Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Book God

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In the twenty minutes Miss Fang had left the room, Ye Shuang had completely overturned the group of girls’ opinion of her. Initially, they had only seen Ye Shuang as a normal pretty girl; she didn’t appear to have been touched by wealth and grace. At first glance, it was indeed easy to mistake her as a normal individual. However, after some interactions and getting-to-know each other, they understood why Miss Fang would say Ye Shuang was ‘not normal’.

For one, she had not lost a round at the mah-jongg table, but that wasn’t overly impressive. After all, they had only played a few rounds; it could have been beginner’s luck or something. What was truly impressive was the girl could catch up to any topic, from topics about aircrafts and cruises to equestrian sports to investments and funds…

Even though her performance was still slightly weak when it came to luxury items and fashion, as long as it involved issues of analytics, chemistry, and biology, Ye Shuang had impressed them completely.

Instantly, the group of socialites had confirmed the newcomer’s identity—Bookworm!

And this was not the normal standard of bookworm; she could even be called Book God!

As part of the rich, fair, and beautiful, the group of socialites didn’t admire bookworms like normal school-going kids would, since they too were objects of admiration themselves. However, when dealing with Ye Shuang, the situation was completely different. It was not only because the Book God knew how to apply scientific knowledge to daily life but also because…

On the mah-jongg table, it was unknown who was the one that knocked into the edge of the table, causing the cup of boiling tea to tip from the edge. Ye Shuang used one hand to tip over the wall of tiles before her while her other hand swiped by the side of the table. With a twist of her wrist, the cup of tea was placed perfectly back on the table without a drip spilling out of the cup. Then she announced readily, “I won!”

That was why she was called the Book God!

The group of socialites clapped thunderously each time. Even though this was not the first time they had seen it, every time they witnessed Ye Shuang’s skill, they were still quite impressed.

Ye Shuang looked at the bunch of girls, who paid no attention to the fact that she had just won. “The tea has fallen so many times; can we play with something else already‽ Even though I can catch the cup, the cup itself is still very hot, okay?”

She was made speechless by this group of girls who thought nobody could see through their awkward acting. The first time the cup of tea fell, it had indeed been an accident, but in the subsequent twenty minutes, the cup continued to fall from various directions and angles. Could the whole table of girls be so accident-prone‽ It was obvious that they were treating this as some kind of entertainment.

Miss Fang was also baffled by what she saw. Her footsteps halted before continuing to her seat like nothing out-of-the-ordinary had happened, saying, “Seems like everyone is having a good time.”

Miss Fang sincerely didn’t expect Ye Shuang would be so popular and didn’t think she would witness Ye Shuang’s impressive martial arts in person.

Fang Mo did mention to his sister once or twice about the possibility of Brother Ye being a kung fu expert, and now, knowing Sister Ye was also similarly talented… Miss Fang could understand why they ended up as a couple. Just in terms of fighting skill, they were perfect for each other!

Ye Shuang noticed Miss Fang’s return. The game round had just finished, so she stood up from the table and smiled. “We’re just chatting, would Miss Fang like to join the game?”

Miss Fang didn’t reject. She accepted Ye Shuang’s offer and joined the other players as they mixed the tiles to start a new round. Sister Liu, who had sat across from Ye Shuang earlier, called her back. “Xiao Shuang, wait a minute, we haven’t even paid you yet.”

Initially, they hadn’t mentioned the money bet simply because they were afraid they might seem too rude, but after four rounds, all of which had been won by Ye Shuang… it would seem rude if they didn’t clear their debts. Furthermore, everyone had a good impression of Ye Shuang, so they didn’t mind losing a bit of money to her.

After a quick mental calculation, Ye Shuang realized that after the four rounds, she had won the equivalent of one month’s salary when she still worked at Fang Mo’s company. The delayed cold sweat appeared on her back—Thankfully, she hadn’t lost on purpose earlier. The stakes this bunch of people played with was truly inhuman.

In such a short amount of time, they’re close enough to give her a pet name already…Miss Fang was rather irked by this development. With a glance at Ye Shuang, who was confounded holding the money in her hands, she grumbled, “Why do you look so worried? The payment from your boyfriend’s commercial will be enough for you to play the whole afternoon.”

Ye Shuang didn’t know what to say.

The group of girls giggled to themselves. One of them, who had a pair of large, watery eyes and a face that was slightly round with baby fat, gave the rest of them a side-eye before pulling Ye Shuang away. “Shuang Shuang, ignore them. Come with me, I have something to discuss with you.”

Ye Shuang was pulled away so suddenly that she didn’t even notice the glance Miss Fang had tossed her way before she left.

The cute girl pulled Ye Shuang to sit on a long sofa, and it was then that Ye Shuang came to. “Something to discuss with me? What is it?”

This group of people have something to discuss with me‽ Ye Shuang had a hard time believing that. The girl shot her a toothy grin. “I heard you talk about equestrian sport earlier, I want to ask, do you know anything about horse appraisal?”

“No!” Ye Shuang shook her head.

The girl frowned with disappointment. Ye Shuang thought about it and said, “But I can predict a creature’s physical condition based on its musculature and bone formation.”

That is horse appraisal!

The girl tutted and asked, “How accurate is your prediction? Have you done this before?”

“I have not…” Ye Shuang picked up a cluster of grapes. She looked at the girl and already knew where this conversation was going. Earlier, when she was chatting with the group of socialites, she had shared her opinion on horse racing; she had even drawn a simple chart to explain the relationship between muscle distribution and sprinting speed. The fact that this girl had brought that up was clearly because she needed someone with a talent for horse appraisal.

But why should Ye Shuang go find unnecessary trouble for herself‽

Tossing a grape into her mouth, Ye Shuang started to list the stuff that she needed to do after shooting the commercial—refurbish the house, look for work, lure a man…

The girl interrupted her thoughts by announcing, “So be it! I’m in a hurry, I desperately need your help… If you can point out the winning horse for me, I’ll pay you 40,000 as reward!”

Cough! Cough! Cough!