Chapter 409 - A Horrible Nightmare

Chapter 409: A Horrible Nightmare

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The ventilation pipe connected almost the entire gym. Unfortunately, not all pipes had air vents.

Naturally, there was a way around it. Ye Shuang could break a hole in the pipe by force after confirming the location of Cedrick. However, perhaps because it was late, it was unfortunate that even a hostage needed sleep. Ye Shuang could not hear Cedrick’s voice at all.

What a sad story.

Feeling upset, all Ye Shuang could do was find a room without anyone in. After getting out of the air vent, she slowly sketched the building’s floor plan in her head. She expanded the search range carefully.

It was a silent night with no people. The moon was dim, and the wind was blowing.

Cedrick was sleeping soundly. He faintly sensed a pair of eyes watching him in the dark. As he opened his eyes in a blur, he saw a silhouette watching him silently on the dark ceiling. It looked like a quiet ghost…

Cedrick jumped from his bed as if he had been drenched with a bucket of cold water. He caused a deep thud as he fell off bed from the panic. His earlier sleepiness had vanished completely. His heart seemed like it was going to jump out of his chest—he would have died if not for his strong, young body.

The person who was up on the ceiling could not help but enjoy the moment. She fell all of a sudden, flipping her body around with the support of her arms on the bed. She was like a cat that landed on the ground agilely—there was no sound. With the help of the blurry moonlight outside of the window, Cedrick finally realized that the person was Ye Shuang.

He felt like crying at the moment of realization.


It’s midnight, what are you trying to do‽

“You were sleeping soundly, weren’t you?” Ye Shuang did not seem to realize that she had traumatized him. She squatted before Cedrick and, with a little regret, said in a lowered voice, “Someone found out that you’ve been brought here. I rushed here for you. I thought I was being heroic, but it seems like you’ve surrendered. You’re enjoying life, aren’t you?”

Cedrick sat on the ground clenching his teeth while pressing his hand on his chest with the attempt to slow down his beating heart. He lowered his voice, too. “If you’d been held in captivity for half a month like me, I believe you’d get used to it eventually.”

As he had been being kidnapped for a long time while his position was rather high, it was only natural that he had been treated well.

At least nobody treated him as a one-time consumable or a short-term emergency bargaining chip.

Cedrick was a long-term potential hostage.

His eyes lit up after complaining. He had finally realized an important point that was worth caring about more than being in shock. “You can get me out of here?”

She could definitely get out since she had gotten in.

Ye Shuang said nothing. She grumbled while looking at the ceiling with her head lifted. “It’s almost three meters high. Can you get up there?”

What do you mean?

Cedrick looked up following Ye Shuang’s eyes, and he was dumbstruck. He had no idea how long there had been a hole in the ceiling. He looked at it with the help of the flashlight on Ye Shuang’s phone. It seemed like a hole that had been dug, and he could faintly see the edge of the ventilation pipe from the hole. No wonder Ye Shuang had been in a strange pose when she was in the ceiling. He wondered how she had squeezed her body in the hole…

“How did you get through there?” Cedrick thought it was unbelievable.

“I removed the fan at the air vent in the room where nobody was and crawled in. Then I made a hole here and crawled out of it,” Ye Shuang replied in all seriousness.

Not knowing how to respond, Cedrick looked around. He stood up and removed the sheet on his bed. He attempted to flap it. “What do you think about making this into a rope?”

Great idea! This could work.

Ye Shuang took over the sheet directly since they had found a solution. She soon tore it into strips and tied them together then connected more to make it longer. It did not take too much effort to create a simple yet tough fabric robe.

Holding it in one hand, Ye Shuang stomped after lowering her body a little. She jumped into the hole in the ceiling agilely and held onto the edge of the hole. It looked effortless for her to pull herself into the hole.

Cedrick felt like he was watching an American film or spy movie seeing that. He was stunned into disbelief.

Very soon, Ye Shuang, who had entered the ventilation pipe, showed her head at the hole. She tossed the rope down and said, “Hold tight, I’ll pull you up.”

Cedrick tied the fabric rope around his body and made a tight knot. “I’m ready.”

As expected, Ye Shuang pulled him up like she was rescuing a cat or a dog.

As the duo entered the ventilation pipe, they began crawling out after getting rid of the rope. They first passed the yoga room’s air vent, then the cycling room, and lastly, the trainer’s restroom.

There had been nobody in the restroom when Ye Shuang passed by earlier. However, there was somebody in there when she was getting Cedrick out.

The blonde lady whom the both of them were familiar with lay on the couch in the restroom in her sexy, silk nightgown. She lifted her hand and pressed her fingers on her eyes. She frowned, as if she had something on her mind. She held a glass of red wine in the other hand. Her arm stretched out of the couch—the red wine was almost spilling out of the glass.

Ye Shuang signaled for Cedrick to be careful and not to draw any attention. She then proceeded to crawl out.

Cedrick hesitated for a moment, and surprisingly, he shook his head lightly while looking down at the air vent.

Ye Shuang thought that what he was doing was a little off. Could it be that Cedrick had been held for so long that he had developed Stockholm Syndrome?

It was true that Jennifer was pretty and seductive, the type of lady that men would want to take to bed as soon as they met. She had a hot figure of big breasts and a luscious booty. However, such a beautiful thing had weakness and exhaustion on her face at the moment. The great contrast made men fail to stop themselves from sympathizing.

Although Cedrick had lost contact throughout his kidnap, one could tell from the room that he was staying that he had definitely been given material privileges. There was no interrogation, nor were there torturing sessions. He was only treated as a trump card, so it was natural that he had not been treated poorly.

Since he had not been tortured and a strong beauty was showing her weakness before him, indeed, such a scenario would easily make a man want to show his manliness. His urge to rescue the beauty had been awakened.


“Remember, she’s a Black Widow.” Ye Shuang could no longer tolerate that. She stretched her hand to pull Cedrick, who refused to leave, and said while lowering her voice, “She’s taken more lives than you’ve stolen jewelry.”