Chapter 408 - Cannot Catch Old Birds with Chaff

Chapter 408: Cannot Catch Old Birds with Chaff

Translator: Lonelytree  Editor: Millman97

You cannot catch old birds with chaff.

Su Zheng knew that what Edward wanted was against their will as soon as she heard what he said. Master Eight would clearly not have his guards up if Ye Shuang was there to spar with Edward.

As expected, the situation ended up like that.

Master Eight nodded at Su Zheng while smiling, gesturing for her to take the lady to the people outside. At the same time, he burnt the bridges directly. “That’s not happening.”

Su Zheng gave Edward the stage silently while she took the lady with her as she left.

Naturally, Su Zheng had no idea what kind of agreement the duo had come to inside when she turned around. She was not shocked when Master Eight changed his mind to speak to Han Chu about Edward’s condition. All she thought was that the fatty must have fooled her master. It was better to suffer short-term pain than long-term torture. Her master should have just left when he was rejected earlier—why would he stay to be fooled like that?

What a big, fat dummy, Su Zheng thought to herself.

Ye Shuang, who was in the cave, picked up another phone call. It was another call from Han Chu, but he was talking about a different matter.

A team of five had been sent to the mountain earlier to lookout for any commotion in the jungle. Initially, the five of them had planned to spend the night there to plan their mission and only transport the military arms with the vehicles the next. However, due to the sudden change of plan, it was only natural that their mission had changed too.

Ye Shuang and Xiao San had not seen them when they were making their way to the cave earlier. They did not think too much into it since they did not need the team just yet while it was Han Chu who was responsible in the assignment. They thought that the five of them would be doing something related to what they were supposed to do, which was doing rounds in the jungle.

However, Ye Shuang found out that she had got it wrong when Han Chu called. The five of them did not stay on the mountain at all. They were not even close to the mountain. The five of them had done their rounds earlier. They had become an assault squad when they realized that something was off, so they were going after the opponent’s lair, secretly following the clues.

They had caught a big fish.

“Brother San, the five people under Brother Han will turn around to assist you. I’ll leave everything here to you while I make a move to handle something else,” Ye Shuang said rather speechlessly after hanging up the call. She picked up a pistol from the table in a familiar manner as she spoke.

Xiao San frowned. “Why does the plan keep changing? What’s the situation now exactly?”

“The water is already troubled here, but now another bunch of people have come in…” Ye Shuang sighed. “Naturally, it was nothing at first. We could’ve turned the calamity into our own profit, but now these people have brought a friend of ours…”

Xiao San looked puzzled at her.

Ye Shuang thought that she might as well tell him more. “A friend was captured. We didn’t hear any news about him until today when they happened to bump into him.”

Xiao San understood the situation and nodded. “Go, since it doesn’t really make a difference to lose a person here.”

What kind of combat strength could a girl have? She might mess things up if she stayed.

Ye Shuang said nothing else and left right away. She contacted the team leader as soon as she had gotten out of the cave to learn each other’s situation. She even saw a car when she arrived at the bottom of the mountain. It had just been driven out from the village. She could not believe it was a car that cost a million.

“Our Master Five and Brother San are always entertaining. Not everyone in the village is working; we’re hardly working in the field anyway. We can’t even afford land, let alone making money to raise kids. We depend on the younger generation to take turns working out of the village to keep us alive.” The old man who had driven there looked honest. He looked generous as he tossed the car key toward Ye Shuang directly. “This is the sturdiest car in the village. Master Five said that your friend wants a car that’s most presentable for you. I guarantee that this can carry you through heaven and earth.”

It had better be true that the car could carry her through heaven and earth!

Ye Shuang rolled her eyes and thanked the man after receiving the car key. “Tell Master Five that I said hi. I’ll be there after I’m done with this.”

She drove out of the village following the mountain path and checked the map when she arrived in the urban district nearby. She went straight to the clubhouse after learning about the name from the team.

The clubhouse was not a nightclub. Not many foreigners could get themselves into such a place when doing such business. However, the clubhouse was a gym. It was nothing out of the ordinary for there to be a couple of foreigners walking in the crowded clubhouse.

It was midnight when Ye Shuang arrived. The clubhouse was closed, but that was perfect. It just so happened that she did not want to make a scene when people were watching. It would be terrible if the commotion affected the people around, and it would be a joke if the incident became regional news.

Ye Shuang parked far away where she could observe the clubhouse. She turned off the car lights and observed from the driver’s seat.

There was surveillance… but not much.

Perhaps social influence was put into consideration. The profitable clubhouse was open to the public. There would be officers dropping by for checks occasionally. There were too many people coming in and out, so it made sense that there would be underground business going on. Therefore, there was no high-end surveillance installed.

That was too good to be true for Ye Shuang. She went to the back of the building after getting out of the car and found the shower facilities that the clubhouse provided for the gym members. She climbed from the pipes and window lattices, and soon, she arrived at the bathroom ventilation window.

She took off her shoes and socks while leaning against the window. She leaped in from the window holding her shoes. As Ye Shuang watched out for sounds, she walked slowly to the door. She stuck her ear on the wall and listened for a while. Very soon, she confirmed that there were breathing sounds coming from a few people. There would be sound where someone changed their sitting position on the leather chairs occasionally.

She looked through the gap in the door. She could not see anyone due to the angle. However, there was a weak reflection of light coming from the dead spot in the dark lobby. It must be a phone or some sort, judging by the brightness and the size of range. Clearly, someone was doing their rounds.

It seemed like it was a no-go for her.

Feeling disappointed, Ye Shuang decided to give up the plan without even finding out if there was anybody else in the clubhouse apart from those few people. She removed the fan from the ventilation pipe and climbed in. The screws were outside the pipe, so one could not put them back without some special tools. However, Ye Shuang did not plan to visit here in the future, nor did she care if anyone found out about her being there. An idea popped into her head. She removed the steel fan window and stuck it in the pipe directly… Nobody could be wiser than that!

She gave herself a thumbs up secretly before removing the crude disguise without hesitation. Ye Shuang turned around… F*ck! She failed to turn around for the pipe was too narrow!

She could only climb out by backing out from the pipe slowly.

She wondered if this pipe would lead to where Cedrick was.