Chapter 159 - Brother Backdrop

Chapter 159: Brother Backdrop

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After the party, Ye Shuang bade everyone farewell before leaving, saying she had something else to attend to outside of Shanghai. The next day, when Little Brother Ye came to play, his brother had already changed to sister.

Since it was rare for them to visit Shanghai, purchasing souvenirs and presents for the family back home was necessary. Mo Xiao Xia, who had greeted himearlier, had also been waiting for Sister Shuang to arrive, and not to be forgotten were the elders from the Go association. Brother Shuang had just piqued their interest, but he had already disappeared. He had said that his partner was as good as he was, and they could not wait to find out whether Brother Shuang was lying or not.

Therefore, it was understandable that Ye Shuang’s schedule for the day was also very packed. Other than shopping with Mo Xiao Xia for the whole morning, she spent the whole afternoon playing and chatting with people at the Go association. Even Madam Mo joined in the fun.

Technically, the Go playing style for both ‘Ye Shuang’s was different. The style mimicked the personality and vice versa. Ye Shuang had two gender identities, so naturally, she had two different tactics and styles.

Brother Shuang’s style was open and upright, attacking as fast as lightning and defending as stably as a mountain. One could see his intention from miles away, but when he launched his full-on attack, there was nothing one could do.

Sister Shuang’s style was soft, careful, and quick at adapting; it was shapeless like water. Plenty of threats under the gentle surface, she often hid traps under her moves and would charge at her opponent like a panther when they were not looking. She was very good at surprise attacks that ruined one’s tempo, and when one realized that she was attacking, she was already dealing the fatal blow.

When facing Brother Shuang’s attacks, his opponent could only hold on until they were eventually swallowed by them. Playing with Sister Shuang was like a puzzle. Due to her changing tactics, it was hard to tell the purpose behind her every move. The elders had fun playing with her, and even Madam Mo, who did not play Go that much, had fun watching.

Half way through a game with Brother Shuang, people would shout out, “He won already!”

However, it was not until the last move that people would find out that Sister Shuang had won. Everyone would be wondering, When did she start the steps that led her to her victory‽

Ye Shuang played from early afternoon to dinner time. Those Go fanatics had forgone eating, but Ye Shuang, who munched on chocolate the whole afternoon, was starving. She collapsed onto the table with her hand over her stomach. She had an active metabolism, so she needed to have meals on time.

With Ye Shuang’s pleading and after leaving her name, the group of elders finally agreed to let her go. They promised to continue the games online, and Ye Shuang finally got the chance to leave. She accepted Madam Mo and Mo Xiao Xia’s invitation to have dinner with the Mo family.

It was easy for women to get close to each other. With Mo Xiao Xia acting as the mutual friend and the good impression Ye Shuang had left at the Go association, Madam Mo had great admiration toward her. Even though Sister Shuang did not look as impressive as Brother Shuang, her exquisite face was quite clean and acceptable. With a few exchanges, she managed to make Madam Mo treat her like her actual granddaughter.

Little Brother Ye sat in the passenger seat alone, listening to the three women behind him chatting and chatting and chatting. The topic changed from clothes to jewelry, from beauty care to skin care—he really could not understand why they were not tired from moving their lips so much. When they arrived at Mo family’s home, the car had just parked when Boss Mo came out holding a little boy of about three or four.

“This is my eldest son.” Madam Mo held Ye Shuang with her left hand and Mo Xiao Xia with her right. They were still talking, and she only made the introduction when she saw Boss Mo. “And that’s my great grandson. There aren’t many people around these days, just me and your Elder Mo. I’m sure you know that my eldest son owns an entertainment agency, and his son is currently overseas due to work. His wife followed him, so normally, the two elders help take care of the great grandson at home. Oh, recently, if Xiao Xia has had an empty schedule, she’ll be home as well.”

When Boss Mo heard there was a guest called Ye Shuang coming home with Madam Mo, he had thought that ruffian who attached himself to the two women of the Mo family had returned. To prevent Brother Shuang from doing something horrible, he had purposely brought out his grandson to block his way, but he realized that something was wrong when he saw the passengers exit the car. The guest was not that ruffian but a young and pretty lady.

What about Little Brother Ye? With his presence, he was just like a backdrop.

“Mr. Mo, nice to meet you. I’m Ye Shuang. I met Madam Mo at the Go association and already knew Xiao Xia before that.” Ye Shuang greeted Boss Mo politely and then reached out naturally toward the little boy who was eyeing her with open curiosity. “Your grandson is so cute; do you mind if I hold him‽”

“That’s alright. The kid is heavy, you…” Boss Mo was about to reject and invite the guests into the home with the kid in his arms opened both of his hands happily and leaned half of his small body out toward Ye Shuang. “Auntie, hug.”

Ye Shuang picked the boy up happily. Her body was soft, and she was more powerful than a normal man, so it was no problem for her to carry the child. Even though the boy did not know much, he could make the comparison quite easy. Grandpa’s embrace is uncomfortable and hard, but Auntie’s embrace is soft. Auntie is better—soft, fragrant, and stable.

As happy as he was, he performed the tactic that he used to earn the adult’s favor. He leaned forward to plant a kiss on Ye Shuang’s neck. “I like Auntie.”

“Good eye!” Madam Mo praised with a laugh. Boss Mo did not know whether to laugh or cry. He turned to look at Ye Shuang again, and his gaze softened. This young woman who had on little make-up had managed to get his grandson’s favor, so of course, he was willing to take care of her as a junior.

“Dinner is already prepared, please come in… By the way, this is?” Boss Mo glanced at Little Brother Ye.

“That’s my younger brother, Ye Feng,” Ye Shuang introduced while holding the boy. “He’s still in university, and when I came to Shanghai for work, he came along with me.”

“Hmm… Miss Ye’s younger brother must be a promising young man then.” Boss Mo looked for a long time but still could not tell that these two were siblings. They looked somewhat similar, but the style was obviously completely different.

Little Brother Ye’s eyes lit up from the compliment. Before he could thank Boss Mo, the man turned his attention back to Ye Shuang. “What line of work is Miss Ye in?”