Chapter 263 - Young Master Yes (1)

Chapter 263:

Young Master Yes (1)

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What a good question from Ye Shuang!

After the man had been ignored by Ye Shuang, he had suddenly felt that the great sacrifice that he had made was nothing more than stupidity.

Even though it might not make other people feel regret, at least he had to create some problem for others—this was how the man had imagined his suicide would be. However, such thoughts were cruelly interrupted by Ye Shuang. He really could not suffer this grievance without saying anything. No matter how he thought about it, he could not rest easy, and he had to show up to say something.

However, what would he do after announcing his presence, go back upstairs to continue killing himself?

The more that he thought about it, the more agitated he became. The man had already been in a bad mood, but one sentence from Ye Shuang made his mood even worse.

“Why should I die?” The man gritted his teeth until the teeth was almost powder.

“It’s good that you think that way.” Ye Shuang nodded and then made the introduction to Lin Yu. “This is a gentleman that I saw upstairs earlier. He’s probably here to say hi.”

Are you sure he’s not here to find trouble‽ Lin Yu saw the annoyance on the man’s face and he felt gleeful. The man almost coughed out blood on Ye Shuang’s face.Is this kind of nonchalance the type of attitude a girl should have?

Lin Yu had already had enough fun. He lit a cigarette and said lazily, “Yan family’s Si Shao?”

Before visiting the host, Lin Yu’s underlings had naturally gathered information on the relationships of the Yan family and pictures of them. Even though he did not have the intention of having further interaction with the Yan family, at least he should be able to recognize them in person.

“Si Shao?” Ye Shuang was confused. She did not have people around her that were so considerate; at most, they knew the name of the young lady who was celebrating her birthday.

“…The young master of the Yan family.” Lin Yu saw how clueless Ye Shuang was, so he added this explanation. Yan Si had black lines on his face.

It dawned on Ye Shuang, and she smiled politely. “Oh, that’s such a good name.”

“How is it good?” Yan Si was annoyed at how insouciant Ye Shuang was. He knew that the girl was a creature of pretension. When she saw him in the middle of committing suicide earlier, she did not even stop him. The first thing that she thought about was instead cleaning up the crime scene. Therefore, seeing how perfunctory Ye Shuang was, he could resist the urge to make things difficult for her.

Yan Si, when said fast, sounded like ‘Yes’, so this name would definitely be able to gain approval…

Ye Shuang cleared her throat and said, “Mr. Yan’s father must have great expectations of Mr. Yan. ‘Si’ (嗣) has the meaning of inheritance and legacy, so it looks like Mr. Yan’s father has the hope for Mr. Yan to inherit the family business in the future.”

Lin Yu blew out the smoke and grinned somewhat wickedly. Yan Si was expressionless. “It was my mother who gave me this name.”

The Yan family had two children, one b*stard son and one b*stard daughter. Before the official wife found out that her body was problematic, the names had already been registered. If Yan Si’s name really had the meaning that Ye Shuang pointed out, then what did this mean? This meant that Yan Si’s mother had the intention of crawling her way up to the top from the very beginning. Announcing her desire so openly through her son’s name, was that really okay?

It might have been fine in the past, but currently, when the head of the Yan family was not satisfied with the performance of his son, this type of situation would only make him annoyed and cautious.

“Cough!” Ye Shuang cleared her throat again. “Sorry, I guess I made a mistake. I think your mother should carry the hope that you have lots of children and grandchildren. After all, Si also means future generations.”

It was coincidental that the man of the Yan family did not have good luck with children; both of his wives had problems carrying baby. Even his two mistresses had only given birth to a child each…

Yan Si finally glared at Ye Shuang and then glared at Lin Yu. The warning in his eyes seemed to say, Stop making jokes about this.

Lin Yu grinned again, and the grin on his face made Yan Si felt like punching him. One Ye Shuang and one Lin Yu, both were characters that annoyed Yan Si. To prevent himself from dying from anger, combined with the hidden gaze of dissatisfaction that was tossed his way by his father, Yan Si, who did not want to make things bigger, planned to leave.

Before he left, he remembered to warn Ye Shuang. “Do not tell anyone what happened today!”

Lin Yu heard that and instantly asked Ye Shuang, “What is it?”

He did not show respect to people’s privacy and ignored Yan Si’s warning. Ye Shuang did not help the man keep his secret either. She ignored the dark expression on Yan Si’s face. “Oh, he tried to commit suicide on the second floor.”

“Oh…” Lin Yu then added leisurely, “Then, why is he not dead yet?”

Ye Shuang sighed. “He’s probably afraid of pain.”

What the f*ck! Yan Si warped in anger. I must slaughter these two creatures. No one is going to stop me!

Yan Zhu, the Yan family’s other child, was the main character of the party. Yan Zhu had inherited the beauty of her biological mother. Furthermore, with the current day technology of make-up and beauty skills, even a normal beauty could be improved to become a transcendent beauty.

She had studied dance since she was young to keep her body fit. Since she knew that she did not have the natural advantage like her big brother, she studied hard. Therefore, this made it easier to understand why Yan Zhu was better than Yan Si in every respect. Her pride came from the fact that other than natural advantages, the results that she had that day also relied on her hard work, and because of that, Yan Zhu looked down on her brother who always wasted his time doing nothing.

