Chapter 134 - What a Coincidence

Chapter 134: What a Coincidence

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As friendly as Luo Mingxin was, he would not allow the interview to go on for more than half an hour. After all, these people were too good at twisting his words. Once he provided a vague sentence, they could come up with several different interpretations for it. Therefore, every time he opened his mouth, he had to think ahead to ensure that it was not possible for the reporters to misrepresent the meaning. Half an hour was more than enough; any longer, Luo Mingxin’s brain might have fried.

Thankfully, the ball had just started. After interviewing Luo Mingxin, the reporters could go and take the pictures of the upper society enjoying the party. Therefore, both parties came to a tacit agreement, neither was going to create trouble for the other. After the reporters left, Luo Mingxin sat alone. Through the waiters, he enquired after what had happened earlier.

However, even though he was mentally prepared, when he saw Ye Shuang walk over with the little star who looked at her with adoration, Luo Mingxin almost swallowed the wine glass in his hand. What happened to these two when they went to change‽

“This is…” Luo Mingxin’s eyes narrowed, and he probed with a polite smile on his face. Looking how close the little star was to Ye Shuang, even though he was disgruntled with the young woman for using him to garner the reporters’ attention, he could not help but feel sorry for her. The woman is planning to con another person‽

Ye Shuang sat down beside Luo Mingxin and pulled the little star down with her. She said with a big smile, “I just came back from a chat with the girl and found out she’s quite cute… By the way, your agency has plans to have her signed to your current agent, but I feel like that is not so good for her, so I brought Xiao Xia over to ask for your opinion.”

“Hmm.” Mo Xiao Xia nodded and asked with worry, “I hear that your agent will take advantage of his own people. That is unbelievable. Even a superstar like senior is unable to resist him and could only cower under his power!”

The smile on Luo Mingxin’s face almost fell. I did resist him. Don’t you see that he failed to make use of me every time?

He stole a look at Ye Shuang and saw the look that was given back to him.

In any case, you want me to talk bad about my agent‽ Luo Mingxin thought about it. Even though he did not know what Ye Shuang was planning, he had no issue exposing his agent’s dirty deeds. Furthermore, just as Ye Shuang had just discovered, Luo Mingxin also started to realize that he might have misunderstood the little star. Looks like she doesn’t know I hate her for using me.

Initially, when he saw how persistent and shameless the young woman was after he pushed her away, Luo Mingxin assumed this was part of her cunningness, but now, he realized that the girl really did not understand what had happened.

Then the highest possibility was the agent did not tell her the things that she needed to know. Reminded of his disgusting agent, the originally hesitant Luo Mingxin suddenly felt much better. “You’re talking about my agent?”

The smiling man seemed to think of something, and his gaze darkened with melancholy. Even his dulcet tone took on a shade of helpless self-deprecation. “As a celebrity, this is to be expected; some are lucky to be able to meet agents that respect them, but some are unlucky even if you’re a superstar.”

“Senior’s meaning is…‽” Mo Xiao Xia’s hands covered her lips with disbelief; she was shocked by Luo Mingxin’s acting. “He’s really bullying you‽”

Yes, he’s bullying me, but I bullied him back every time.

A glow flashed in Luo Mingxin’s lowered eyes. He raised his head and turned to look at Mo Xiao Xia before turning to glance at Ye Shuang. He sighed. “It is hard for me to say…”

Mainly because he didn’t know what Ye Shuang wanted him to say next.

“Then, let Big Sister tell you.” Ye Shuang picked up the thread of conversation and started to display her conversational skill. “Do you know what the agent will do to earn money off you? Do you know how the agent will boost your popularity when you’re just starting? Have you heard of the hidden rules in the industry?”

From taking horrible flicks and arranging scandals so as to ensure the artist’s popularity to forcing the artists to do things against their principles due to certain benefits, Ye Shuang ‘exposed’ the agent with sincerity. Combined with the testimonies from Luo Mingxin, in less than a few minutes, the pair of con artists managed to drain the color from Mo Xiao Xia’s face.

