Chapter 85 - The Valiant Damsel Saves the Knight in Distress

Chapter 85: The Valiant Damsel Saves the Knight in Distress

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Partners‽ With one glance, Ye Shuang knew these people were not there to help Yao Zhixing. If anything, they were probably the car thief’s friends. A person’s essence was hard to hide no matter how different their exterior was. One could always discern the person’s real essence from certain clues; for example, Yao Zhixing’s habit was different than most.

The point was, these people obviously did not know Yao Zhixing. When the latter rushed down the street acting like a pedestrian, none of them raised their heads to look at him. It was not until Yao Zhixing suddenly kicked the car thief into the car that surprise and anger appeared on their faces.

This was the sign of a mass beating.

Ye Shuang saw the glint of metal up those people’s sleeves. They were probably metal pipes. If the pipe accidentally hit the head or an organ, even she as a simple witness would probably be drawn into an investigation.

The gang of car thieves or the Yao family, the giant of San Lin City’s restaurant industry… Even an idiot knew which side’s wrath would be harder to stomach.

Therefore, another blast of wind shot past the waiter, who raised his head to grumble with surprise, “F*ck! Even the beauty is a runner?”

The waiter yelled into the kitchen to ask for someone to replace his post. The young man ran out to pull the customers of table 6 back to pay their bill, but he returned less than a minute later with his heart shaking.

“What’s wrong?” the chef who had just come out of the kitchen asked.

“Don’t ask,” the young man said in a quivering voice. “I thought those two were runners, but when I went out, I realize they were rushing to join a fight. I thought they were mere ruffians, but in reality, they are eating ruffians for breakfast…”

When the young man was twenty meters away from the door, Ye Shuang had already clamped her hand on one of the car thieves’ shoulder. A metallic pipe was peeking out from the man’s sleeve. Without warning, Ye Shuang used her slender arm to flip this man, who was at least eighty kilograms, up into the air. In one fell swoop, she yanked the weapon out from the man’s sleeve and used her leg to kick the man, who was still floating in the air. The man was sent flying about ten meters before stopping as his back knocked into a nearby staircase. And the lucky waiter had seen the whole progress…

Ye Shuang’s first kill saw stars before his eyes and his whole body screamed with pain. Before he could get up from the floor to see who his assailant was, a tiny foot stepped on his body. It was as heavy as a mountain, pinning him into place.

The man’s screaming attracted the crowd’s attention, including the other car thieves. They turned toward the voice and then saw a slender woman trapping a man underneath her.

What in the world is happening‽

The woman raised her head to scan her surrounding calmly before raising her arm for a thumbs-up. Then, she turned it upside down.

The gang of car thieves was thus taunted. They rushed at her, ignoring the fact that she was a woman.

It was not until then that Ye Shuang could confirm the actual enemy number… There was only one who had shown his weapon earlier, and the others had obviously been hesitating. There were some who had been considering fleeing.

If Ye Shuang attack the wrong person, then things would only have gotten worse. The trick taught by the racer from before was useful at a time like this, so Ye Shuang replicated it perfectly.

Ye Shuang used ‘Taunt’.

It was super effective!

Even those who were in hiding stupidly exposed themselves. When the vicious glow appeared in the car thief gang’s eyes, the innocent bystanders realized what was really happening and ran away in a hurry.

Ye Shuang locked onto the nearest mobster and cracked her knuckles before starting the fight. She aimed her leg at the man…

Yao Zhixing was hell bent on teaching this car thief a lesson. After he caught the man, it did not even cross his mind that the man might have some partners and started to beat the man into a pulp.

Initially, Yao Zhixing did not even want to pay attention to the commotion outside. He was not afraid even if the police show up. After all, he was the victim; his vigilante ‘justice’ was understandable. Furthermore, with his influence, things like this could easily be settled.

However, after some time, the sound of the commotion was replaced by horrible screaming. The police interference that he had anticipated did not happen. Yao Zhixing then realized that something was wrong. He turned and saw a scene that he would remember for life.

The physical optimization was not that obvious on Ye Shuang’s female body; if anything, with the DNA optimization, the features of the genders were enhanced.

Enough time has been wasted talking about her male form, so let’s not get into that. In any case, the enhancement meant that her female features were more obvious. For example, her skin was clearer and smoother. Understandably, the explosion of such intense force out of such a slender female body created a contrast that would be shocking to most.