Of course, as useless as he was, the man was still her brother. Even though they did not come from the same mother, at least they shared their father’s blood. From the closeness since they were small to the hope that he would improve later on, Sister Zhu had finally submitted to reality and lowered her expectations to ‘as long as the man did not make the family lose face’. The changing of emotions during this process could not be understated.

“Who are the two people that my brother is talking to?” Afraid that her brother might do something to embarrass her at the party, Yan Zhu actually called the maid to pay attention to Yan Si. Before the man popped off, she wanted to be warned; before the man’s horrible friends showed up, she wanted to be warned… In any case, she needed to be warned to prevent Yan Si from being an embarrassment in the public.

Yan Zhu was ultimately just a young girl, and she had already attracted the ire of her peers from being too good at her job. To gain the approval of her father, she was not allowed to show weakness in public. Therefore, under such harsh conditions, Yan Si also was not allowed to make any mistake to prevent the family from losing face.

“The two people are the third young master of Xiang Jiang’s Tian Wang Media, and the other is of unknown identity, but based on her previous actions, she should be a young lady from a cultured family,” the butler reported politely. “Her every mannerism speaks of her good family background.”

“So, it’s not one of his horrible friends?” Yan Zhu sighed in relief and nodded. “If he can make a few normal friends, it’s a good thing as well. This means that he will have less time for those horrible people.”

The butler bowed but did not say anything. This was the sister’s comments on her brother, so what could he as a butler say? However, even though Lin Yu was not someone horrible, from a certain perspective, he was far more dangerous than a normal ruffian.

The butler did not plan to go into detail. In the world of business, one had to shake hands with many people. As good as Yan Zhu was, she lacked experience, and experience was something that was collected through time. Even a mask needed time to perfect.

What if he spilled the beans and Yan Zhu accidentally revealed an expression of disgust before the man? Then it would only make matters worse.

Yan Zhu was silent for a while, thinking about the fact that she had greeted everyone that she was supposed to. So, she told the butler, “There should be nothing else; I’ll go to my brother. Pay attention to the other guests, and make sure nothing bad happens.”

The butler nodded. Then he turned to order the maids to handle the party. Yan Zhu walked away. She greeted the guests along the way as she walked slowly toward Yan Si. She just stood behind the man when she heard Ye Shuang say, “Oh, he tried to commit suicide on the second floor.”

The glass in Yan Zhu’s grip shook. What the f*ck!

Lin Yu and Ye Shuang both possessed evil inclinations. After Yan Si came over, Ye Shuang switched her spot to sit next to Lin Yu. From their vantage point, they could see the main character of the birthday party walk over to them. The two had the good connection to say nothing and continued chatting with Yan Si like nothing was out of the ordinary.

It was not that they planned to do this to him, but they just happened to be talking about that, so what could they do? The gods wanted to end him, so it had nothing to do with them!

Therefore, the two talked among themselves, and Yan Si was about to explode. He suddenly heard the shocked female voice come from behind him. “Suicide? Why suicide‽”

Ye Shuang and Lin Yu clinked their glasses in celebration, and then both turned their faces away.

Yan Si looked at Yan Zhu, who seemed to have appeared behind him out of thin air. After he realized something, he whipped his head around to glare at the two on the sofa like he could not wait to chop them into pieces.

Yan Zhu tried her best to keep her emotions in check as she sat down. However, once she opened her lips, the anger was still visible. “Yan Si! When will you grow up? You’re already twenty plus—it’s about time for you to man up!”

Just one sentence enabled Ye Shuang to understand the source of conflict between the siblings.

She had heard from the other socialites that actually Yan Zhu treated her big brother very well. It was unclear whether this was just appearance or was sincere, but when Yan Si’s account was frozen, it was Yan Zhu who had helped him survive by sending him money on the down low. Furthermore, Yan Si had been able to return to the country after his graduation, which was also due to Yan Zhu begging her father. If not, with just Yan Si’s mother’s face, this might not even have happened.

When Ye Shuang heard about that, she had been confused. All the ‘good deeds’ that Yan Zhu had done were within the family, so how did people hear about it?

Initially, she had thought Yan Zhu was purposely building a brand for herself, but she realized that might not be the case—this sister probably really cared about her big brother, but she was not the kind who would give her big brother face.

Yan Zhu managed to scold Yan Si for being immature before the two guests that she and Yan Si had just met for the first time. If she was his senior, then it would have been fine, but she was younger than Yan Si.

Therefore, with Yan Si’s personality, Yan Zhu’s attitude embarrassed him greatly.

“Hey, isn’t this my perfect little sister?” Yan Si naturally retorted. “You deign to care about someone like myself, no wonder they say you’re so gentle and kind…”

He was going to mock Yan Zhu, but he decided to pull someone into the fray as well. He glanced at Ye Shuang and huffed coldly. “Compared to a heartless someone, you’re much better.”

Ye Shuang sighed softly and lowered her face like she was hiding her shame. “I’m just a weak girl. I was so scared when I saw the knife in your hand. At the time, I just wanted to run away to save myself…”

Liar! If you were so scared, how did you remember to wipe away your fingerprints‽Yan Si glared at Ye Shuang.

Yan Zhu glanced at Ye Shuang but did not pay much attention to her, focusing on Yan Si. “Just what are you thinking? Has the family wronged you somehow? Dad is already so old, and your mother also depends on you, but how come you…”

“You sure care about my mom,” Yan Zi mocked. “It’s simple if you want to make my mother happy. Tell father to transfer the company to my name.”