Chapter 407 - Signal in the Cave

Chapter 407: Signal in the Cave

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Although Ye Shuang told Xiao San to leave the man where he was, Xiao San was not just blindly following her commands.

Though the mountain was huge, what if the man’s partner happened to see him tied up? It would be a pain by then, and they could forget about baiting the big fish.

Moreover, it was a jungle after all. Even though there were fewer ferocious beasts in modern society, what if he encountered a big one? A stray dog might eat him alive if he was tied up while out of it.

Thus, Xiao San had gotten someone to move the man to a dense bush that was secluded and told the underling to watch him. Even if he really needed manpower at the mine, the twenty or so men over there should be enough.

He finally realized that Ye Shuang had only ever been responsible for killing, not burying the bodies.

As usual, the mine was quiet and empty. It looked like it had been years since someone had entered it. Indeed… nobody was there.

Especially at night, the cave was eerie, what with the whistling night wind while it was even darker than during the day. It was like something would jump out of the bottomless darkness out of nowhere.

Ye Shuang had no idea how those people usually took care of their trails. Theoretically, since there were more than twenty people living inside, there should have been footprints left behind no matter how little they walked. In reality, if she had not seen it with her own eyes the last time, it would have been hard for her to notice that anything was off even though her vision was much better than that of ordinary people.

There were experts among them.

They soon entered the mine. As they had informed the people in there beforehand, the person was quick to release the rope ladder. Xiao San and Ye Shuang were the only ones there. It did not take them too long to get in.

After getting to the stone room, it was the person from before who reported, “Everyone is ready. We’ve packed the bags, so we can move anytime.”

“There’s no rush.” Xiao San waved and took out his phone. He placed it on a box at the corner of the stone room and looked down at the two signal bars that had just popped up. He then turned his head to say, “We didn’t bring any tools or vehicles. There are people who are coming for the stuff. We will use theirs… Prepare to fight.”

Ye Shuang took out her phone. “There’s signal on your phone?”

Xiao San smiled and pointed at the corner that he had found. “Only that corner has signal in this cave. In reality, this place has been pierced all over. There’s a hole in the wall over there. You can’t see it because of the angle.”

Ye Shuang quickly placed her phone there and explained, “Brother Han might call.”

As expected, Han Chu’s news came faster than Xiao San’s underlings’ report. It was good news.

“Master Eight has brought Sister Xiao Qi back,” Ye Shuang said to the rest while smiling after hanging up the phone.

The news alone loosened much of the tense atmosphere.

Very soon, everyone from the stone room had gotten out. Each of them had weapons with them—even the box of military arms was opened. A few guns that had been set up were placed aside. They even filled bullets in them.

All that they were waiting for was a call from the outside. They could only decide what to do after learning about the situation. It was impossible to plan an ambush ahead. Apart from the rock walls that had been pierced, there were no signals in the mine. As soon as they moved out, it would be too late for any news on the situation by then.

The process of not being able to ambush and merely waiting for news was nerve-wracking. The key to success depended on the five people out there.

Although getting the good news at that moment did not really help their current situation, it was a morale booster.

Xiao San picked up his phone while smiling. He dared not call as he was afraid that someone might call him. He only crafted a text message, most probably to tell Master Five the good news. “Master Eight sure is quick. Never had I thought that we would hear news from him so soon. We might be able to go all out in our attack now.”

Although Master Eight was quick, he was not quick enough to be able to succeed in one hit in the hurry.

Following the amended plan, the soonest that he would be able to get the hostage would be in the middle of the night. To play it safe, the best timing would be the time slot when the hostage was given food in the morning. However…

“Who is this fatty?”

After informing them of the news, Master Eight looked at the little lady who had been rescued and was already standing behind him with doubt. He squinted and observed the fat Caucasian standing across while asking his disciple, “Which group is he from? He’s something.”

Master Eight was not the one who had rescued the hostage. A major robbery required a proper plan. Apart from decoding and unlocking the technical blocks, there would also be issues on transportation.

Master Eight had followed the steps, making sure everything was in place before rescuing the hostage when he was prepared. However, before he could do anything, someone had already sent the hostage to him. If he did not have Master Five’s granddaughter’s picture with him to confirm it was her, Master Eight would have thought that it was a trap.

Of course, he assumed this was a trap as well.

Su Zheng lifted her hands to touch the face of the lady standing behind her master. To put it simply, she was checking if it was a disguise. Before she could speak, the man had answered the question. “I’m Edward. I’m sure you’ve heard of me, sir?”

“No.” Master Eight did not give him face.

Edward showed his hands like he did not care. “Alright, that’s not important. No matter what, the person you guys want is already here. I guess we’re considered friends now, right?”

Master Eight was annoyed. He pointed at Edward and asked Su Zheng again, “Who exactly is this fatty?”

“This fatty…” Su Zheng looked at her master who was nothing slim and gulped before speaking. “Edward knows Sister Shuang—he’s from this organization, but he’s a troublemaker. Ah, it’s my place to say this. At the end of the day, he’s always creating trouble for nothing, and he occasionally helps us.”

Master Eight nodded and turned his head to look at Edward for a while. “Just be straightforward with whatever you’re here for. We’ll accommodate you within our capacity, so let’s not waste each other’s time if it’s something ridiculous. Let’s talk conditions for a happy ending.”

Edward also observed Master Eight openly. “Can you call the shots?”

Su Zheng jolted and grabbed the lady hostage by instinct. She was observing the surroundings, ready to run anytime. It had been years since she had last seen someone who dared talk to her master like that.

Master Eight smiled. “It seems like we’re on a different path.”

“No, I think we might be able to work together.” Edward peeped at the phone in Master Eight’s hand that he had yet to put away and smiled back. “I’m thinking of using this girl in exchange for

the military arms.”