Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Don’t Regret It

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That change things. Technically speaking, even Ye Shuang herself couldn’t define the actual scope of her occupation. Her male form was involved in entertainment and media while her female identity was a horse appraiser as well as a busybody for the sake of earning an apartment… one could even consider her a bodyguard.

Due to the gender change every three days, she couldn’t pick any normal nine to five job, but to be a freelancer, based on her current situation, there wasn’t a clear direction to her job scope yet.

“Miss Yuan, when do you need me? Is there anything I should pay attention to?” Ye Shuang put down the cluster of grapes and grabbed a glass of water to wash the fruit in her mouth down before turning to enquire about the job details. If the timing wasn’t right, then she would have to introduce her male identity to this little girl, after all, the payment was quite lucrative.

“This weekend.” The cute girl flashed a toothy grin, her eyes curving into crescents. She appeared to be very glad to get Ye Shuang’s agreement. “It’s just a game between a few of our close friends; it’s not an official thing, but even so, I refuse to lose; I refuse to give a certain someone the satisfaction!” During the last sentence, she was suddenly reminded of this ‘someone’, and her cheeks puffed up with annoyance.

A socialite who didn’t join the mah-jongg game but sat not far away from the sofa heard Miss Yuan and couldn’t help but chime in, since she seemed to know a thing or two about this ‘someone’. “You’re talking about the group of second-generation squanderers from the capital‽ Each of their eyes has practically moved to the top of their heads from their constant looking-down on others. How confident is Ah Shuang? I hear, they’ve hired an internationally-famous jockey, and even the horse was flown in from England, personally raised by the rider himself. Even if you select the best horse we have, we might not be able to win.”

Even within the rich and famous, there was a pyramid-like hierarchy. Normal citizens were at the very bottom, above them was the high-class, and above the high class was the higher-class. Those who stood at the top of the pyramid were a rare existence even these socialites could barely understand. Miss Fang and her group of friends were already the rich and famous in the eyes of normal citizen like Ye Shuang, but if placed within the pyramid of the upper echelon of the society, this group of socialites would only be considered a part of the middle-lower layer.

This was especially true in places like the capital, where there would be several individuals from impressive backgrounds within spitting distance. Even though these second-generation squanderers might not have enjoyed huge popularity back at the capital, they were influential enough to crush any local dignitaries.

This horse race, put plainly, was a competition between the locals and the capital’s rich and famous.

It wasn’t technically a huge event. In fact, it would happen almost every time the people from the capital came to visit. The loser would be given a few snide comments while the winner got nothing more than a pat on the back. Alas, due to the difference in resources, the chance of the local winning team winning had always been pitiably low.

For example, in this upcoming race, the people from the capital easily called in one of the top ten riders in the world and used an experienced and well-trained race horse. On the other hand, if the local team could find a horse that could finish the race, it would be considered good enough.

“It’s still the question of geography.” Ye Shuang understood the situation after hearing out the explanation given by the girl, and she couldn’t help but sigh. “Places like Shanghai and the capital are international cities, so it’s only natural for them to have access to great resources. If I’m an international company looking to invest, I would first take a look at these two places. Our San Lin City, yes, has a bright future, but unfortunately, that will not be happening so soon.”

After all, developing a local state to an international city would require plenty of time and resources; this was more than just a matter of money.

The cute girl shrugged. After all, she was only a woman. There was a younger brother waiting to inherit the family business, so she didn’t need to concern herself with such issues. “Who cares about what happen in the future? In any case, the aim is to not let those bastards trample all over our dignity. How dare they look down on us as if we’re some country bumpkins, haven’t they realized they’re the guests‽ It’s one thing for them to come here, but it’s another when they insist on announcing their arrival. Are they that afraid of people not knowing they’re second-generation and second-rate squanderers‽”

Ye Shuang smiled to herself, admiring the slick mouth on the girl. To be honest though, in Ye Shuang’s eyes, this group of socialites was no better than the group of squanderers, giving away 40,000 just for a horse appraisal.

After calculating the identity changing time and the race weekend, Ye Shuang accepted the task readily. She stayed for another two hours after that, and when the group of socialites planned to go have dinner and change into another form of entertainment, Ye Shuang excused herself.

These few hours for her was merely a social event. Even though she still hadn’t understood the true purpose of Miss Fang calling her there, she felt like she had played her part. After all, she didn’t belong in that circle. Yes, they might have shared a wonderful time, but the difference in what they could afford was like heaven and earth; the situation would only cause awkwardness to both parties or at least on Ye Shuang’s part.

The only silver lining was the booked weekend task. If Miss Yuan was happy, it did not seem impossible to earn her living expenses for the whole year in that one weekend. Before leaving, while Miss Fang didn’t send her to the door, she did say lightly, “I won’t be available this Thursday, but I feel you’re quite photogenic as well, why don’t you take my place in the advertisement?”

She had seen the light. This woman was truly something else. She had managed to win over her group of selective friends in less than one hour; that was a miraculous feat indeed. Even though her family background was lacking, it was undeniable that she made a good pair with Brother Ye.

Thinking about the many warnings Fang Mo had given her, Fang Fei decided to stay away from the sinkhole, to prevent herself from being face-slapped in the future.

Ye Shuang was first baffled before she realized what advertisement Fang Fei was referring to. She laughed awkwardly before explaining, “This Thursday… I’m busy, and I don’t know anything about shooting an advertisement, so it’s better that you do it!”

F*ck! How does she expect me to appear at the same place, at the same time, with my two identities‽ Does she think I’m some kind of ninja‽

Miss Fang was confounded before turning around to throw a meaningful look at Ye Shuang. “Do you have that much faith in me or in him‽”

“Err…” How come that sounds so much like a challenge‽

Just as Ye Shuang was trying to wrap her head around what Fang Fei had just said, Miss Fang hummed to herself and turned back with a smile. “So be it, just don’t regret it in the future.”