Chapter 162 - Running in Circles

Chapter 162: Running in Circles

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The website’s company was easy to find, but accosting the author, not so much. After all, the company had to protect the author’s privacy. Even if the admin was close enough to meet the author daily, they would not reveal his private information to a stranger. This included the author’s information and looks. Unless the author revealed that himself, the company would not say anything. Therefore, Ye Shuang was stuck. Even if she stayed for a long time, no one’s lips loosened.

“You really can’t help me out‽ I’m just looking for Xiao Zhu Hou…” Ye Shuang sighed. If she had known the process was so complicated, she would have gone for the boss directly. Every post had their different responsibility and power. For example, the boss could say anything they wanted, but it was different for editors. Some of them were responsible for liaising with the authors, some dealt specifically with contracts, and others worked in marketing.

Once she arrived, Ye Shuang had said that she wanted to meet the boss, but he was not in. Therefore, she had changed to look for the editor. The receptionist assumed that she was one of the new authors that the editor had signed, so she had brought her to the editing group. The leader of the editors met with Ye Shuang, but when he heard Ye Shuang was there to discuss a collaboration, he pointed her to partnering. When partnering heard her main purpose was not there to buy a copyright but to discuss cooperation with authors, they pushed her to the contract department. The department did not have the kind of contract Ye Shuang was looking for, so they pushed her to legal to get some clarification. Legal said that they only dealt with appeals and not what Ye Shuang had in mind.

Just like that, Ye Shuang took a stroll around the company but could not find the one she was looking for. At the end of the day, this was Ye Shuang’s own fault. The idea that she had in mind did not fit the company’s expansion vision, so no department could help her.

After Ye Shuang finished her lap of the office, she realized that the contract with the authors would not be settled so soon. Thus, she abandoned her plan and focused on demanding to meet with Xiao Zhu Hou to discuss the drama script. At the very least, she had to get the adaptation rights for that Nan Bei Dynasty book.

“Script adaptation‽ Then you’ll need to go to partnering… Huh‽ Gone out for lunch‽” The receptionist gasped before shrugging at Ye Shuang. “Then, why don’t you come back tomorrow? I remember the editor for said department has an assignment this afternoon, so she won’t be returning after lunch.”

It led to Ye Shuang staying there shamelessly to beg the receptionist for Xiao Zhu Hou’s address. The receptionist was also made tired by Ye Shuang. She was too embarrassed to leave her post when Ye Shuang was still there. Previously, her work had not been complicated as it could be dealt with on the internet; she had not seen someone who came to the office like this before.

Therefore, the receptionist replied in a crying tone, “I really don’t know Xiao Zhu Hou’s address. Yes, some of the authors based in Shanghai might come to the company once in a while, but they don’t invite us to their home… If you’re planning on buying the adaptation rights, then you need to go to partnering. If you’re looking for a specific person, then try the editor…”

Just leave me be…

Ye Shuang gritted her teeth. “Then Xiao Zhu Hou’s editor…”

“He… he’s sick today and didn’t report to work.” If the receptionist had these people’s addresses, she would have given them to Ye Shuang. As long as she did not need to deal with her anymore, she would sell out anyone.

Seeing as Ye Shuang was going to speak again, the receptionist hurriedly added, “But I can give you his QQ number. You should be able to contact him online.”

It would not work. An interrogation over the internet was not as impactful as face to face. The editor could just brush her off with a ‘will get back to you when I get a reply.’ She was caught in this conundrum when Luo Mingxin called to play with Brother Shuang. “Ye Shuang, you…”

“Celebrity Luo!” Inspiration hit Ye Shuang, and she came up with another plan. “I remember you’ve bought one of Xiao Zhu Hou’s novels’ adaptation rights, yes?”

“Miss Ye‽” Luo Mingxin was shock. When did the owner of this number change again‽

These two were in some kind of shady dealings; one of them would disappear completely, and other than via email, they could not be contacted. After a moment, he calmed down. At least he knew Sister Shuang, so he was not too shocked. “Did your partner tell you that‽”

He had his assistant reveal to Brother Shuang that he had purchased the copyright to Ai Song, so with that in mind, it was not weird for Brother Shuang to have told Sister Shuang about it. “I indeed bought the adaptation rights to one of Xiao Zhu Hou’s novels, and the script is ready. Would you like to play a cameo role‽”

“Not interested!” Ye Shuang waved goodbye at the receptionist, who sighed greatly in relief. She led the disappointed Little Brother Ye out the door, and as she walked, she asked, “I want to know, do you have Xiao Zhu Hou’s address or phone number? I also wish to discuss a cooperation with him.”

