Chapter 135 - Disappointed

Chapter 135: Disappointed

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After getting Luo Mingxin’s help to con Mo Xiao Xia, Ye Shuang found an opportunity to introduce Luo Ce as the agent who would be able to help her. Thus, the situation with the changing of agency was settled.

When Mo Xiao Xia’s uncle found out about the situation, the contract had already been signed. When Luo Mingxin’s agent heard the news, the devastation could not be described in words. Tian Mo Media’s boss, Mo Xiao Xia’s uncle, did not mind it that much. After some poking around, he found out that Luo Ce did indeed have a stable girlfriend and had a good reputation among the industry. After all, picking an agent should have been dependent on his niece’s liking and going to court over something as small as this was…

By then, Ye Shuang’s responsibility was almost done. After connecting Jing Hu City’s socialite with the talent from San Lin City, and after they had signed the contract, she had nothing else to do there. The rest of the movie required about half a month to complete, and then one had to include the time needed for post editing as well. Of course, there was promotion that she needed to be a part of, so starting from next month, she would be busy again.

Until then, Ye Shuang’s schedule was wide open. Naturally, she returned to San Lin City. Before that, she became online friend with the elder that she played go with so that they could play online go whenever they were free.

Her life was free.

When the movie started its promotional period, she would use her male form to stick to Director Zhou, who would help her gain connections in the entertainment world.

Ye Shuang was satisfied with what she had done. Her headhunting service was moving on the right track, she had learned an interesting new skill, and she had managed to help her cousin’s work issue. The only thing that gave her a headache was that the golden retriever seemed to have contracted an unnecessary female debt.

“Yuan Ruan‽” When Ye Shuang heard the name of the girl whom the golden retriever had been trying to get close to recently, the bowl almost slipped from her hand. “You sure that is the name that the girl introduced herself with?”

She thought about it but could not imagine it herself, so she asked with hesitance, “Maybe they’re just close friends? How can you be sure Tony and Xiao Ruan are in a relationship‽”

Little Brother Ye shoveled the food happily into his mouth. “When I returned home the night before last, it was almost 10 pm. I happened to see Tony returning home with that girl. Do you think that is something a normal friend would do?”

“…” Ye Shuang lost her appetite immediately. If Little Brother Ye was right, things were going to give her a headache. Ye Shuang knew Anthony’s personality after getting to know him. He was optimistic and open-minded. He was not that open-minded to bring any woman home, but that was only because he did not like strangers intruding into his territory; it had nothing to do with his morality.

Despite the constant smile on his face, Tony’s heart was chillingly apathetic. For example, if someone committed suicide before his eyes, the smile on his face would not even waver. It was their choice to commit suicide, so how was that related to him‽

He was not acting cold; that was indeed his philosophy in life. Ye Shuang could imagine that after Tony managed to slurp up the girl and then when the girl brought up the issue of their future together, the golden retriever would reject her with that same smile.

Something along the lines of… I wanted to XX you, you were willing to XX me, then we XX-ed… That was consensual, so why should I be responsible?

“Sis, you look like you’re deeply troubled.” Little Brother Ye looked at Ye Shuang over the rim of his bowl. “Is it because of love? Wait a minute, you’ve never shown such interest in Tony’s private life before. Don’t tell me… F*ck! That hurts!”

“Good.” Ye Shuang patted Little Brother Ye on his head. Just who does this child take after? Even Mother, whose line of thought is questionable, is not as bad as this.

Ye Shuang rubbed her temples. “I just don’t get why Tony has to make his move on Ruan Yuan. It is an open secret that Mr. Fang likes Yuan Ruan, and An Zining is Mr. Fang’s cousin. Furthermore, Yuan Ruan herself comes from a powerful family…”

“Wow! I didn’t know her background is so tough!” Little Brother Ye whistled, and a piece of rice accidentally flew out from his mouth. He chuckled awkwardly as he wiped it away. “Perhaps Tony was attracted by an eastern beauty and fell in love‽ We need to support international relations. Hmm, but then again, it is rather chilling knowing our good women are being taken away by foreigners.”

Ye Shuang looked at Little Brother Ye with a meaningful look. “I saw Tony at a bar last week when I was hanging out with Yao Zhixing. At the time, Tony was also ‘falling in love’ with another woman; are you sure it was Yuan Ruan who Tony brought home the night before yesterday‽”

“Sis!” Little Brother Ye gasped. “When you did develop a JQ 1 with Brother Yao? How did I not know about this‽”

“…That is not the point, and we do not have a JQ.” Ye Shuang felt like face-palming. That night, she was supposed to accept Yao Zhixing’s invitation to go for a car race. Since she was in her male form, she had accepted easily. When the race was finished, it was already 2 am. People suggested they go to a bar to wind down, and it was then that Ye Shuang saw Anthony.

