Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Headhunting

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Even though Fang Fei’s creations didn’t fall into Ye Shuang’s plate, how could Ye Shuang, with her optimized sight, ignore so many unappetizing roasted oysters as they so brazenly moved before her eyes‽

As she turned to look, the grimace on Miss Fang’s face as she chewed on one of them fell into her eyes, and it clicked within Ye Shuang then. Poor thing, they must have tasted awful!

As the person who suggested the barbeque, Ye Shuang felt it was her responsibility to ensure both Brother Fang and Sister Fang had a good time, so she quickly and politely slid a cooked butter prawn onto Miss Fang’s plate.

Fang Fei was hit in the face by a waft of buttery bouquet. The plump and juicy-looking prawn meat caused her to salivate involuntarily. It was merely a self-service barbeque, but for some reason, Ye Shuang had managed to produce something that looked like it should have been served at a five-star restaurant. Fang Fei raised her head to look at Ye Shuang with shock, and the latter smiled at her. Sis, let this be the offering that cements our sisterly bond. Remember to look out for each other in the future!

Ye Shuang, who thought she had done what she needed to, turned back to her task and continued to chat with Fang Mo.

Fang Fei lowered her head again, and the chopsticks in her grip turned silently. With even her ears turning bright red, she gave up on the oyster to pick up the prawn. The moment the succulent prawn meat covered with a delicious coating of butter sauce entered her mouth, Fang Fei’s jealously toward the female Ye Shuang hiked up another level. Such a nice man, and he even knows how to cook.

Fang Mo, though, almost choked on his food. Looking at his friend and the way he acted, it really didn’t seem like he wasn’t interested in his little sister, or else how could a man treat a member of the opposite sex so nicely so naturally‽

“Brother Fang, go on, what other possible solution is there? What do you think‽” Ye Shuang picked up the pincers to man the barbeque station. From the looks of things, if I don’t step up to the plate, the Fang siblings will starve tonight.

Fang Mo glanced at Ye Shuang before finally deciding to put that personal issue on the backburner to deal with the more direct question first. “Even though, technically, such a company doesn’t exist, there is still an organization that meets all of your requirements.

“Have you heard about headhunting?”

Fang Mo grabbed a piece of prawn from the netting before Ye Shuang, and after a gulp of the fine wine, he explained, “Headhunting is looking for talented people with the intention to get them to fill a specific job scope. The headhunting companies you see advertising on the internet are mostly company recruiters. You could start working by simply posting your resume, but from my understanding, real headhunting is not that simple.

“In the headhunting business, the person who is responsible for looking out for the talent is called an ‘Eagle’, the impressive talents that are found are called ‘Foxes’, while the companies or individuals who come to the head-hunters with cases are referred to as ‘clients’.” Fang Mo picked up three grapes from the fruit plate before explaining patiently to Ye Shuang, “The ‘Eagles’ and ‘Foxes’ have to be of certain standard, and they are not approved with just some certifications or resume.

“For example, I might need a CEO to help me run a company; this kind of talent cannot be found randomly from an online job portal, and it is even less feasible to look for one through university records. Therefore, I would have to look for one through my own social contacts, and when I didn’t find a satisfactory candidate from my contacts, I would have to refer to a headhunter. The ‘Eagles’ will help me find a talent based on my requirements, taking into account talent, experience, EQ, and many other considerations. Therefore, a vibrant social network is the basis for any headhunter worth their salt.”

Fang Mo explained it very thoroughly so Ye Shuang had no problem understanding it. It was then that Ye Shuang understood what Fang Mo was hinting at. “Brother Fang, you think I should be a ‘Fox’?”

Fang Mo smiled as he tossed a grape into his mouth. “Xiao Ye, you’re an impressive talent. I know you’re incredibly good at cooking and martial arts. Furthermore, your looks also mean that you’ll be good for advertising. Headhunting often involves fields beyond commerce and business, so you are naturally a good ‘Fox’, so now the key problem becomes, how are you going to make the ‘Eagles’ notice and recognize you?”

“You mean, I should try to promote myself‽” Ye Shuang asked.

Fang Mo nodded and gave her a to-do list. “A graduation certificate is a good place to start. Of course, that is not the most important; after all, everyone knows how easy it is to get into a university nowadays. So, the most important things are internationally-approved certifications and famous exploits. What kind of big projects you’ve done and other notable achievements will form the basis of your leverage.

“If you can get on the list of ‘Foxes’, then naturally, you’ll gain access to the clientele that frequent a headhunting company.” Fang Mo thought about it before saying, “I know an Ivy League friend from when I was studying in America. He can provide you with a channel to contact a headhunting company, but before that, you have to prove that you have the qualifications to join their circle.”