Chapter 464 - Spicy

Chapter 464: Spicy

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The girl was not that educated to know many foreign languages, but one of her advantages was being able to read the room. Therefore, when Cedrick finally sent over the information file, she silently contacted her superior and got a reply from Father Han. “Cooperate with them. Good, that solves plenty of questions.”

The girl shrugged and threw the phone away. For a special agent like her, the law was only the law when it was useful to her. The rest of the time, it was trash. Even though she knew nothing, she knew that her boss’ son would not harm her, so who cared?

“I can’t prepare too powerful firepower for you. After all, it’s not good being targeted by the government, and I do not intend to show up.” Han Chu, who was believed that he was harmless, was ordering Ye Shuang in a low whisper, “Just steal from that girl if you need anything, and when your body is unstable, use her as a meat shield if necessary. If there’s any situation that needs to be kept secret, knock her out and toss her anywhere. Tony is tracking her, and if her body remains immobile for more than five minutes, we’ll be there to collect her body… I mean, to save her!”

Ye Shuang looked at the innocent girl with pity. She turned around and hesitated for a while. “Are you sure this is a good thing to do? After all, she’s an ally.”

Han Chu smirked coldly. “She has back up, and her superior has connections with people on the other side. They won’t really hurt her.”

Since they did not intend to harm her, he could harm her without worry?

Ye Shuang looked at the girl silently again. “…Let’s stop talking, she’s coming.”

The girl appeared to wish to come and communicate with her temporary ally. If Han Chu’s words were overheard, just what would she think? Han Chu looked at the girl with a frown. Then he turned back and wanted to say something else when his eyes froze, and his brows screwed up even deeper. Then he pulled Ye Shuang. “You come with me.”

The girl who was coming to them was thus ignored. She looked at the two that ignored her strangely. They entered the bedroom together. The girl who was left behind was confused. “What’s up with them?”

Anthony looked at the screen and shrugged without turning around. “Don’t know, they often leave me out of their fun as well.”

“Me too…” the old man grumbled.

“Are they planning something bad?” The girl ignored the old man and scratched her chin suspiciously. “Is there something that they do not wish for me to hear?”

“Actually, I think…”

The old man was interrupted again, this time by Su Zheng, who was studying her nails and chuckling. “Stop kidding. They can block you out by changing into another language or a local dialect. Do you know how to speak those?”

She did not know those.

The old man scratched his head. “Hey, are we in a different dimension? How come no one is interacting with me?”

No matter what was happening outside. Inside the room, Han Chu pressed Ye Shuang onto the sofa. The height was an issue. It was rather embarrassing that he needed to look up, and the angle was not right. He just wanted to confirm what he had seen earlier.

“Brother Han?” Ye Shuang had no idea what was happening. She looked at Han Chu staring at her collar for a long time, and the longer he stared, the more serious his expression became. Han Chu bit on his lips. Without any explanation, he reached out to grab Ye Shuang’s collar. His agile fingers… very naturally and quickly undid the man’s buttons…

This was too exciting, Ye Shuang was stumped. She could not understand where this perverted action came from. She reacted naturally by widening her eyes and then raising her legs to kick forward.

After a bang, Han Chu was kicked onto the sofa with a grunt.

“Oh my god!” Brother Shuang curled her legs back in shock and sucked in deep breaths while holding her collar. “Brother Han, what are you doing?”

Yes, she was in her male form, but that did not mean that she would allow people to undo her clothes like that!

What the hell?

Han Chu gritted his teeth and cursed. Even though the sofa provided a soft cushion, he felt a bruise coming from his back. He could not resist the urge to glare at the attacker. He forced himself to sit up like nothing was wrong. “I was just taking a look.”

“Where were you looking?” Ye Shuang was not going to let this go.

After looking at each other for five seconds, seeing that words were not going to explain it, Han Chu sighed and then pressed on his back stealthily as he stood up. Then with Ye Shuang’s alert eyes on him, he looked around. There was nothing. So, he turned back and said, “Touch it yourself. Your Adam’s apple is disappearing.”

Ye Shuang raised her hand to touch around her neck. The shock was real. “You’re right!”

Han Chu walked back to Ye Shuang and bent down to stare at the neck. At the same time, he frowned and tried to explain the situation. “The timing is not right. Theoretically speaking, now is not the time for you to change gender. And I remember your gender change happens very quickly… I noticed something was wrong in the living room, but you still look rather masculine from the outside… Is it the genetic breakdown again?”

The timing was not right. There was a mission that needed Ye Shuang’s ability. If she changed in the middle of the mission, exposing the secret was one thing, but she might lose her life. That was the serious thing.

Ye Shuang was speechless as well. Even though it was her body, she did not have much knowledge about this. She did not know more than Han Chu. “Probably it’s because… Hmm, should I find a girl to kiss now?”

Han Chu wanted to reach out, but as he raised his arm, he realized that something was not right. Therefore, he put it down again. He coughed and then turned his head away. “You check and see if other gender signs are still there or not.”

“…” Ye Shuang looked at her crotch silently and then lifted her head to look at Ye Shuang expressionlessly.

Han Chu was speechless. “I was talking about your chest.”

Whether it was muscle or fat should be easy to tell. It was better than the other option.

“… Turn around.”

After Han Chu stood up and turned around, Ye Shuang rather awkwardly undid two of her buttons. She pulled on her collar and lowered her head. However, before she could see anything, there came the sound of the door being opened. Han Chu’s body reacted faster than his brain. In that moment, he used a super-fast speed to turn around and use his body to shield Ye Shuang, who was undressing.

So, when the person walked in, the scene greeting her was a man pressing the other man on the sofa, and the latter’s buttons were seductively undone…

“Wow…” The girl whistled with a blank face. After the shock, she said awkwardly, “Er… should I go for a walk and come back in an hour?”