“He changed his target in less than a week; do you really think it’s love‽” Ye Shuang put down her chopsticks and stood up to grab her phone that was on the nearby table.

Huh‽ This is the first time I failed to get Han Chu on his phone. No matter, I can still send him an email. After all, I shouldn’t be the one responsible for this.

What if some trouble was created when Anthony broke up with Yuan Ruan? At least Han Chu would have predicted that beforehand. Then again, based on how Ye Shuang saw it, even for Han Chu, this would not be easy to deal with. Both Mr. Fang and Anthony were his friends. Now one friend was hooking up with the sister of his other friend, and it was not because they were in love. The only thing Ye Shuang could do then was pray that Yuan Ruan was more conservative than she gave her credit and there was still chance to rescue this mess.

Little Brother Ye bit on his chopsticks as he saw Ye Shuang hauled her laptop back to the table and started typing. “Sis, aren’t you being a bit overly worried? Plus, this is other people’s private business.”

“It is normally private business that causes something to fail.” Ye Shuang detailed the incident and the people Yuan Ruan was related to before sending the mail. Then she closed her laptop and put it to her side. She picked up her chopsticks and continued eating. “You also know about Brother Han. Tony and the person who is still pursuing that girl are his friends. Tony likes to play and often doesn’t think about the consequences, so we have to be careful about that. If Mr. Fang really gets angry, of course, I don’t think he would do anything bad, but your Brother Han’s reputation will definitely sour among the capital circle.”

“You’re worrying too much.” Little Brother Ye was not familiar with these people’s relationships, so he did not think this was possible. “It is not Brother Han’s mistake, and at the end of the day, the girl can make her own choices.”

“Okay then.” Ye Shuang nodded. “I’ll go ask Tony to go to your school to seduce your dream girl then…”

“Sis, forgive me!” Little Brother Ye cried for help.

Good, you finally got it. Another people’s pain is another people’s pain; only by putting ourselves in their shoes will we be able to understand their feelings.

Han Chu still had not replied after dinner, and there was no message in her phone. Ye Shuang sighed helplessly. Should I go knock on his door‽ But he shouldn’t be home since it’s working hours. I’m home because there’s no case that needs me currently, and Little Brother Ye is playing truant, but Tony needs to help Miss Bai manage her company.

Since Tony had to work, Ye Shuang changed her target to the second-generations who did not need to work. Asking Yuan Ruan directly was rather rude, so Ye Shuang targeted Little Brother Yuan.

“Xiao Yuan?” Yao Zhixing was shocked when he received the call from Ye Shuang. “I do have his number, but you two aren’t friends, aren’t you? Why do you want to find him?”

“I have some questions I need to ask him.” Ye Shuang contemplated. After all, Yao Zhixing had helped Han Chu for half a year, so she decided to reveal some things that she felt were okay. “Do you still remember that Anthony‽ My little brother said that he’s been getting close to Yuan Ruan, so I wish to hear some gossip.”

Gossiping was fine; asking anything more would make things complicated. Yao Zhixing was a clever man, and he knew that there were things that Ye Shuang could not say. So, he accepted Ye Shuang’s excuse. “Okay then, I’ll help you ask him out, how about this afternoon‽”

“Okay then.” Ye Shuang calculated the time. When she returned from meeting Little Brother Yuan, it would be about time Anthony returned from work. She was hesitant about intervening into people’s private business, but the consequences could involve her, so she had to do this.

Little Brother Yuan was Yao Zhixing’s loyal fan. With a call from Brother Yao, he would make time even if he had no time. Furthermore, Brother Yao said that he would bring someone with him. Who could it be‽ Another racer? His friend from the underworld? Or some other hidden master‽

When Little Brother Yuan arrived at the café, he was rather disappointed. None of his guesses were right. Yao Zhixing had brought that girl, Ye Shuang, with him.

“Why is Brother Yao together with Sister Shuang?” After he sat down, he looked around. When he did not see Brother Shuang’s large shadow, he was even more disappointed.

Yao Zhixing was shocked. He looked at Ye Shuang and then at Little Brother Yuan. “You two know each other?”

“His sister once invited me to join them at the KTV, and we met each other then.” Ye Shuang was surprised as well. Then she naturally pulled over the menu. “Let’s order first. What do you guys want to drink?”