Chapter 264 - Young Master Yes (2)

Chapter 264: Young Master Yes (2)

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“…” Yan Zhu choked. “Giving you the company? Do you even have the ability to manage it? This is not a game where things are as simple as pressing a few buttons.”

“Then, I’m sure it’s not as simple as scoring good marks at school exams,” Yan Si retorted sharply. Obviously, this was not the first time that the siblings had argued about this. He used his hands to fan his face and scoffed, “What can a business university teach? Even if you come out with a doctorate, at most you’re learning theory. It might even be worse than me finding someone to teach me for two years. Do you really think doing business is as simple as studying theories?”


Yan Zhu was angered. When she was about to say something, Ye Shuang finally could not resist sighing. “Should we leave silently?”

Lin Yu nodded and added, “There’s no need. We can be a silent beautiful young man… and beautiful young woman.”

“Huh? You’re giving me such face?” Ye Shuang was shocked.

Lin Yu looked at her. “I’m giving Xiao Xia face.”

He then realized that they were quickly matching in terms of personality…

In the end, even though Ye Shuang did not leave, Yan Si and Yan Zhu finally realized that there were outsiders present and ended their argument. They left after giving each other an unsatisfied glare.

There were no other random events that were triggered at the birthday party, and Yan Si did not show up again. Other than the rumor that Ye Shuang heard from the maids that said Yan Si was grounded again, the rest of the night was rather peaceful.

The next day, Ye Shuang believed that Qin Chu would call her to meet, so she did not plan to leave her home. Since she did not leave, Su Zheng could not leave either. With tears, she stayed back to play games. She opened a sub account in an online game to do some raids to vent her emotions. When Su Zheng died in the game for the sixth game being ambushed by some players, Qin Chu’s phone finally arrived. Su Zheng angrily handed her account to Ol’ K and ordered the man to help her level up and get some better equipment. When she returned, she would take her revenge.

“Now I understand, a good talent needs to be trained.” Ye Shuang sighed.

Even though Ol’ K was not better than Anthony in terms of technical stuff, he was able to become someone so agile and quick in his mind. He could focus on the target, trail the target, hack through a firewall, scoop out their private data… Such an all-rounded character, if there was not a friend like Su Zheng who constantly had these unreasonable orders, then perhaps he might not be as good as he was that day.

Su Zheng defended herself with a smile. “Of course there is no difference between you and me when you’re good buddies. If you’re friends, naturally, you’re going to help each other. When Ol’ K was trying to pursue a girl, I even helped him steal the girl’s purse.”

Why would she steal wallet? Of course, this was to create a chance for Ol’ K to be the hero. Of course, Su Zheng would not really take the wallet home. When Ol’ K successfully gained the girl’s attention, Su Zheng would find the chance to slip the wallet back or hand it in to the police station.

During Ol’ K’s mating season… no, his youthful period, Su Zheng had almost been awarded with the title of a good citizen because she handed in so many missing wallets. If Su Zheng had not been afraid that her action might attract the officer’s attention, perhaps Ol’ K’s romance history would be more colorful.

“You two sure are good friends.” Ye Shuang was rather envious. Some people had such good friends, but how come she had such a dumb little brother?

Su Zheng bit on a rubber band and pulled her hair into a ponytail. Then she used the rubber band to tie it up. “Sister Shuang, from our interaction yesterday, I have a feeling that this Qin Chu is not that simple. Can we really handle him?”

“It won’t be easy.” Ye Shuang tapped her chin in uncertainty. “To be frank, Xia Cheng actually won’t have that big an effect on Huan Chen; he is not that important. We are actually lying; the final target is to make Huan Chen believe that Tian Wang Media might be able to limit Huan Chen’s future development, and the key to this is due to Xia Cheng. With Xia Cheng’s hidden identity, leading people to this conclusion was not that hard, but the problem is that Qin Chu already knows that I’ve approached Lin Yu, so…”

So, firstly, Qin Chu might not believe that Ye Shuang was standing on Huan Chen’s side. And secondly, even if he believed that Xia Cheng was a threat to Huan Chen, he might not find people to help. Perhaps Qin Chu thought that Ye Shuang was as dangerous as Xia Cheng. The meeting today did not represent a desire to work together. Perhaps Qin Chu merely wanted to interact with Ye Shuang further to work out what her final target was.

