Chapter 160 - Ye Shuang's Second Pup

Chapter 160: Ye Shuang’s Second Pup

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“My work?” Ye Shuang thought about it before answering with a smile, “It might be related to Boss Mo.”

“Oh?” Boss Mo merely asked that question for fun, but he did not expect to get that answer. The girl did not look like the type that would be interested in the entertainment business, could he have been mistaken?

However, if she was really interested, she did have the presence and looks to be packaged and sold as an idol. Boss Mo’s mind turned, but he did not say anything. Seeing as Ye Shuang temporarily did not have the intention to continue, he smiled and invited the group into the house. “Come in for dinner first. We can continue chatting after our stomachs are filled.”

Elder Mo was waiting inside the home. He was a senior, so the fact that he waited for everyone before starting to eat was giving them a lot of face. There was only one long table in the home. The two seniors naturally took the end seats, and the rest sat along the sides. The first on the left was Boss Mo and Mo Xiao Xia, and on the other side were Ye Shuang and Little Brother Ye.

Little Brother Mo was only three, so he was assigned a toddler seat and placed beside the two elders. He had a nanny to look over him, and he was given his own spoon to try to feed himself. Of course, they made sure he did not have water to spill all over himself.

One’s daily practice could be a way to examine one’s personality and temperament. Elder Mo was the rational, disciplined type; it was quite obvious that his favorite food was meat, but he forced himself to limit the intake, so he also had the most vegetables. He took them down like he was on a mission. It looked like he was trying to consciously control his nutrient intake. Madam Mo was a slow eater. She did not have a favorite dish, and like a lady, she ate slowly.

Boss Mo followed his own rules. His taste was similar to his father’s, but he did not control himself as much as Elder Mo did. Mo Xiao Xia ate anything Madam Mo placed on her plate. Other than the dishes that were closest to her, she basically would not touch anything else.

While Little Brother Ye… this guy was on the same level as Little Brother Mo. Ye Shuang lowered her head with shame. It was her fault for not educating her brother, so she pretended not to notice him.

Ye Shuang had no idea that while she was observing others, the Mo family was also silently watching her. Elder Mo and Madam Mo were trained people observers, but even they could not get a good grasp of this alien called Ye Shuang. They saw that she had the perfect mannerisms and a natural grace. It was clear that she came from a good family, but weirdly enough, she had quite a large appetite. Using her graceful tempo, she managed to shove quite a large amount of food into her stomach.

After dinner, the plates were taken away to serve tea. Elder Mo took his great grandson upstairs, and the others moved to the living room to continue the earlier conversation. Ye Shuang looked at the time on her phone and said, “Boss Mo hasn’t seen Celebrity Luo’s new movie, right?”

Boss Mo’s face fell. He did not get offended by Ye Shuang’s question, mainly because lately Luo Mingxin had become a thorn in his side, and no matter who brought it up, his heart would twitch with pain.

“The one he did with your partner?” Madam Mo asked with curiosity. “Yesterday, I just went to a party with the young man. He’s handsome and has such nice personality. If only our Xiao Xia’s future boyfriend is half his caliber.”

“Grandma…” Mo Xiao Xia pouted.

Boss Mo held his stomach and felt discomfort in his heart. That other Ye Shuang was equally annoying to him as Luo Mingxin. Especially after what he did yesterday, now that Boss Mo thought about the man, his stomach would turn. Knowing his family had such good impression of the man, he felt isolated and alone.

“Mom, I still have something work-related to discuss with Miss Ye. The DVD for Luo Mingxin’s new movie has arrived. If you and Xiao Xia are interested, you can go watch it in the home theater,” Boss Mo suggested.

The Mo family’s women normally would not intervene in the men’s business. Normally, it was still fine, but if Boss Mo or Elder Mo said something, no matter how good their impression of someone, they would know it was time to leave. Madam Mo glared at Boss Mo and grabbed Mo Xiao Xia’s hand as they walked upstairs. As she left, she grumbled, “I’m old now—even my own son doesn’t want me around. Xiao Ye is better, handsome, understanding, and gentle…”

Boss Mo pretended not to hear her as he sent the two women upstairs. Ye Shuang also turned to her brother. “Be nice and go play outside on the lawn.”

