Chapter 161 - My, Aren't Web Novel Authors Fabulous?

Chapter 161: My, Aren’t Web Novel Authors Fabulous?

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When the industry of web novels was in its infancy, some members of the public did notice it. However, potential was not something everyone could tell at first glance, or else there wouldn’t be the phrase ‘sharp eye’. Some could look far into the future, discerning the potential of a new industry; some had a normal eye and would need to wait for the industry to grow before they could see its potential. While those who moved slow, well, they normally had to resign to taking the leftovers.

When Boss Mo first took a look at web novels, most of the products were still developing. The public saw it as fun, and the professionals identified the many issues. Boss Mo was not their target audience, so after he skimmed through several books, he gave up, realizing it was of no use to him. Ten years later, the industry was much more mature than back then. However, Boss Mo was someone who did not read many real books, much less web novels. At most, he would hear which book was nice, which author was kind, and so on from his junior. His actual impression‽ It was still stuck in ten years ago.

“Today, Miss Ye recommended this Xiao Zhu Hou.” Boss Mo took back the phone. He scrolled through another page before continuing. “Before this, I didn’t see this industry as particularly worth paying attention to, but today, I feel like I might be mistaken. The entry threshold for web novels is very low, and honestly, the quality varies greatly. However, it is because of the low entry threshold that everyone has the opportunity to share their creativity.”

One person’s imagination was ultimately limited, but the collective creativity of several ten thousand people, that was a force that could not be underestimated. Finding the hidden gems among so many would not be easy, but finding a good scriptwriter was simple enough. The public once said that the topics that were popular on-screen were behind web novels by at least a decade. This criticism might have been slightly extreme, but it had its kernel of truth.

For example, several years ago, a flick with reincarnation back to the imperial palace was quite famous on the network. Honestly, the tropes were tired and the plot was childish. The topic that web novels had abandoned though became popular when it moved to the small screen. There was only one reason, it was fresh—on the internet, it was considered a tired trope but people saw it for the first time on the tv screen.

What was the selling point of a good scriptwriter‽ Creative flair and good characterization. Even though web novels could not be directly translated into scripts, it was good enough to form the frame. If Boss Mo could find a good writing team to start the adaptation, he would not need to purposely go and find a good scriptwriter.

Elder Mo had the nanny bring him the bigger iPad. He went online to look for a website and asked, “Some of the books have been adapted, right? Why didn’t you pay attention to this before?”

“We focus mainly on movies, and Luo Mingxin doesn’t normally do dramas,” the embarrassed Boss Mo explained. “Plus these web novels have so many words. The industry seems to pay according to word count, so the words all started at 700,000 or 800,000 words. Some can go even higher. Adapting that into a drama series, it would require 200 to 300 episodes, and some of the plot would have to be scrapped.”

Furthermore, one or two adaptations might be refreshing, but it would saturate the market if it was more than that.

“Less than 500,000 words.” Elder Mo nodded as he put on his glasses to read. He read out loud, “Her rainbow-colored hair fluttered in the wind, her tears like crystals…”

“Father!” Boss Mo laughed. “Why are you reading romance fiction? That is written for girls under twenty.”

“Oh, okay.” Elder Mo nodded and changed to another book. “He thought he had died in this secret mission, but when he opened his eyes, he was surrounded by…”

Boss Mo did not even what to hear. “Please take a look at ‘Ai Song’. Xiao Ye said that she’ll help us sift through the selection!”

“…It does need some sifting.” Elder Mo’s face twitched. His eyes might have been blurry, but his mind was not. He only took a glance at the titles to know they would not be used. “Reincarnation, system, apocalypse… SARFT won’t approve of these. If you’re adapting them, you need to find those will real content.”

“Xiao Ye put her focus on historical drama and modern drama.” Boss Mo found the profile for several authors and gave them to Elder Mo. “These authors aren’t that famous, but their writing is good. Some of the content can be tweaked to fit the small screen. We need not only talk with the authors but also the website. Xiao Ye has the intention to approach the authors themselves and discuss with the site the possibility of having a banner to promote hiring scriptwriters…”

Elder Mo closed his eyes to think. “Will Miao Yi come and do the same‽”

“They won’t be able to.” Boss Mo shook his head. “Miao Yi themselves have hired the few famous writers in the country; this is an advantage and also a disadvantage. They have too many scripts to digest. These people will want to see the finished product after selling the adaptation rights, just buying to keep the rights won’t fly with them.”

