Chapter 465 - Father Han Is the Final Boss?

Chapter 465: Father Han Is the Final Boss?

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The six eyes looked at each other. Not only did the girl herself not imagine that she would see something so explosive, Ye Shuang and Han Chu did not expect the girl’s brain to go to such a dirty place so fast. Even though, on the surface, Brother Shuang was a man, Han Chu knew the truth that, no matter how she looked on the surface, Ye Shuang’s consciousness was one hundred percent female. Therefore, in that moment, when someone was trying to come in while a woman was changing, even if it was not Ye Shuang, out of courtesy, he would have used his body to shield the girl.

Unfortunately, this kind of gentlemanly behavior was misunderstood. After a long silence, and after releasing that this was not going to be easily explained, Han Chu decided to jump over this incident and let time solve everything.

“You came in at the right time. Let’s discuss the plan.” Han Chu knew that he was innocent. The girl stood at the door for three seconds and then slowly closed the door as she walked in, acting as if nothing was wrong.

“O… okay.” With that kind of expression, he must be hiding the guilt!

“Our official stance is to provide support.” After entering formal mode, Han Chu’s performance was very reliable, and he arranged things neatly. “Since you’re from the government, you should have obtained orders from your superior. Technically speaking, we’re form the same camp, but in reality, due to our confidential identity and our lack of forces, we cannot be involved in too much.”

The girl nodded to show her understanding. “Uncle Han told me about that. Even though we’re all allies, we won’t ask much from civilian parties.”

After all, it was not their responsibility to do anything. For the government, this was their work, but for the others, this was business.

“I’m glad that you understand it.” Han Chu relaxed. “After Tony compiles the information, we will hand it directly to your superior, and it’ll be in the hands of your analysists. I believe the real secret mission will be done in cooperation between you guys and the FBI. We will not be involved in anything too dangerous… but there is something that I want to clarify. Our main agent here is Ye Shuang, but she is currently suffering from some illness. So, I hope you can pay her more attention during the mission and lend her assistance if necessary.”

The girl did not expect to hear that. She lifted her head to look at the spirited Brother Shuang and then at Han Chu. She hesitated. “In that case, how about you guys bow out now?”

Han Chu shook his head. “I’ve considered that as well, but if we do that, it’ll be inconvenient for you.”

From the perspective of providing assistance, Han Chu did not have the power and was not allowed to be involved in too many missions. But from another perspective, the role played by him and Ye Shuang’s group was the middle people who link all the related characters together. If Han Chu really bowed out, Cedrick would not cooperate with the government. In fact, he might turn on them for fear of adding too many unnecessary problems to the original plan. Another problem was Albert. For the government, he represented the FBI, but with Han Chu, he was a partner. With Han Chu there, many situations would be made less awkward. Of course, if there was enough time, perhaps this group of people could cultivate a good relationship, but they were lacking time.

The girl fell into thought. After reporting everything that Han Chu had said, Father Han’s brain turned faster than hers was and instantly realized what his son was worried about. Therefore, the final result was, the girl put down the phone and nodded reluctantly. She agreed to protect Ye Shuang during the mission. At the same time, she had her own clause. If there was an accident, Ye Shuang had to remove herself immediately, or else they would be forced to pull her back from the battlefield.

“It’s rare that I’m treated so valuably.” There was nothing to do at night. After Anthony sent the information, everyone waited for the people above to come to a decision. Han Chu and Ye Shuang were assigned the same floor. According to the latter, it was because she was worried about a sudden genetic problem. What if she died inside the building or was discovered the next day after a high fever? No matter the situation, it would lead to serious trouble, so she selected a personal bodyguard who already knew everything.

Ye Shuang was used to being shameless. After all, it was not that awkward for them to split the bed and the sofa. She had seen plenty of naked guys and not many of those were more delicious than her own body. Thus, Ye Shuang had zero pressure. She accompanied Han Chu to look at the information and chatted. “By the way, that girl seems to come from a complicated background. I saw the big boss from the casino message her earlier. Are you sure she won’t betray us?’

Han Chu was too lazy to lift his head. “If she wanted to do that, she would have done so already. If my dad dares use her, her loyalty is not a question. In any case, they are all like that. Such people have firm and yet twisted morality. They will kill without batting an eye if it’s an order from above. To disguise and form good relationships with certain forces is something easy and common for them. If everything is dissected, no one is really innocent.”

“It sounds like your dad is the final boss,” Ye Shuang said seriously. “If this was a drama, he would be the final antagonist.”

This time, Han Chu finally glanced at her. He was not mad. His eyes moved downward, and he chuckled coldly. “Mind your own business. Your Adam’s apple is gone.”

Ye Shuang reflectively touched there. Previously, there had been a small bump, but now, there was nothing. This was perfect—other people’s business aside, she was in quite a bit of pickle.

“Just like I said earlier, it’s impossible for us to bow out now.” Han Chu closed the laptop and turned in his chair to face Ye Shuang. “For the few forces gathered, we are the beam that balances everything. If we disappear, the balance will shift, and the originally peaceful coexistence will turn into a great chaos.

Han Chu pointed out the most realistic problem. “But what if you really transformed halfway through the mission? How do we cover that up? How do we explain it? Have you considered all that?”

“I have not because you’re here!” Ye Shuang said firmly.

“Get lost!”