Chapter 86 - Take Care of Our Boss, Lady Boss!

Chapter 86: Take Care of Our Boss, Lady Boss!

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Initially everyone thought this speculation was scary, but the more they thought about it… the more likely it became. After all, why wouldn’t it be the lady boss‽

After all, Brother Yao was a man, and every man had his needs. There had not been a lady boss before because none attracted Brother Yao’s attention. However, this lady had both looks and strength… Yes, a normal man would find that difficult to stomach, but Brother Yao was not a normal man. The couples in wuxia stories were often each great martial artists in their own right. After the minions started to warm up to this idea, they felt like Ye Shuang was quite a good match for their Brother Yao.

As the group of minions cleared the bodies away, they sighed in lamentation. Yao Zhixing had probably been so focused on car racing for all those years because he had not found the one yet. But wait, what was the lady boss’ name again‽

“Why do I feel weirdly unsettled?” Ye Shuang felt like there were pairs of eyes staring at her from the back. Even though they did not mean harm, it still made her feel quite uncomfortable.

Yao Zhixing frowned and nodded. “Now that you mention it, I also feel the same way.”

This feeling was not something Brother Yao had ever experienced since he made a name for himself when he was six. That day was just weird on top of weird. Both of them turned around at the same time and saw the bunch of minions wave passionately at them with a glow in their eyes. Goodbye, boss and lady boss! Do come back when you have time!

Ye Shuang and Yao Zhixing were speechless. For some reason, they felt like it was better they did not know what was on those minions’ minds.

This time, they had really been misunderstood. Yao Zhixing had approved of Ye Shuang—that was true—but it did not mean that he had fallen in love at first sight. After all, if a man was not looking for love, how could love at first sight happen‽

For Yao Zhixing, the concept of gender was a fuzzy one. In his mind, there was instead a different delineation—interesting and talented people whom he considered worthy friends and random pedestrians that he ignored. Women were normally sequestered to the latter category. Since that was the case, why would Brother Yao allow some strange woman take his passenger seat‽

Ye Shuang squeezed into the first category with the good first impression she had left; to put it simply, in Yao Zhixing’s eyes, Ye Shuang was considered a good brother whom he deemed worth befriending. So, the truth was not as romantic as the group of minions imagined.

After all, he had been saved, so sending his savior home as a way of thanks was only natural, right‽ Brother Yao also sighed at how dirty his minions’ thoughts were.

Just like that, after paying the waiter who looked at them with an admiring gaze, Yao Zhixing rearranged the tables and chairs that had been thrown into a mess during the race to exit earlier, crawled into his car, and poked his head out to ask Ye Shuang to join him. “Get in, where shall I drop you?”

Ye Shuang, having nothing to hide, entered the passenger seat since she did not want to brave the hectic condition of public buses. Ignoring the admiration and salacious gazes that were tossed her way from the group of minions, she gave Yao Zhixing her home address.

Yao Zhixing was also getting increasingly annoyed at his minions’ smiling gazes. “What are you people laughing at‽ Remember to have the police lock these people up for as many years as they can!”

He poked his head out from the window to roar at them before his car drifted out of its parking spot and joined the main traffic.

Even though Ye Shuang had not been in many personal cars, she had taken plenty of taxis. Since she also knew a thing or two about racing, she realized that Yao Zhixing’s driving skill did live up to the rumors.

There was no showy tricks or extra movement when he operated the car, and the changing of gears and lanes was smooth. Other than the annoyed face from the speed limit inside the city, the whole driving experience was extremely pleasant.

However, this good feeling soon disappeared. He was probably bored from driving so slowly in the heavy traffic, so the two individuals inside the car started to chat, and the topic that interested Yao Zhixing was Ye Shuang’s skill.

“You have trained before, right? How many years have you trained? How did you keep your muscles from forming? Look at how thin your arms are.” At a red light, Yao Zhixing studied Ye Shuang’s body with an academic eye. He simply could not understand how such a slender body could contain such explosive power.

Ye Shuang’s good mood was ruined and looked at him with a sigh. “This is what we call being humble.”

“I’m pretty sure this is not the real meaning of humble.” Yao Zhixing pouted. When the light turned green, he continued on the road. He realized that Ye Shuang wasn’t interested in this topic, so he changed to a different one. “Xiao Han has been in the talent scouting business for years already, but the number of candidates he has sent my way including your boyfriend until now is only four. Do you know why that is?”