Since her uncle was the boss of the agency, she did not think a normal agent would do anything to her. But now she thought otherwise. If the agent was really that horrible of a person and could force someone like Luo Mingxin to do his bidding, when she was signed to him, perhaps the horrible man would do something to bend her to his will as well‽

Mo Xiao Xia was not an idiot; since she had plan to enter this field, she knew there were things that were conducted under the table like how she had accepted the proposal of making a scandal with Celebrity Luo. However, knowing this concept was completely different to hearing and seeing it applied on others. Luo Mingxin, as a male artist, was spared from many things, but that did not mean he had not heard about them.

He had started by stating horrible things that his own agent had forced upon him to lower the person’s image in Mo Xiao Xia’s eyes before using this as a foundation to explain the things that had happened to other female artists. Following this train of thought, Mo Xiao Xia could easily see herself in these roles, and in her mind, a belief formed.

If I sign to this man, these things will definitely happen to me as well.

“…Therefore, even if your uncle is the boss of the agency, that agent cannot be trusted. In that case, why not look for someone with a good reputation.”

After scaring Little Red Riding Hood, Ye Shuang concluded, “After all, the agency doesn’t belong to your uncle alone; sometimes, the agent can get approval from some of the other higher-ups and force you to do things that you’re unwilling to. The best solution is to find an agent outside of the agency, someone who can put your interest first before signing with the agency. That way, you’ll have the best of both worlds.”

“Indeed, I feel that is a brilliant idea!” Luo Mingxin naturally concurred with Ye Shuang before he realized and asked, “Wait, who is her uncle‽”

“Hmm? Haven’t I made the introduction?” Ye Shuang said meaningfully. “Forget making the introduction, this is Mo Xiao Xia. You’re from the same agency as her, but you don’t even know her name‽”

Mo… Luo Mingxin felt faint. This familiar surname and the uncle whom Ye Shuang kept mentioning… This girl has to be the niece of the agency’s boss!

“If not for you, I wouldn’t have known we have this kind of agent in our company!” Mo Xiao Xia did not notice the awkward expression on Luo Mingxin’s face. She was indignant on his behalf. “I thought he was someone amazing since he was senior Luo’s agent, but at the end of the day, he is just a sleazeball!”

“Haha…” Luo Mingxin did not know what to say. The girl came with a large background, one that could bury him alive.

Ye Shuang patted Mo Xiao Xia’s hand to console her. “But remember to keep this to yourself, and definitely don’t breathe a word to your uncle, or it’ll be very difficult for your senior. If any other artists or agents hear this, they might think we’re talking about them.”

Ye Shuang did not even give that agent a chance to defend himself.

Mo Xiao Xia had indeed been intending to go to her uncle immediately to expose the bad guy, but for the sake of everyone, she frowned before nodding. “I understand, Sister Ye. Sometimes, you have to act dumb when it comes to certain things. I’m sorry, Senior Luo. Thankfully, your contract with him is ending.”

She looked at Luo Mingxin with pity when she said the last sentence; it didn’t cross her mind that it also meant that Luo Mingxin’s contract with her uncle was also ending.

Luo Mingxin sighed in relief and went along with what she had said. “It’s nothing. Thankfully, not every agent is like him.”

After that, Ye Shuang carried the girl away from Luo Mingxin. She brought her around the ball, introducing her to all the important people, putting her good social skills on display. It also consolidated the image in Mo Xiao Xia’s mind of the kind and friendly big sister that Ye Shuang was.

Mo Xiao Xia, who completely did not suspect Ye Shuang’s ulterior motive, shared the trouble of needing a new agent with her—like all the agents under her uncle were busy, but she had difficulty trusting strangers, and so on.

“Actually, I do know a responsible agent.”

After a long hum, Ye Shuang added with hesitance, “He doesn’t know that many people, but he is a real professional, and his girlfriend is a famous agent in the industry, so you don’t need to worry about anything scandalous…”

Little Red Riding Hood took the bait easily. “It’s okay if he doesn’t know anyone; I can ask for help from my uncle! If he’s not popular, it means he has no reason to trick me. As long as he’s professional and nice, it’ll be fine!”

Hmm, this is such a coincidence.

After a long night of coercion and insinuation, Ye Shuang’s mission finally came to a close. “Since you’ve said so, I’ll set up a meeting later. After all, he is currently working with your senior’s film crew, so if you have time, the contract can be signed tonight or tomorrow.”

Mo Xiao Xia was beyond touched. This Sister Ye was nicer to her than her actual sister. She was so lucky that night.