Chapter 133 - Graceful Munching

Chapter 133: Graceful Munching

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Mr. Lu apologized to the friends whom he was conversing with before rushing over. The socialites who knew Ye Shuang from the private clubhouse also came over to help. When they realized that no one was hurt and Ye Shuang was not injured by the glasses, they asked what had happened.

“This young lady accidentally knocked into the desk earlier, causing the wine glasses to fall, so I ran forward to help her.” Ye Shuang flashed an embarrassed smile before adding, “Thankfully, we’re faster runners, but perhaps the lady is still in shock.”

Why did she tell the truth? Not because Ye Shuang wanted to gloat about her act of charity, but because she wanted to prevent others from thinking they had been arguing. Even though others might have had a negative impression on the little star, Ye Shuang could not help covering for her—if she did not give a reasonable excuse, the waiter who was tasked to handle the wine table would be berated by Mr. Lu, and as the host, Mr. Lu would lose face as well.

Having a perfect retreat was impossible, and in a situation like this, honesty was the best policy. The eyes of the crowd focused on them immediately. The little star who was still on the floor was so embarrassed that she was unable to speak. Ye Shuang smoothed down her hair, walked over, and asked gently, “Can you stand up?”

The girl was touched. “Yes, yes!”

She used Ye Shuang as support and stood up. Even though the little star was not famous, as the host, Mr. Lu would not do anything to make his guests feel uncomfortable. Therefore, he smiled to the gathered crowd to move this past them. He asked for everyone to go back to the party. Following which, he turned to look at the little star and then asked Ye Shuang, “Do you need to go change?”

Mr. Lu did not have any young female family members, but he could ask his butler to go make some purchases. After all, he had the vehicle, money, and influence.

Ye Shuang’s dress was not even wrinkled, but the little star looked rather rough for wear. When she was collapsed on the ground, her dress caught some of the wine, and part of her stockings was dirtied. Ye Shuang looked at the little star and shook her head with an understanding smile. “We might need to trouble Mr. Lu to prepare a… erm… dinner gown?”

The last question was directed at the little star.

The girl immediately shook her head. “That won’t be necessary. I just need a casual outfit. When senior is done with the interview, I’ll be leaving the dinner…”

In any case, she was too embarrassed to stay any longer. If she was interviewed by the reporter tonight, the only thing they would write about was how she had made a fool of herself. Thus, she might as well leave as soon as possible. As long as no pictures were taken, the incident would just blow over in a few days.

Ye Shuang found this little star to be quite interesting. According to Brother Luo Ce’s description and what she knew of Luo Mingxin’s agent, she had the feeling that the little star should have been the green tea type character, but having met her that night, Ye Shuang realized that she seemed to be mistaken.

Perhaps the little star was guilty of having some ambitions, but who did not have ambitions in their career?

After she became famous, she could find a rich CEO to pamper her and have a happily-ever-after; that was a dream everyone had. Therefore, from how Ye Shuang saw it, having ambitions and a dream could not have been more common. If someone told her that their dream was to laze around and do nothing, Ye Shuang would think that person was being too pessimistic and cynical.

Therefore, having ambition was no mistake—it should even be encouraged. This was true no matter the vocation. The main reason Ye Shuang’s impression of the little star had changed was because the girl was not as cunning as she thought.

Feeling guilty of stereotyping others, Ye Shuang said kindly, “Mr. Lu, let me accompany this lady to change her clothes. I don’t want to trouble your people.”

Mr. Lu was surprised, but he nodded after a quick thought. “Alright then, I shall thank Miss Ye on my people’s behalf.”

They needed time to wait for the new outfit to arrive. During that period, he would have had to deposit his guest in the guest room in her undergarments. It would not have been impolite, but it would definitely have been awkward. Mr. Lu was not going to waste his time worrying about a little star’s feeling. But if Ye Shuang did not mind, it would certainly be easier if she helped the little star. After all, the other guests had gone back to the party, and the celebration was going fine without Ye Shuang and the little star.

Following behind Ye Shuang, the little star looked at Ye Shuang with admiration. Her idol instantly changed from her original Senior Luo to the new Sister Ye.

What is so good about Senior‽ He brought me here but ignored me the whole night. Miss Ye is gentler, and she even cares about my feelings.

