched away by the paparazzi for an interview. Therefore, the person who had been following Ye Shuang was not the either of them but the small star who had come along with Luo Mingxin.

She looked around. She did not know anyone there, and her so-called senior who had brought her along had been taken away for an interview. She had lost track of the man, and even the waiters at the bungalow shook their heads, refusing to expose her senior’s location. As naïve as she was, she understood that this was a special order from above, and her plan to hug her senior’s leg was not going to happen that night.

Ignored and abandoned, the little star was bored enough to observe around her, and her gaze inadvertently fell upon Ye Shuang, who had not stopped eating.

Initially, the girl was attracted by Ye Shuang’s mannerisms. Even though she was new to the scene, she knew the basics of observation. Ye Shuang was like a fish, swimming with ease among the group of upper society, and was even given special attention by Mr. Lu openly. Naturally, the girl was interested in her identity.

In the beginning, she saw this socialite who seemed to come from a powerful background wander over to the buffet table. She did not seem to be interested in the ball and picked up a piece of cake to eat. The fingers that were as fair as white jade did not lose their allure against the beautifully made cakes. Those naturally graceful mannerisms, those pink lips, and that gaze that leisurely swept the crowd around her…

The girl was captivated by Ye Shuang. The latter’s every action was as pretty as anything. The feminine allure that radiated out of her every move was impressive—if only the little star could learn from her. Therefore, the girl who could not find Luo Mingxin continued to study Ye Shuang.

She saw Ye Shuang move from the western cuisine to Chinese cuisine, and from there, she moved to the appetizers, roasted food, and wines. The girl, who had practically had a full lesson in dining etiquette, finally realized that something was off. This woman had not stopped eating!

The little star swallowed and moved her disbelieving gaze down to Ye Shuang’s flat stomach. Her eyes stopped there for a half minute. What the f*ck? This is too unscientific! How much food can that small body consume‽ Just now, this person has at least taken down ten kilograms of food already!

Ye Shuang was having the time of her life. The food at Mr. Lu’s party was up to her standard, so she enjoyed every single bite.

Probably too shocked by what she had seen, when she recovered, the little star was shocked to realize that she was already standing beside Ye Shuang. Ye Shuang blinked with confusion and glanced at the little star before looking at the cake on her plate. She thought about it and offered kindly, “Would you like a piece of cheesecake? The taste is marvelous.”

The calorie count is equally marvelous!

The star looked at Ye Shuang’s perfectly portioned body and shook her head. “No thank you, I’m on a diet.”

Ye Shuang smiled. Nowadays, food was getting better. Unless the people were really lazy, it was rare for people to starve. If anything, too much food caused obesity and high blood sugar level. However, these were troubles that Ye Shuang was exempted from. After all, with her optimized genes, it might not look like it on the surface, but her high density muscles and bones burned calorie fast. If she accidentally starved herself, her limbs would go weak. That kind of experience was too shameful, and Yao Zhixing had even thought that she was a weak woman because of this. Could someone who took down twenty to thirty men on her own be a weak woman‽

Ye Shuang did not want to reminisce about the looks on Yao Zhixing’s lackeys when they found out. They had looked like they were constipated. However, now she had learned her lesson. She kept a constant supply of snacks in her pockets and backpacks so that she could munch on them when she needed an extra burst of energy.

As Ye Shuang turned back to gracefully suck down the food, the little star who was left behind was caught in an awkward position.

Why did I come over‽ Walk back just like that‽ That will be too embarrassing, and it might be offensive to her. Talk to her‽ But she doesn’t seem like she is in the mood to talk.

After Ye Shuang swallowed another piece of cheese cake, she realized that someone was still there. She saw the conflicted emotions on the girl’s face, and she was kind enough to ask, “Can I help you?”

The girl jumped in fright. She thought that the mysterious socialite was angry at her, so she staggered back, waving her hands. “No, no, I…”

Before she finished, she accidentally knocked into the wine table, and the row of champagne flutes started to collapse.

Ye Shuang saw the pale expression on the girl’s face and the wave of champagne that was about to drench her. Without thinking about it, she dashed forward to grab the girl by her waist and stepped to the side. As the sound of glass crashing reverberated through the hall, when the star recovered from the blur before her eyes, they were already a safe distance away.

Mr. Lu and the guests were all shocked by the sudden commotion, and they all turned to look. They saw Ye Shuang calmly picking up the shattered glasses from the floor, and the little star who had crumbled to the ground after Ye Shuang released the hold on her.

Ye Shuang blinked and ignored the gauntlet of eyes on her. The only thought in her mind was— Hmm, how come this scenario feels so familiar‽