Chapter 411 - Seen Through

Chapter 411: Seen Through

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Just like that, the Nature Village natives secretly took a criminal with them and left.

The rest aside, nobody noticed that even though they met Master Five and the rest in a hurry. Even Han Chu, who was arranging their transportation, did not notice anything off.

It would be impossible for Ye Shuang to find out. She was busy taking Cedrick to Madam Grace at the station. She only saw Han Chu, who had just done handling the Ten Nature Village natives, after she was done sending off Master Eight, who was going to teach his disciple a good lesson later on, and dealt with everything else on her plate.

“It has finally come to an end.” Han Chu revealed a relaxed expression as he typed on his computer’s keyboard.

“Not just yet.” Ye Shuang blinked and, upon seeing Han Chu’s doubtful expression with his head raised, naturally said, “Cedrick saw some chip in the pendant that Jennifer was wearing. He’s planning to steal it later.”

“Forget about it. He’s seeking death to be doing that. Just get his mom to watch out.” Han Chu gave up on that b*stard Cedrick decisively and shut his computer. “I’m busy. I don’t have time for him!”

It was not an excuse when he said that he was busy. Although the military arms had been taken, Han Chu would still have to finish up the details. It was considered an official report.

Indeed, Han Chu had broad connections, but he no longer held his official identity. Therefore, there were things that he had to take note of. It was better to take the initiative to work with someone than to get stuck in a pickle if he encountered some tough b*stard.

After bidding farewell to the campsite near Nature Village… Ye Shuang thought about the calls that Han Chu had received and realized that there were many farewell gatherings arranged. Meanwhile, Han Chu took the opportunity to inform those that he had to. Realizing that there was no way that she could escape from those events, she decided to leave.

Han Chu looked glum when he found about Ye Shuang’s impromptu departure while he was busy working on his schedule. He sneered after falling into silence for three minutes and deleted the message that he was going to send. ‘My mom has arrived in San Lin City. Call me when you see this.’

“I heard you came back earlier.”

Mother Ye was disappointed with her daughter. What was a proper girl doing staying at Zhou Le’s house instead of staying home in San Lin City?

It would have been tolerable if the both of them were into each other and were planning to be together. It was just that Mother Ye knew her daughter very well. She could tell from before that neither of them had any interest in being together. In that case, it was weird for them to live together.

Ye Shuang noticed that there was an edge to her mother’s tone. In all seriousness out of nowhere, she said, “I’m onto something serious. My boss is staying at his house, too.”

“There’s another man?” Mother Ye lost her temper at the moment. She hit the table with a feather duster, appearing bizarrely overbearing. “You must’ve grown some balls. How dare you get yourself into a threesome‽”

“Mom!” Ye Shuang felt extremely wronged. “You’ve got to be the only Mom in the world that doesn’t welcome her daughter home with open arms.”

It would have been another issue if Mother Ye had just been condemning her, but looking at the way the feather duster was placed and the smooth manner of pulling that weapon out… Mother Ye had clearly come prepared and been waiting for her!

Ye Shuang could not help but peep at Little Brother Ye’s room as she thought to this point. “Did someone pathetic tell on me?”

To prevent alerting the enemy, Ye Shuang had been in isolation when she had just returned to San Lin City. She had only bumped into Little Brother Ye on the street once.

Although Ye Shuang had warned Little Brother Ye not to tell on her while he eventually promised that he would not expose her, it had been a difficult task for him to be hiding the true for so long. Seeing that Ye Shuang had finally gotten home openly, he figured that everything must have come to an end. It was only natural that he had to share the gossip that he had been hiding for a couple of days.

“Don’t change the subject!” Mother Ye was determined not to tell on her son. Otherwise, who would tip her off in the future?

“Tell me, what have you been doing recently?”

Ye Shuang wanted to cry.

How could she tell her mother that she had taken a batch of military arms and smuggled a person out of a terrorist’s lair?

Fortunately, Father Ye’s classes finished early that day. So, when he arrived home to see his sweet, little girl being questioned by Mother Ye, he naturally pitied her. He immediately took Ye Shuang out and only returned a few hours later when Mother Ye’s anger had subsided.

It felt like she had been released from the prison when she got out of the house. It had been a while since she could be out openly. Indeed, she had been longing for some fresh air since everything had come to an end.

Moreover, no matter how great a place was, it could not beat her hometown, where she was familiar with the people and environment.

Others aside, she felt reminiscent when she saw the familiar buildings and shops.

She took a stroll in the food street and filled her stomach with the taste of her homeland. Later on, she went shopping from store to store. Although she did not buy much, it was relaxing to be killing time.

Eventually, she got herself a cup of juice on the street with her loot of all sizes. She was indulging in the gossip that people were talking about around her. As she was enjoying herself, a lady with significant elegance sat across her while smiling kindly. “Can I sit with you, young lady?”

Ye Shuang turned her head and spat out a mouthful of the juice after taking a glance at the person.

The lady was stunned by the accident that came out of nowhere as she was sitting down. She only calmed down and overcoming the momentary daze. She placed the cup of juice on the table lightly. “Do you need tissue?”

Ye Shuang rejected her kindness while coughing. She took out a piece of tissue and wiped herself. She smiled, feeling embarrassed, after soothing the itchiness in her throat that came from the surprise. “I’ve made a fool out of myself.”

Although the lady was looking at Ye Shuang as if they had never met, her features were just too familiar. She was Han Chu’s mother.

The time when Brother Shuang and Han Chu went to the airport to pick up Han Chu’s parents, Father Han and Han Chu had been talking business in the hotel. Brother Shuang had been with Mother Han for a long time then.

That was when Mother Han had shown interest in everything about Sister Shuang and was prying for information about her. Although Han Chu was extremely opposed to gossip, Ye Shuang was shocked to find out about the traitor Han Su at home when she chatted with Han Chu for a while after sending the parents off. It was uncertain whether Han Su wanted a show or was making trouble for her brother, but she had shown Sister Shuang’s photos to the parents and told them everything that she had learned about Sister Shuang from Yao Zhixing and a few of Han Chu’s friends.

Han Chu was not in San Lin City, Father Han was not around, and Mother Han appeared before her out of nowhere. Judging by her stance pretending to be bumping into Ye Shuang by coincidence despite the fact that she had seen her photo before… it would be utter bullsh*t if this was not a set-up!