“Then, those that were shot earlier…”

“Those were done by the station. They specialized in television drama, but Miao Yi has no interest in this particular field,” Boss Mo explained. “We need to find writers that are familiar with these genres and then contract them to write for us or edit their previous works to fit what we need. Some authors can write shorter scripts, but since they won’t sell well on the website, they have no place to show their talent. If we contact them and have them write some short scripts for us, we can just find additional writers to work on the adaptation.”

Ye Shuang did not know about the discussion between Boss Mo and Elder Mo. In any case, after she got permission from Boss Mo, she drafted some contracts and went in search for the suitable writers. Direct messaging them one by one was unrealistic, and Ye Shuang did not have the time. Even if she had the time, the website might just block her, thinking she was a spammer.

She wanted to find the admin, but it would not easy. Thus, Ye Shuang came up with a simple plan, which was to attend the annual symposium held by the website. There were more than one hundred web novel websites, but those with the power to hold an annual symposium could be counted on one hand. The invited writers were good writers as well; no matter their favored genre, at least their popularity was guaranteed.

Instead of going around blindly, she might as well head for the scene directly. The admin would appear at the symposium, and she could use the chance to discuss the copyright issue.

“Sis, you’re even going after the web novel writers‽”

When Little Brother Ye heard Ye Shuang’s plan, he was understandably shocked. He could see that his sister was planning something big, but he did not expect she would get involved in web novels.

“I have no other choice; the famous scriptwriters have been monopolized, so I have to reach out to these potential talents.” Ye Shuang circled the names of these authors. There were male and female writers, full-time and part-time writers. The list of familiar and half-familiar names caused Little Brother Ye’s heart to skip. He could not imagine how these people would fare when facing Ye Shuang. In any case, being peeled back a layer of skin was guaranteed. He was worried that his sister would use the seduction trick again.

“I’m sure you have quite a generous commission from this job, right? Why are you acting so cruel?” Little Brother Ye wiped the cold sweat off his forehead. When he saw Ye Shuang circle the name of a familiar female author, he quickly stopped her. “Why don’t you leave this one be? She’s already married. She just married my idol writer early this year; it’s bad karma ruining people’s marriage.”

“What are you talking about!” Ye Shuang was irked. “I’m going to hunt talent, not bodies. Whether she’s married or not has nothing to do with me.”

“But she has put down the pen to deal with baby diapers. What you’re doing is not good.” Little Brother Ye felt like crying. “Do you know how difficult it was for my idol to get someone to marry him?”

Ye Shuang thought about it and crossed off the name. “You have a point. She wouldn’t have time if she needs to take care of the children. In that case, I’ll need to reconsider female authors. There’s the issue of marriage and children… Male authors are better; their writing suits mainstream movies while adaptations of female writing is better for drama series or idol series.”

“Don’t need to rush. The latest web novel symposium will be next month.” Little brother Ye tried his best to convince his sister to let a few of them loose. “Even if you rush, it can’t be helped.”

” I can deal with the rest next month, but I need to convince Xiao Zhu Hou soon,” Ye Shuang promised. “Celebrity Luo will be leaving the company next month, so I need to find a script to delay him within this month. I already have a plan; that novel on the Nan Bei dynasty is about 100,000 words. With a little cutting and editing, it can be made into a movie. He likes historical fiction, so this should get his interest. Xiao Zhu Hou’s address and contracted office’s address are both in Shanghai…”

Signing Xiao Zhu Hou and interacting with the admin beforehand, it would make things convenient during next month’s symposium. The schedule formed in Ye Shuang’s mind—she planned to visit a certain website office tomorrow.

Little Brother Ye could not understand why his sister cared so much about Luo Mingxin leaving Tian Mo or not, but it was not that important. The important thing was…

“Sis! When you go meet Xiao Zhu Hou tomorrow, remember bring me with you!”

As he pulled out a notebook and a pen, Little Brother Ye said officiously, “I need a signature! Those few authors who dared to eunuch 1 , I’m going to see if I can catch them or not.”