Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Mommy Dearest

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Ye Shuang, who couldn’t understand what Miss Fang meant, left in a haze of confusion. Her simplicity prevailed once more, because she thought to herself,If I cannot understand it, why waste time thinking about it?

Therefore, when she arrived back at the Ye family, Fang Fei’s words had already left her mind.

There wasn’t anything notable in the next few days. Soon, Thursday morning arrived, and the impressive Brother Ye returned once more to the world.

“My son sure is handsome, then again, that’s because he’s my son!” Mother Ye prepared a feast for breakfast early in the morning and sat down to enjoy the wonderful view.

Ye Shuang’s fingers that held the toast halted in mid-air, and she raised her head despondently. “Mum, if you continue to do this, I’ll really think I was adopted.”

Furthermore, what she looked then had nothing to do with her mother’s DNA, it was mainly the contribution of the alien DNA; all that Mother Ye had provided were the raw ingredients, that was all…

Little Brother Ye had disappeared early that morning, knowing it was the day his brother would return. Since it was a holiday, he went out with his group of friends to go looking for fun, or if there was really nothing to do, he would stay cooped up in his university hostel. In any case, running home was a big no-no, because the drastic difference in terms of treatment when he was home was simply too heart-chilling.

The original arrangement in the Ye family of one son and one daughter had been perfectly balanced. Each had their own territory, and when there was occasional partiality, one could still chalk it up to difference between genders.

But now, there were two sons: one handsome, tall, graceful, intelligent, and physically impressive; one short, normal-looking, with normal results at school who would gasp for air after hauling a twenty-kilogram pack of grain. No wonder Mother Ye would be partial; Little Brother Ye understood why his elder brother would be more favored, but even so, being compared thusly still didn’t feel so good.

Both Ye Shuang and Ye Feng felt like they had been adopted. Father Ye was their only holdout, but when Father Ye married Mother Ye, they had already decided, he would not intervene into her philosophy of child-raising.

“Xiao Shuang woke up early this morning, right? Is it because of the advertisement shooting?” Father Ye exited his study after finishing the morning paper, like he did every morning, and picked up the chopsticks to dig into the breakfast.

“Yes.” Ye Shuang took a sip of the soy milk. “The plan is to finish the shoot early, and then I can come home to sleep for as long as I wish.”

Even though she had been suffering from a lack of sleep recently, she had to wake up no matter what that morning because a job awaited. Thankfully, the previous day, she had already considered the issue of another memory influx, so she took a nap in the afternoon. Otherwise, she would have met the world with two heavy, dark circles under her eyes that day. That might have given a bad impression to the crew, thinking he was out late the night before, looking for some late night entertainment.

“Regardless, work is important.” Father Ye nodded in agreement, as he accepted the bowl of white porridge from Mother Ye. He continued to say, “After you’re done with the shoot, remember to ask Xiao Fang about the direction of your future career. The sooner you get that settled, the better.”

This was something that had been heavily discussed, so Ye Shuang naturally wouldn’t forget it. She continued to discuss the details with Father Ye throughout breakfast before packing up to leave for work.

Fang Mo didn’t show himself at the shoot that day, after all, he was a company manager. Even if he wasn’t as busy as others thought, he had to create an image that he was. Showing up the first time could be construed as showing the new actor the ropes, but if he kept on showing up after that, people would think he was indeed a bit too free.

“Ye Shuang, in the advertisement, Fang Fei will be your wife, so please try to be as intimate and as natural as you can. Pretend that this is a new house that you two are moving into.”

Before the actual shoot, the director made use of the free time to explain the main plot of the advertisement to the two main actors, hoping they could get into character as soon as possible.

“Director,” Ye Shuang said awkwardly, “can there be any other roles? I really have a hard time putting myself into those roles.”

To have a woman imagine she had a wife and require her to be all lovey-dovey with her… That setting was indeed a bit too out there for Ye Shuang.

Of course, Fang Fei didn’t see it that way. She thought Ye Shuang was looking down on her, so her previously calm expression instantly darkened. She gave Ye Shuang a side-eye and asked coldly, “Too ashamed of being seen in the same frame as me‽”

“Not that.” Ye Shuang then realized how offensive her comment might have sounded to another person’s ears. With a nervous laugh, she pulled the director to the side and asked in a whisper, “Director, how about this? I’ll pretend that she’s my mother. It won’t change anything, will it? After all, we’re still family.”

This setting was much better than having to adapt to the fact that she had a wife. Even though it was still psychologically testing, at least it was still within the acceptable range.

Setting the role as the mother would be so easy, why do we need to waste so much effort getting Miss Fang’s cooperation‽ We can get any aunty from the food crew, and that’ll save so much money. The director glanced at Ye Shuang with a complicated gaze, saying, “Do as you see fit as long as the effect required by the advertisement is there.”

Therefore, Ye Shuang returned happily to talk to Miss Fang. “Beautiful Miss Fang, I’m okay now, later we shall be one big happy family.”

Fang Fei was quite surprised. “You can really see me as your wife‽ What about your girlfriend?”

Ye Shuang didn’t think it was wise to tell her that she had been placed in the setting of a mother, so she mumbled a random excuse. ” Cough! We’re professional; this is, after all, part of our work!”

Fang Fei naturally had no clue about the harsh reality. She accepted Ye Shuang’s explanation, and a picture of a devastated female Ye Shuang appeared in her mind. “Okay then, if you’re fine with it then, of course, I’m fine with it.”

Is this what all men are like‽ All sweet words and pretending? Adapting so easily to the role in spite of real life complications?

However, if a man like this Ye Shuang wishes to have a little something on the side, how many women will be able to reject his advances? His girlfriend seems to trust him implicitly, and so far, he definitely has conducted himself appropriately, but how long can he really hold on?

Fang Fei didn’t know whether she should be glad or disappointed. She stood before the camera with a complicated feeling, waiting for the director to call for the shoot to start. According to the script, she was supposed to lean against the balcony beside Ye Shuang.

This is mom, mommy dearest… Ye Shuang hypnotized herself, trying to overlay Mother Ye’s image over Fang Fei. Her most profound impression of Mother Ye came when she asked Mother Ye for an allowance, so there was a pleading smile on the edge of her lips. and her eyes were focused with desperation.

When Fang Fei felt the focused gaze on her, she blushed unconsciously and moved her eyes away in a flustered manner.