It was like how an ant breaking a tree and a bear pushing a tree down gave two visual shocks that were completely different.

Ye Shuang did learn a thing or two when she went to get her letter of recommendation at the Taekwondo dojo, but those were rudimentary classes. However, the gang of car thieves had underestimated the natural speed, power, and reflexes of Ye Shuang. She did not even break a sweat taking down the group of car thieves.

Therefore, when Yao Zhixing realized what was happening and was about to go out to save Ye Shuang, the valiant princess had already killed the evil dragon and saved the knight in distress.

Looking at the ‘bodies’ that littered the floor, Yao Zhixing did not even know what to think. The man inside the car who was abandoned by Yao Zhixing in his shock almost peed from fear. He had anticipated his friends saving him from this crazed man and, if possible, getting a little revenge.

Who would have thought the event changed so drastically and the man’s female partner was even scarier than he was? While Yao Zhixing was distracted, the man used a sudden burst of energy to open the door on the other side of the car. He ignored his partners that were groaning on the floor and disappeared down the street with a speed that could rival the world’s best runner.

Ye Shuang turned to Yao Zhixing after dealing with the group of car thieves. She happened to see the man run away as well as Yao Zhixing’s non-reaction. After some hesitation, she pointed at the running man. “…Brother Yao, aren’t you going to chase after him?”

Yao Zhixing blinked twice before his soul returned to his body. He answered with a dumb “oh” before asking with a deep frown, “Are you alright?”

“Erm…” Ye Shuang was conflicted for half a minute before her female hero face fell to reveal a saddened face. “I’m fine, but this cruel image is too destructive of my reputation. However, if I did not do anything, they would have hurt you. Since I’ve saved you, can you please not bring this sad memory up again in the future‽”

To be fair, it was not Ye Shuang’s intention to pretend to be a weak damsel. It was the result of evolution, right‽ The sudden change from a lady into a warrior in the public was still quite hard to accept for Ye Shuang. She was not that shameless.

Ye Shuang, who was on the road to become a beauty after the DNA optimization, had her own sense of vanity and pride. The looks that other men tossed her when she was walking down the street did feel good. But now, although people still stared at her with admiration and awe, it was not unlike the looks one would give when looking at a female hero.

She felt like hiding somewhere to cry.

Yao Zhixing could not help but laugh when he heard her. With Ye Shuang glaring at him, he shrugged. “It’s fine. Even girls have to be able to take care of themselves; one can’t expect a hero to come save you every time, right?”

He really thought it was fine. What was wrong with showing the world that she was powerful? The soft and delicate had their charm, but they were often too fragile to closely appreciate. Brother Yao had no time to care about such fragility. The need to be careful around them lest he accidentally hurt their feelings was tiresome.

Even though the car thief did escape, Brother Yao did manage to beat him up first. He felt better. When the things were all wrapped, Yao Zhixing’s minions finally arrived after hearing the news. Yao Zhixing was turning back to the restaurant to pay the bill when he saw his group of minions rushing at them.

“Uncle Yao said Brother Yao has been roaming the streets the past two days, so we knew Brother Yao definitely had trouble stomaching that insult. Huh‽ What happened here? Brother Yao, did you beat up all these bastards?”

When the minions saw the bodies that littered the place, they could not help sucking in a cold breath. Has Brother Yao’s physical skill increased again‽

Yao Zhixing scoffed and used his thumb to point at Ye Shuang behind him. “It’s her handiwork.”

Wait! Didn’t you promise you were going to keep it a secret‽

Wilting under the gauntlet of shocked gazes, Ye Shuang forced a dry laugh…

Yao Zhixing did not think it was so wrong to expose a female hero; if anything, he felt he was right to help Ye Shuang build her reputation. He added naturally, “Since you’re here, help me call the police. I’ll go and drive her home.”

Ye Shuang had arrived by bus. Yao Zhixing, who had been watching the streets, knew that.

Gasps travelled through the group of minions like a palpable wave. The group of racers looked at each other before asking in shock, “Bro… Brother Yao, what did you say? You’re going to drive this lady home?”

When has a woman sat beside Yao Zhixing in his car before‽

Could this be our lady boss‽