Chapter 463 - You Don’t Want to Know

Chapter 463: You Don’t Want to Know

Translator: Lonelytree  Editor: Millman97

Cedrick soon arrived. Even though he spent some time hesitating, even though during this process, he was unwilling to waste time and ended up saving his mother’s lover… even though there were so many even thoughs, when he saw the SOS signal coming from his mother’s private line, Cedrick decided to make a move. Therefore, he gathered people, bought equipment, prepared to face the consequences, and was about to get into a rescue mission with plenty to lose…

But he was one step too late.

“Hmm…” Returning to Han Chu’s temporary safehouse, the old man took his phone that he realized now had been blinking. He frowned at the signal on it. “Didn’t they say Madam Grace is in some trouble? I thought she wouldn’t send any rescue troops.”

“Contact communication?” Han Chu glanced over. “It’s probably Cedrick.”

“Who?” The old man was confused. He had been caught long ago, and he had been completely isolated for a while. So, he had no idea about the internal conflict. Madam Grace had toyed in the field for so many years, but she had given birth to her true love, and the child was now twenty plus. That was shocking news for him.

“It’s no one important.” Han Chu scoffed coldly and grabbed the phone from the old man. He pressed the accept button. “You have the information, right?”

“What?” Cedrick probably did not expect Han Chu to answer the phone. Even though he was initially stunned, as someone who had spent some time with Han Chu, that was one of the few voices that he was familiar with in China. Then, Cedrick was instantly reminded of something and sucked in a cold breath in disbelief. “Why is it you? What kind of relationship do you have with my mother? Now that I think about it, you are quite a handsome young man…”

What the hell!

Ye Shuang, who had extremely good hearing, chuckled to herself. Han Chu was fuming. He did not quite understand the origin of the question, but he instinctually fired back, “Do you want me to ask Tony to help you reinstall a brain?”

Cedrick coughed. “It’s like this. Just now, an SOS signal came from Madam Grace’s encrypted personal line…”

The old man tried to grab the phone back, but Han Chu glared at him. The former sat further away, and Han Chu said, “Yes, we have indeed saved someone, but that is not important. I hear that Su Zheng has given the thing she stole to you. Where is it now?”

“…Wait, I think that question is very important.” Cedrick was led in circles.

The old man raised his hand. “I also think it’s important, and that’s my phone.”

Look at all this chaos! Realizing that this group of people was unable to get into the same wavelength, Ye Shuang walked over with a sigh and asked Han Chu for the phone. The latter looked at her and realized that Ye Shuang was more reliable in this situation, so he passed the phone over while he wandered over to the old man to get more information. Without wasting time, Ye Shuang explained everything in brief. She said that the man had already been rescued and was currently with her and Han Chu. Then they finally moved back to Su Zheng’s problem.

Cedrick still wanted to act dumb. “Actually, it’s just a minor thing…”

“Whether it’s minor or not is still up for discussion. You just need to send it to us.” Ye Shuang was not going to be led astray, so she gave her request directly. Then she thought about it and added, “We don’t need the original, but at least share it with us. Also, we know how to check a document’s authenticity, so I hope there won’t be any missing pages or fakes. Let’s not make things awkward between us.

“We all know that you have no intention of taking over Madam Grace’s business and are not used to too many constraints.”

Even though the content was impolite, no one wished to turn Cedrick into an enemy, so Ye Shuang said a little more in a sincere tone. “I guess you just want to personally take revenge on Madam Grace’s behalf, so it’s better that you have more friends on your side, right?”

Cedrick was stumped. “If you did not have officials behind you, of course, I would like to have more friends, but…”

He did not finish, but everyone got what he meant. For certain things, doing it privately and having official involvement were two different things. Yes, the officials could provide some help, but compared to the interruption that they could cause, the help was not that great.

If they faced some special situation and needed to use some unlawful means, and it could not be shown to the public, if there was someone from the government watching, were they supposed to the make the move or not?

China banned guns. Even though they could use firepower with certain people closing their eyes, they could not cross the line, right? What if they decided to bring this back up later and investigate the origin of their firearms?

Therefore, there was the problem. If the enemy fired at them with assault rifles, and they had rocket launchers but did not dare use them, they could only rely on small pistols. What was this if not asking for death?

Even if they appeared victorious, could they kill the loser or not? If they could not kill, how far could they injure the enemies? Perhaps that question would not even arise because the government could cut in to steal the victory using some kind of intervention.

Ye Shuang was speechless. She really did not dare guarantee that what Cedrick worried about would not happen. In fact, after the man said those things, she felt awkward. She felt like the pretty girl who had helped rescue the old man earlier had now become a veritable problem.

The girl who felt the gaze on her shivered. She lowered her head to check her outfit and then looked up at Ye Shuang. “Is there a problem?”

Ye Shuang thought about it and used a language that the girl did not understand to say something.

Huh? English please, the girl complained internally.

Ye Shuang nodded and continued talking to the phone in that foreign language. “Brother Han will pose no problem. There is someone here that has half her leg in the official government’s camp. Don’t worry, if there is a real problem, we can strike first. She will not expect an ambush from us.”

Does your ally know you’re such a horrible person? Cedrick thought.

The girl tugged at Han Chu. “Who is on the other side of the phone? Isn’t English the universal language? How did you guys find such a non-international unit to cooperate?”

Han Chu looked at her with pity. “I think it’s best that you don’t know too much.”