“Due to the location?” Ye Shuang thought for a moment. “We were both recommended by Brother Fang. I hear Brother Han travels all over the country; perhaps he has special examiners like yourself at other places as well.”

“You used your connections?” Yao Zhixing glanced at Ye Shuang before turning back to focus on the road. He did not have a good impression of people who had to rely on relationships, but if the person was indeed talented, taking a short-cut was understandable. “The matter of location is one of the reasons, but if he is adamant on taking the new talent, paying for a plane or train ticket is definitely within his price range. Furthermore, he could find any driving teacher to host this test, so why did he insist on using me?”

Yao Zhixing grinned wickedly. “The main reason is simple. Other you and your boyfriend, all three previous candidates failed to obtain a letter of recommendation from me. My guess is that Xiao Han wants to take your boyfriend down a peg or two, or he never intended on using him in the first place. However, since you came on Brother Fang’s recommendation, he had no choice but to use me to create a blockage for you guys.”

The three candidates who had failed were professional car racers, but Brother Shuang was relatively unknown; that was hint number one. Hint number two was the time limit mentioned by Ye Shuang: one week. It was reasonable for Yao Zhixing to think that Han Chu was purposely making things difficult for Brother Shuang.

Yao Zhixing believed Han Chu has his own reasons for not wanting to use this person, but both Brother Shuang and Sister Shuang had impressed him, so with a kindness reserved for rare talents as well as repaying the lifesaving debt, Yao Zhixing decided to remind Ye Shuang of Han Chu’s intention.

While Ye Shuang was frowning, Yao Zhixing parked his car along the roadside and pulled out his phone to wave it before her. With a mischievous glint in his eyes, he suggested wickedly, “Do you want to hear what Xiao Han has to say about this?”

“Sure, why not?” Ye Shuang was shocked by the revelation, but she was interested to hear what Han Chu’s actual thoughts were.

Therefore, the call was made. It was soon picked, and since Yao Zhixing was not a tactful person, he signaled for Ye Shuang to lean closer to his phone before moving in for the kill. “I’ve given Ye Shuang the letter of recommendation.”

“…” Han Chu was silent for half a minute before replying with condescension in his voice. “Has your standard lowered, or did I hear incorrectly‽ You’ve failed all the professional racers, but you passed a random stranger this time?”

“The truth is, the man’s skill is better than those professional racers’, so why shouldn’t I give him my recommendation?” Yao Zhixing asked in return. “Or do you simply not want to take this person?”

“That’s true, I don’t want him on my team!” Han Chu admitted easily. The ease with which he said that made Ye Shuang frown.

Actually, other than Yao Zhixing, all the other missions given by Han Chu were not meant to have been easy.

Even though it was true that it never hurt to pick up more than one skill, that usually meant said person would master none. The missions given to Ye Shuang were all master-level difficult.

The Taekwondo dojo named by Han Chu ranked second nationally. It was a famous dojo at San Lin City, and all its trainers had international certificates.

The mission at the foreign affairs department was even more difficult. To be able to get the approval of the officer, you would have to first earn the right to serve a foreign dignitary, right‽ The department had so many professional translators, so why should they use some random hick? Even if they did, when would it be your turn? You would need to wait for at least a month; a week was impossible.

The last boss was naturally Yao Zhixing. Finding him would be difficult, and he would not show himself unless you were introduced by a friend. Even if you managed to meet him, you still needed to be an excellent driver. Being an excellent driver was not always enough, though—you would to have a car as powerful as his. Ye Shuang could barely earn a couple of dozen thousand RMB a month; where was she going to find the money to modify her car? Not to mention, modifications required time as well…

Little did Han Chu know that Ye Shuang was a walking cheater herself. The mission at the dojo had been settled easily, and even the mission at the foreign affairs department had been solved using an unusual method. Using hisinhumane good looks, she had managed to land a big fish that even the officer had to give face to.

The last mission with Yao Zhixing had just been lady luck smiling at her. The two young masters from the capital had sacrificed their car, and Yao Zhixing’s second-in-command had been the pig waiting to be slaughtered.

Han Chu knew from his previous two contacts that Ye Shuang had obtained their letters of recommendation. Han Chu had placed all his hope on Yao Zhixing, but the bad news had come soon enough, and he felt agitated. “It is not that Ye Shuang is that bad, but that face of his… You have seen him, right? It’s just way too eye-catching…”

Ye Shuang felt rather speechless at that moment. Just because of that‽