Chapter 466 - Sudden Obsession

Chapter 466: Sudden Obsession

Translator: Lonelytree  Editor: Millman97

The next day when people were assigned missions, they gave Ye Shuang a simple task out of deference to her condition. Instead of calling it giving her work, it was more like she was told to show up and leave. The task was to go and find the big boss with the girl. The latter had a connection with the boss. No matter the result of the negotiation, the chance of them retreating safety was guaranteed, and there was no chance of a fight.

“This feels like a forced holiday.” Ye Shuang sat lazily in the passenger seat and cushioned her hands behind her head. The seat was half reclined, and she almost fell asleep with her eyes closed. “I had no idea the task that you all gave me would end up being so simple.”

“Then, is it possible that you have misunderstood us?” The girl shrugged while she maintained her eyes on the road ahead. “Normally, we would not pull a citizen into our mission, much less ask for your full cooperation. If not for the uniqueness of this situation, it would be fine to leave you all out of it. And… never mind, it’s nothing important.”

“No, I think the part you skipped over is very important.” Ye Shuang opened her eyes to look at the girl.

The girl was silent for a while and sighed. “It’s really nothing important. It’s just that other than yourself, the rest of your team have their own tasks to complete. For example, Han Chu’s current task is to protect Grace’s unit.”

Ye Shuang sat up in shock. “You sent a weakling to go and protect a whole unit?”

And the leader of the unit was the kind that was highly dangerous, albeit she was currently unconscious, the woman whose current weakness might be taken advantage of.

“There’s no other choice. We need a person who can directly communicate with them.” The girl had dark lines. “Plus, does he know you see him as a weakling? Brother Han is not as weak as you think.”

“That is in comparison.” Ye Shuang was still worried. “The defense there should be quite safe, right? After all, he is your superior’s son.”

“That, you don’t need to worry about.” The girl rolled her eyes. “We will not let any harm come to him.”

Han Chu was indeed very safe because there was not only himself inside Madam Grace’s room—there was Father Han as well. Even if Madam Grace’s sudden state was no help to anyone, her identity was enough for them to increase the security level. Whether it was out of the need for confidentiality or to protect, the government would not allow Han Chu’s people to get involved in too many confidential missions, so this kind of guard duty was most suitable for them. The son was typing quietly on the laptop while the father looked at the television. Neither the father nor son realized that they should keep the sickroom a quiet place. They acted like this was their own study. Aside from the row of guards that looked like a shooting range outside the door, no one would realize that this was a heavily protected area.

Madam Grace’s people… or rather, Cedrick’s people had already curled up in the corner, and they looked at each other with great pressure on their faces. They were not used to interacting so closely with the government, and the atmosphere in the room was awkward. After some time, it was the old man who got bored first. He turned off the TV and glanced at Han Chu with annoyance. “What are you working on?”

Ever since he was young, the kid had enjoyed playing on the computer, especially compiling and arranging information. It was not that it was bad that he had this hobby, but being so interested in it as to ignore his own father? That was a bit much!

How come I never noticed the obsession was this serious before? Father Han thought to himself.

“I’m hacking your system,” Han Chu answered without lifting his head.

“What did you say? Do you want to die‽” Veins burst on his forehead. Father Han was not going to practice patience. He walked over to look, and it was his own familiar confidential data that was on the screen. Therefore, he smacked his son on the back of his head. “Do you know how years in prison you’ll face if you’re found out? Then, I’ll have to drop my face to beg them for forgiveness on your behalf!”

And even that might not have worked. After all, this was not something that he could cover with just a few words. If this got too serious, there was nothing that he could do when his only son was imprisoned.

Han Chu’s head bounced downward from the smack, and then he lifted his head. He looked at his father with his usual calm gaze. “As long as you don’t mention it to anyone, it’s fine. Tony’s skill is good enough to not get discovered. I guarantee he won’t leave a trace.”

“That’s not the problem!” Father Han frowned and resisted the urge to ruin his son’s laptop. He sat down heavily and lit a cigarette. “After wasting a few years on the outside, have you lost your mind as well? I remember you were not someone who had no idea where the line is.”

Madam Grace’s family came over with tears in their eyes. “Do you mind going outside to smoke? And if you don’t mind, I think we can excuse ourselves from the room…”

Can you please don’t talk about such illegal things before other people? Having a weakness on others is a good thing, but if it’s something too serious, our lives will be threatened.

Father Han waved for them to leave. Then, as the foreigners hustled out of the room, Han Chu explained like he had done nothing wrong. “There’s some problem with Ye Shuang’s body. I need to monitor the situation closely. We are not recording voices. I believe that we won’t touch upon any sensitive stuff, and these are private cameras… but controlling it on our own is too troublesome and doing that means fighting for control with your people, so I decided to directly steal the control from your people.”

Father Han first frowned before he came to. “Which Ye Shuang?”

“…” Han Chu hesitated, unsure whether it was time to come out with Ye Shuang’s little secret, so he gave a non-answer. “Based on everything at the moment, you only need to understand that there is a problem with Ye Shuang’s body.”

This answer obviously did not sit well with Father Han. Just as he was about to ask further, a guard knocked on the door from outside. “Boss, a nurse wishes to come in.”

“What nurse?” Father Han asked back with annoyance. Now was not the time to change medicine, and according to the rules, no one should be allowed in. The guard knew about the importance of the mission, but he had his reasons to knock on the door. “She said that Madam Grace has taken the wrong medicine. They found the drip that is supposed to be for her in the trash can.”

Han Chu acted quickly and jumped up to pull away the drip from Madam Grace’s hand. Father Han came over to observe the situation and ordered for his people to release the nurse. “Let her in! Get her to check the situation immediately.”

The nurse walked in with her head lowered. She pulled on her shirt swiftly. “There’s no need—she’s very safe.”

Then she lifted her head and removed a gun from under her shirt. “But I can’t say the same for the rest of you.”