Chapter 265 - The Most Valuable Way to Spend Your Time

Chapter 265: The Most Valuable Way to Spend Your Time

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Whenever a new agent entered the field or gained a promotion, there would be an observation period. The examiner would be selected from the team members of the existing agents. They would be selected to assist the new agents and then assess the agent’s ability before the new agent’s team was fully formed.

Regarding this, Su Zheng did not really try to hide it from Ye Shuang, such was the rule of the industry. The other three agents had gone through the same thing, and Ye Shuang was no exception.

Han Chu had also gone through serious consideration before selecting Su Zheng and Ol’ K for Ye Shuang. Ol’ K’s ability overlapped with Anthony’s, but at the same time, he had something that Anthony was lacking. After this period of cooperation, after Ol’ K left and Ye Shuang returned to Anthony, she could reapply what she had learned from Ol’ K onto Anthony and thus enable her to more perfectly utilize Anthony’s ability.

The choice of Su Zheng was even more self-explanatory. This girl had been adopted by a police officer and learned everything from Uncle Eight. Even though she did not fall into it completely, the girl had some interaction with the darker side of society and knew a thing or two about the official process. Both her skills and experience would be useful to Ye Shuang. However, her physical ability was her weakness, and that limited Su Zheng’s range, but that was something that Ye Shuang would be able to cover.

Therefore, after considering everything, be it their usability or long-term influence, Su Zheng and Ol’ K were the most suitable observers to help familiarize Ye Shuang with the job scope of a middle-tier agent.

“Is something wrong with your prostate? You took more than twenty minutes to use the toilet,” Ye Shuang joked. She already knew that Su Zheng did not really need to use the toilet, but she could not help mocking her—the girl could not even think of a good lie. If she did not say anything about such an obvious lie, it would be an insult to Ye Shuang’s intelligence.

“Why would a woman have prostate?” Su Zheng pouted. “If you have to know, I was constipated.”

“Fine, I can’t fight that shamelessness.” Ye Shuang shook her head and laughed. After Su Zheng put on the seat belt, she turned the steering wheel. The traffic in Shanghai could cause people to have aneurysm. Whenever Ye Shuang got on the road, she would suffer from heartburn. This was especially true when she was in the driver’s seat. She could not even read a novel to burn the time, so she was annoyed.

Since that was the case, the only entertainment was chatting. Ye Shuang confiscated Su Zheng’s phone and forced her to talk to her in case she ran the car into another vehicle from absolute boredom.

“Sister Shuang, you can’t do that!” Su Zheng wanted to cry. “I was so close to scoring all S on ‘Hardest 2’. It’s so rare that things are going so smoothly for me!”

Ye Shuang glanced at the phone, and at the red light, with one hand, she pressed, slid, and moved… less a couple of minutes later, the fireworks sounded in the game, and the S scores appeared on screen.

She closed the app, and then Ye Shuang turned to look at Su Zheng, who was befuddled. “I say, the game sure is juvenile… Now that you have the record, you have time to talk to me, right?”

“Mainly, the game is testing the coordination between fingers…” Su Zheng rubbed her face. She avoided the issue of the game and asked with energy. “Never mind, what do you want to talk about?”

Ye Shuang tapped the steering wheel to show her boredom. “There are many things we can talk about. For example, yesterday, I wanted to have you draw Qin Chu away, but the man left on his own, and you disappeared… Or is it because you can’t do anything to him, so you decided to sacrifice yourself to seduce him?”

“No thanks, the man is so not my type,” Su Zheng grumbled. “If for me, I’ll need to find someone who I can play with and has the same interests as me, or someone who is gentle and can follow my orders, or else how am I supposed to survive for the latter half of my life? I don’t want to have someone lecture me after marriage. Getting me to become the typical stay-at-home wife is impossible as well; I’d rather die than live that kind of life.”

“Oh, someone’s already thinking about marriage?” Ye Shuang laughed.

Su Zheng giggled and then turned her eyes around. “But Sister Shuang, something interesting did happen last night. I overheard a big secret…”

Ye Shuang turned to look at her. “Are there really so many secrets?”

“He he, it’s related to the changing of dynasty for yesterday’s host. Isn’t that exciting?” Su Zheng started with a lead and then lowered her voice. “When the party was almost over, someone who did not look like a guest arrived. He did not enter the hall but sneaked up to the second floor directly. He also carried a box with him… Then he stayed up there for half an hour before showing up again. I thought there was something off about him, so I swiped something from him. Sister Shuang, guess what it was.”