“Cooperation‽” Luo Mingxin was silent for a long time. “I remember your job is headhunting, right? Someone is opening a web novel website and asking for Xiao Zhu Hou‽”

Xiao Zhu Hou might have been a godlike writer, but there were differences between gods as well. Just like movies, some simply would not sell, and Xiao Zhu Hou was categorized as the non-commercial type. He focused on historical drama, and the plot had no face-slapping, reincarnation, system, or harem. To put it simply, he was writing web novels that were not web novels.

On top of that, his update speed was slow. Just looking at the income from his writing, Xiao Zhu Hou would earn 100,000 every year. That was negligible compared to other writers who earned more than 1,000,000 annually. Therefore, if it was a new website trying to seek out new writers, Xiao Zhu Hou was not a good candidate. At most, he could help raise the website’s standard, but he would not be able to bring in the readership.

Ye Shuang laughed when she heard what Luo Mingxin had to say. “Do you think I would dare do that at his company‽ I’m here to find a scriptwriter.”

“Scriptwriter‽” Luo Mingxin was surprised. “But why? I remember you gained 50,000 commission from that case at Jing Hu City.”

Why does everyone think I’m doing charity work‽ Ye Shuang was also confused. “I’m talking about the bonus system. Based on the local market, a scriptwriter is paid not according to a salary but bonus. Depending on the writer’s quality, a script can get up to five to ten percent of the total sponsor figure, and one percent will be my commission. For example, if a movie has 10,000,000 in sponsorships, then I can get 100,000. Of course, that still depends on the genre and length.”

Foreign scriptwriters could get a higher percent, from seven to fifteen percent. There were not many local scriptwriters who adopted the bonus method—many took cash—but even so, there would normally be thirty percent that would be missing from the final payment. As the middleman, ensuring the number was one of her jobs. This way, the scriptwriter’s benefit and her own commission would be protected. For Tian Mo Media, it would also solve their most urgent issue—lack of scripts. It was a win-win-win situation… so why wouldn’t she take the case‽

For example, if she signed five long-term scriptwriters and all five of them signed for five years, if each of them could produce a script every year, this meant that Ye Shuang could sit and gain more than 100,000 every year. That was not counting the smaller endorsements and expansion. Since these were not people inside Han Chu’s talent storage, she needed to share a part of it with him.

Of course, after five years, if they did not want her as the middleman and wanted to work with the company directly, it would be fine, but then they would have to deal with the numbers on their own. Ye Shuang would not care about them anymore. Based on how most local scriptwriters’ income was not protected, it would be rare for people to reject Ye Shuang’s supervision.

“It’s only 100,000.” For Luo Mingxin’s film remuneration, he would not even consider such a small number. However, he understood that the number was high enough for a new scriptwriter. Furthermore, Ye Shuang did not have to do much to earn this money. As long as the signed scriptwriter did not create problems for her, she did not even need to watch over them. She could just sit back and count the money. “It’s quite simple to find Xiao Zhu Hou—he’s a research student at Fudan University’s Department of History. His name is Zhu Houde. His phone number… I can’t remember. I’ll ask my assistant and have him send the number to you.”

After hanging up, Luo Mingxin went to look for his assistant and frowned. Wait, who is she finding the scriptwriter for‽ Forgot to ask… Oh well, probably has nothing to do with me.

Soon after that, Ye Shuang did receive Xiao Zhu Hou’s phone number. She made the call, and it was a very mature male voice that answered. He did not seem like the talkative type; he would answer with simple terms after Ye Shuang said three to five sentences.

After explaining the situation, since he was free, they decided to meet in person one hour later near Fudan university. After hanging up, Ye Shuang grabbed Little Brother Ye to find a random shop to eat. After they had their fill, they called a cab to get to Fudan University.

However, Ye Shuang regretted when she arrived. This famous university was different from her unknown university. The road outside of the university led to the pavilion, and the whole street was filled with restaurants and food stalls. There was even authentic foreign cuisine.

“How about another round‽” Ye Shuang asked for Little Brother Ye’s opinion.

“…Are you kidding‽” Little Brother Ye still had not digested the previous meal. As delicious as the food appeared, he felt like vomiting when he smelled food.

Ye Shuang sighed. “Then so be it. We’ll eat after we sign the contract.”

After a quick exchange with Xiao Zhu Hou, she found that he was already waiting, so Ye Shuang grabbed Little Brother Ye to find the address that had been given. They soon saw a field of open-air tables and chairs.