“However, no matter what, my plan is to have Qin Chu be our client and have us investigate Xia Cheng. Even if he knows that, he will probably be willing to spend several hundred thousand to conduct this investigation to see what we’ll do next. After all, investigating Xia Cheng is something that is only beneficial to his company. The only possibility is that the budget might be downsized when he realizes that the information found is not that useful to him.”

Ye Shuang thought about it and believed that it should work. With her analysis, she realized that the direction of the later discussion might need to be changed. “Initially, our plan was to trick Qin Chu and stress that Xia Cheng is a scary character to make him feel a sense of urgency. If Qin Chu does not believe that, then we might need to change our plan.”

If they could not arouse a sense of urgency, they would go for a sense of curiosity. What they needed to show Qin Chu was a glimpse of the capability of Ye Shuang and her team… As long as Qin Chu was curious and he wanted to know what Ye Shuang’s purpose for approaching him was, then he would fall for this trap.

When everything was said and done, and Qin Chu finally realized that the reason Ye Shuang had gone to him because simply because she needed his money, what would he think?

Well, that would be a problem for later. No matter what, there was a Han Chu to help her, was there not?

After hearing Ye Shuang’s explanation, Su Zheng nodded. She fixed her hair, and before they left, she suddenly grabbed her stomach and gasped. “Sister Shuang, I need to use the toilet. Why don’t you wait for me downstairs?”

Ye Shuang was speechless looking at the girl’s lack of acting skill. “Then you’d better be fast. Our car cannot be parked at the entrance for too long.”

Then she left and went downstairs. What Su Zheng was up to, that was not something for her to worry about. Ye Shuang was certain that she was going to call Ol’ K to do some dodgy things.

Ye Shuang did not see Su Zheng lean against the window with the phone in her hands. After she confirmed that Ye Shuang had left the building and gotten into the car, she made a call. The number was not Ol’ K’s phone but someone whom Ye Shuang was very familiar with.

“He he, Brother Han…” Su Zheng held the speaker close to her lips and whispered Ye Shuang’s updated plan into the phone. Then she asked, “So, should I just follow Sister Shuang’s plan?”

Han Chu was silent for a while before asking, “What do you think of Ye Shuang?”

“Such a prime man!” Su Zheng had stars in her eyes. “Brother Shuang is handsome, clever and…”

She praised him continuously for ten minutes while Han Chu felt a headache once he thought about the situation with Ye Shuang.

“Sister Shuang is good at her job as well.” After praising Brother Shuang, Su Zheng finally talked about Sister Shuang. “Brother Shuang, you have no idea how good Sister Shuang is. I taught her some of my skills, and she mastered them in a few days. She’s a genius!”

“Please be aware of your neutrality since you’re an observer,” Han Chu said sternly. “I’ve seen the application from you and Ol’ K. Even though I don’t understand why you wish to move to Ye Shuang’s team after just a few days, with your previous good records, I have a few things I need to inform you.”

Su Zheng stood to attention. “Brother Han, please tell me!”

“Ye Shuang is indeed good at her job and is good at handling many sudden situations, but so far, she has not revealed her ability to deal with something from a big picture, and most of the time, she depends on shrewdness to overcome the problem,” Han Chu said calmly. “Perhaps this is a problem of experience, and perhaps she might be better in the future, but… it is undeniable that the current Ye Shuang does not rely on the ‘official way’. The consequence is that within a certain period, the success rate of the mission that she has will be far smaller than your original agent. In other words, you and Ol’ K will have a lower income.”

Han Chu had noticed this weakness of Ye Shuang’s a long time ago. Initially, when the job was not looking up, Ye Shuang expanded her business to sniff out the mistresses.

With the later lesson, Ye Shuang had finally learned to respect the talent in her employment and value the importance of her reputation. However, working as a middle-tier agent was a new field, and the problems that it might involve and the people that she needs to get to know were far bigger and more complicated than before. Han Chu had noticed that Ye Shuang had a blind confidence in her ability. Of course, that was not necessarily bad, but overconfidence was a slow and insidious killer. Since she thought that she could deal with all the problems, she would be too lazy to come up with details of the plan.

“That’s alright. I’ve earned more than enough for my retirement fund.” Su Zheng shrugged. “It’s so much fun staying with Sister Shuang. Plus, I’ll be so close to Brother Shuang.”

So the real reason is because of the man? Han Chu was speechless.

“Then have our applications been approved?” Su Zheng asked.

Han Chu was silent for a long time. “You’ll know after you finish this mission!”