She hated this guessing game the most in her life. Why are you unhappy? You guess. Why are you happy? You guess.

“It’s fine if you don’t want to tell me, as long as it doesn’t affect our work.

Su Zheng was stumped, and she pouted in anger. In the end, she still could not resist the urge to share the gossip. “I managed to swipe a physical check report; the man seems to be the Yan family’s family doctor… The report was for a forty-nine-year-old male, so it could be the current head of the Yan family. His bloods didn’t look that optimistic. His heart and blood vessels to the brain are congested to a certain degree…”

Ye Shuang thought about it and then added, “Meaning he’s suffering from high blood pressure? His situation is so bad even though he’s less than fifty? Looks like he won’t be at the helm much longer. If he doesn’t slow down, then he might just die from an aneurysm.”

“I was not there for the conversation between the man and the doctor, but a normal person would start to take some care after getting such a report.” Su Zheng toyed with the safety belt. “Unless the man doesn’t want to live anymore, the biggest possibility is to surrender the company to his children so that he can focus on taking care of his body.”

As long as the man was not too stubborn, he knew what to do in that situation. He had to surrender the power due to physical condition. This meant that the period of buffering was suddenly shortened.

Normally for a running company, the process of inheritance included fighting for performance and buying human hearts. When they thought that their father had enough faith in their ability or even if the father was unwilling, they could slowly swallow the current employees and find a few supporters to help them usurp the leadership.

However, if the time was shortened, this process could not be used anymore. While they were busy trying to buy people out, the father might just turn around and hand the company over to someone else. If thought from that perspective, it was not that confusing to find out why the safe in the study had been broken into.

Ye Shuang shared her analysis and then concluded, “So, I believe that it’s because the family members already knew about Mr. Yan’s situation and are afraid that he might suddenly announce his retirement, so they acted pre-emptively. After all, currently, neither the daughter nor the son has the obvious advantage over the other. It’s understandable that they want to get some more insurance.”

Su Zheng blinked. “…But the doctor seemed quite discrete. When he showed up and left, he did not reveal any information about the patient’s condition.”

“Then, did someone find out accidentally?” Ye Shuang smiled. “If so, things are simpler. Whoever found out about Father Yan’s situation is most likely the thief.”

The young master and young madam did not look like people who would resort to stealing. One was very open about her actions, and the other was open when he wanted to create enemies. Even though this did not guarantee anything, in comparison, Ye Shuang felt that the culprit had a higher chance of being the wife or the two mistresses.

Gossiping definitely was the best way to spend one’s time.

After understanding the current hidden situation at the Yan family and the possible suspects, Ye Shuang shared the suicide incident that she had run into at the second floor. Su Zheng punched her chest, feeling regret that she had not followed Ye Shuang to the toilet then. Other than that, when Yan Si came down to challenge Ye Shuang, why was she not there to enjoy the show?

They chatted until they reached the café where they were supposed to meet Qin Chu. When they arrived, it had already been one hour since they left home. If not for the fact that it was working hours, they might have been even later.

Qin Chu showed up alone; he did not even have an assistant with him. Compared to Ye Shuang, he appeared even more of a poser. Su Zheng habitually assumed her role as personal assistant, and her presence could not have been more pronounced.

“Miss Ye.” Qin Chu stood up to welcome them when Ye Shuang and Su Zheng stepped into the room. Then the three sat down together as the man tapped on the folder before him. “I’ve read this thing, but forgive my straightforwardness. Currently, I still don’t understand why you’re paying such close attention to Xia Cheng.”

After changing the method, Ye Shuang felt that there could be some openness between them. “Mr. Qin doesn’t need to really know why we’re focusing on Xia Cheng. However, the reason for us reaching out to Mr. Qin is really simple. Xia Cheng poses quite a bit of problem to us, and coincidentally, he is working with Tian Wang Media, which might be troublesome to Mr. Qin, so I believe there is a chance of cooperation between us.”

Qin Chu thought about it. “I actually don’t think Xia Cheng deserves such an attention from us. Honestly, this is not the first day that Huan Chen and Tian Xia have been in competition. In a way, we’re coexisting peacefully, but of course, if there’s a chance, neither of us would mind giving the other some trouble, but… there is no need to affect that balance due to a small fry, right?”

“A small fry? Mr. Qin will change that perception soon.” Ye Shuang snapped her fingers like how she saw the people in the movies do. Su Zheng cooperated and took out a laptop. When Ol’ K appeared on screen with a paper bag over his face, Qin Chu’s eyes narrowed with confusion.