The maids brought the pair to a guest room on the second floor. After closing the door, the girl hid inside the attached bathroom to remove her clothes. She wiped off the alcohol stuck to her body as best as she could and came out with the provided bathrobe. When she came out, she noticed that Ye Shuang had already ordered a plate of dessert and two glasses of fruit juice. She was sitting on the sofa, looking at her with a smile. “You’re done‽ Then come and have something to eat. The outfit will be here in about half an hour.”

So touching… And she sure knows how to eat.

The little star had a little inner conflict before wandering over, holding the bathrobe around her body. “Thank you so much for today. If I was injured by those glasses, it could have much worse.”

Ye Shuang munched on the cookies gracefully even though her appetite had nothing to do with grace. Listening to the sincerity in the little star’s words of appreciation, Ye Shuang’s eyes turned into crescents. “It was nothing; I just happened to be there. I couldn’t watch and let you get hurt, could I?”

Then, she paused to slap away the crumbs that were left on her fingers before asking with concern, “By the way, I noticed you haven’t been chatting with others during the dinner… Are you not used to these kinds of dinner parties?”

“Actually, it’s because I’m not close to anyone, so I didn’t know who to talk to.” The little star touched her hair. “The plan was to have senior make the introductions, but he has been so busy, so…”

This is weird… Ye Shuang was intrigued. Based on common knowledge, the people from the entertainment business should have known a thing or two about socializing. Yes, Luo Mingxin was indeed the best person for the girl to get to know, but even without Luo Mingxin, there were so many other choices at the party. Making acquaintances with some of them would be immensely helpful to her career.

Based on the girl’s performance in the hall, it was wrong to say that she was naïve. She paid Luo Mingxin a visit at the set, tried to stick close to Luo Mingxin, and even prepared to pose when the reporters wanted to take picture. She had obviously come prepared.

But to say that she was making use of others, other than Luo Mingxin, she did not go after anyone else. Even when Mr. Lu came to help her earlier, she did not know how to make use of that opportunity.

Ye Shuang smiled and turned the topic around to make a self-introduction. “I’m Ye Shuang. I’m not a local, but I suppose I’m still close with some people here. If you don’t mind, I’ll help you make some introductions to a few friends of mine. By the way, what’s your name?”

“My family name is Mo, and I was born in spring 1 , so my name is Mo Xiao Xia. Miss Ye, are you serious‽”


The clogs turned in Ye Shuang’s brain. Wait, the boss of Luo Mingxin’s current agency has this surname, doesn’t he‽

Therefore, with an even gentler smile, Ye Shuang probed, “You are Tian Mo Media’s boss’…”

“Oh, he’s my uncle.” Mo Xiao Xia smiled cutely, not at all intending to hide her secret from the kind and friendly big sister. She added, “I just graduated from the Communication University of China. Uncle told me to follow Senior Luo first to get my name out there before he can find me some good scripts.”

Does your uncle know you’re so gullible? Ye Shuang chuckled. “Your senior doesn’t know that, right?”

Mo Xiao Xia gasped in surprise. “Sister Ye, please don’t tell anyone else! I forgot my uncle warned me from releasing this info to others.”

I knew Luo Mingxin’s agency would not promote an unheard-of newbie for no reason. Furthermore, it is the type that doesn’t know how to make use of an opportunity, the type that is easily tricked.

After sharing that first secret with Ye Shuang and feeling that she was trustworthy, a dam seemed to break in Mo Xiao Xia’s heart. In a few words, Ye Shuang had heard everything about Mo Xiao Xia.

The girl had the assumption that her Senior Luo was someone who would help her enter the entertainment world—this was something that her uncle and Celebrity Luo’s agent had instilled in her. However, the girl had no idea her senior actually looked down on her and refused to help her every time.

Other than that, Ye Shuang realized that Mo Xiao Xia was not signed to any agency. After all, Tian Mo Media did not belong to her uncle alone. So, the original plan had been for her to make a few films to raise her value, and then her uncle could offer her a more valuable contract and have Luo Mingxin’s current agent look after her.

This was the reason the agent was so ‘helpful’. The boss’ niece had the company’s full support, which equaled a bright future for him.

“Haha…” This time Ye Shuang laughed earnestly. This was a new artist who was backed by the full resources of a whole company.

Like the gray wolf, Ye Shuang put on a kind smile and started to persuade the innocent red riding hood. “Xiao Xia, listen to me. The agent that your uncle assigned to you is actually a bit… hmm, actually, you can ask your senior directly about these things—it is not my place to reveal such information. However, if you trust me, I can introduce you another free agent.”