Chapter 410 - 34F

Chapter 410: 34F

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Jennifer was young and gorgeous. However, that was compared to the ordinary crowd.

If one was to use Cedrick as a reference, Jennifer was almost ten years older than him.

Naturally, not all men resisted women older than them like they were ferocious beasts. However, Cedrick was opposed to that idea. Ever since he found out about his mother, he had a certain bias on all independent women who possessed certain capabilities and were older than him.

“I’m not looking at her.” Cedrick, whose collar was being pulled, struggled strenuously. He tried his very best to shake his neck out of Ye Shuang’s hand. “I’m looking at the necklace on her. There’s a chip in the pendant—there must be some interesting stuff in there.”

Oh, so he wasn’t looking at those 34F boobies?

Ye Shuang reflected on her dirty mind, which masked her opportunity to steal.

“You want to steal it?” She paused before shaking her head. “There’s no chance of doing that. If that thing is really something important, Jennifer will definitely have it with her at all times… unless you do it when she’s sleeping, but that’s too risky.”

The light in Cedrick’s eyes dimmed.

Ye Shuang thought about it. “But we can steal it in daylight if we want. We’ll find an opportunity to do that after we got you out of here.”

Cedrick was upset. “Such barbaric behavior will lower my standard.”

To show how upset she was for being said to have a low standard, Ye Shuang got Cedrick out of the pipe by pulling his collar all the way.

“Please respect the gentleman!”

Cedrick finally dared to speak up as he was tossed into the car after rubbing his throat.

Ye Shuang glared at him without saying a word. She patted the dust off her clothes while touching a cut on her shoulder. She smiled at Cedrick shyly… Cedrick shut his mouth all of a sudden. Him not being able to get out the pipe on his own was the reason Ye Shuang had a cut and clothes that were dirtier than his.

Jennifer found out that Cedrick was missing merely two hours later. It was not because she was so bored that she was going to sneak into Cedrick’s room. Instead, Ye Shuang did not cover her tracks at all. Therefore, she basically did not bother to take care of her trail in all of the rooms that she had been to. Meanwhile, the air vents that she had entered and exited had stopped working. There would be people who used the washroom or did their rounds in the middle of the night. It was not hard to find out that someone had sneaked into the clubhouse as long as they looked closer.

Thus, Jennifer, who had been falling asleep in the restroom, was woken up.

After hearing her underling’s full report, the first thing she did was test Grace.

“I don’t suppose you woke me up at such hour to seek death out of boredom in the middle of the night, did you?” Madam Grace’s response alone dismissed Jennifer’s suspicion that Grace did it. “As I recall, we’re not so close that there are no boundaries between us.”

With Grace’s pride, if she was really the one who rescued Cedrick, it was impossible that she would deny it.

Moreover, compared to this secret rescue, Jennifer believed that Grace would come at her at full force, assuming that Grace knew where Jennifer was hiding Cedrick.

Jennifer hung up the call without hesitation and hesitantly called another number after giving it some thought. “Well… Should I congratulate you guys?”

Han Chu raised his brows. “Nah, it’s nothing. You guys are pretty quick to react.”

“Who did it?” After confirming who Cedrick had ended up with, Jennifer did not seem to panic. She sat on the couch in a lazy manner while playing with her rather messy, curly hair. “Let me think, could it have been that handsome Asian man?”

Han Chu chuckled, to which Jennifer sighed. “How dare you guys let me find out about this? So, am I right that you guys are confident in getting the military arms?”

“Ms. Jennifer, you shouldn’t need this business,” Han Chu said calmly. ” Since you guys are attempting to use somebody else’s place as your hub, it makes sense that you should be ready to pay tax.”

“I’ve never heard of any tax that’s of the same value as the goods.” It was Jennifer’s turn to chuckle. “Alright then. Indeed, that’s not really what I care about. That cache is nothing; we can give it to you as long as it isn’t Grace or the others.”

Jennifer thought that she would order her underlings to retreat completely and immediately after hanging up the call with Han Chu. She did not want them to go after nothing. The loss was minor, and…


Never mind…

Judging by the time her underlings departed, the opponents might have captured all of them if they had been prepared.

“Are you sure we can hold so many people at the campsite?” Xiao San asked the troop with guns responsible for the criminals after tossing aside the last criminal that he had tied with a little bit of concern. “It feels a little crude since you guys have no proper imprisonment room. How about we lock them up in our cellar?”

The team leader did a headcount. “Although our place is simple, our people are professional. Don’t worry, even Brother Han isn’t worried about this.”

Xiao San watched the military arms and a truck full of criminals being transported while looking concerned. He was relieved and, once he could no longer hear the two cars’ engine’s sound, turned around to ask, “Did you get him?”

“Yes, I sure did.” The man next to him smiled while giving a thumbs up. “Those army brothers didn’t realize that we kept one with us.”

“That’s right. We can turn a blind eye if they’re here just to take the military arms, but they dared kidnap our Sister Xiao Qi. It only makes sense that we’re punishing them ourselves. Master Five has ordered to put that person in the cellar. We’ll have fun with him when the whole thing is over.”

The person who had taken Master Five’s granddaughter away was the prop manager’s joint partner. However, it was Jennifer’s underlings who had attempted to cut them off hastily.

In other words, there had been two groups of people going to the mine. Although they came from the same organization, they were considered competitors at the same time.

Jennifer had released the hostage—those people in Nature Village had no initiative of being a hero anyway.

However, the person who had done business with Master Five since the very beginning had done so due to a personal grudge. Everyone would be furious if the revenge was not taken.

Therefore, everyone was cautious when they carried out the mission. They secretly captured a familiar face who had been to Nature Village, for the sake of getting back at them in the future… The familiar face was the one who had negotiated with Master Five earlier. Unfortunately, the person’s leader had most probably escaped.

Would it not be a waste if they did not capture such a valuable asset that was sent to their doorstep?

Even Master Five, when he showed himself with his biological granddaughter, reminded everyone to be careful. “Don’t let anyone find out about this. We’ll release him when we’re done with Master Eight.”