Little Brother Ye’s heart was chilled. What was he supposed to play with? Didn’t she see the sun had already set? Plus, was he a dog? Why was he chased out to the lawn?

After the coast was cleared, Ye Shuang pulled out her laptop and went straight to the point. She looked at the screen and typed on the keyboard saying, “I know a thing or two about Boss Mo’s company situation. It’s not looking so good, right? Miao Yi has practically dominated the resources available in the nation. Even though they have not consumed the cinema rights, all the good writers and directors are under their employment.”

Boss Mo was shocked. He had thought that the girl wanted to talk to him about entering the entertainment system, but she was not.

“The issue of finding a good director is comparatively easier to solved. Miao Yi cannot possibly monopolize the market on that. After all, they had to give them movies to direct. Miao Yi might have many good scripts, but they use every single one. At most, in a year, they can release ten films. Two of them would be hard hitters, four or five to brush up on their popularity, and the rest for practice.”

Ye Shuang typed some more and turned the screen to face Boss Mo. A detailed table was on screen. “You can see from here that even though Miao Yi has the money, they don’t have the manpower. Their main issue is scripts… and your biggest source of conflict with Celebrity Luo is also scripts. He wants to take a good script and be the main character, but you cannot provide that. You wish to take good scripts, but Miao Yi has collected all the good scriptwriters, so you won’t be getting any.”

Boss Mo stared at the table on screen. He knew things were bad, but this kind of thing had a different impact when shown directly compared to when it was just a thought. Shooting a movie was that procedure: taking a script, hiring a director, casting, finding sponsors, production, promotion, and release. The rest could be resolved, and Boss Mo had the connections to do that, but he was stuck at the first step. Without a good script, no matter how good his resources, it would be pointless.

“What is your point?” Boss Mo moved his eyes away to fall on Ye Shuang. He thought about it and then made a guess. “Don’t tell me you have a good script that you want to recommend to me?”

“Of course not, I don’t have the time.” Ye Shuang shook her head. She could not possibly waste all her time on writing stories. Even if the memory influx provided her with a lot of inspiration from the alien race’s history, she needed to change the background. Even if she wrote every day, she would not be able to support the running of a whole company.

Furthermore, she could not tie herself to just writing scripts for Tian Mo. Even if she wanted to enter this field, how was she going to explain how she had inspiration for ten films in a year?

“I haven’t introduced myself before, but Mr. Mo, I’m actually a headhunter.” Ye Shuang closed the laptop and placed her hands on her knees. “I cannot write you a good script, but I can find you a good scriptwriter… of any genre, any type.”

Boss Mo was struck speechless.

No one knew what was discussed between Ye Shuang and Boss Mo; even the nanny was sent back to her room. When Ye Shuang led Little Brother Ye, who had spent the night in the chilly air, out, Elder Mo heard the driver sending their guests away, and he carried his great grandson from the second floor. He saw that his son was looking at his phone with his head lowered.

“So, what did you discuss?” Elder Mo handed the boy to the nanny and told her to make sure he slept by 9 pm. Then he sat down before his son.

Boss Mo raised his head, and after a change in his expression, he pushed his phone to Elder Mo. “Father, what do you think of this novel?”

“Web novel?” Elder Mo frowned. “The font is too small; I can’t see clearly. Just tell me directly what’s going on.”

Boss Mo nodded. He arranged his thoughts before explaining, “Miss Ye told me this is a good script Luo Mingxin has faith in. He has bought the film adaptation rights but cannot find a suitable cast. I normally don’t like these web novels. As you understand, they all start the same way, like the main character getting some cheat to change the world or starting a harem. It’s a tedious plot that appeals only to the masses…”

“All industries start like that.” Elder Mo was not a web novel reader, but he understood the market. “A new industry’s beginning will normally be exaggerated to get the attention of the public. Then it will be criticized. After the mysterious veil has been taken away, the consumer will become an expert. Finally, the bad ones would be filtered out, and the good one will remain…”

A similar example could be found in television commercials. Initially, they were welcomed by public, which had no discerning power, but after the hype faded away, they would be followed by criticism. When the freshness disappeared, everyone would have a rational eye to look at it.

It was the same for web novels. The first wave would be wish fulfilment novels that everyone loved, and then came a period of asking for perfection, and finally came a mature audience.