Chapter 87 - A Top Ten Anime Betrayal

Chapter 87: A Top Ten Anime Betrayal

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To be fair, Han Chu was not purposely making things difficult for Ye Shuang. One’s looks were completely up to luck, but if one was overly handsome, that good fortune might turn into bad luck. To put it another way, if he was so handsome, why wasn’t he in the entertainment business? That line of work would suit him more!

Ye Shuang was still in shock as Han Chu on the other end of the phone continued. “…That man’s looks… I’m afraid the female clients that I assign him to won’t be able to control themselves. If he was just handsome, it would have been fine, but a few months before this, he shot an advertisement. I’ve received the internal DM from Fang Mo’s company, the one that hasn’t been released to be public yet. In less than a minute, my big sister became a fan. Now her room even has his human-size poster.

“Tell me, how I am supposed to take on someone like that? After the advertisement is released, he will become an overnight sensation. If I take him on, I will only be able to get entertainment-related cases for him.”

Han Chu’s voice was calm, but underneath that calmness was a heavy trace of complaint and depression. “Even if the clients are somehow not all nymphos, daily interactions in long term cases might lead to the blossoming of a relationship or one-sided adoration. Short term cases are mostly about competition, and special cases… even if I can get those, is he qualified to accept them?”

After hearing what Han Chu had to say, Ye Shuang was feeling awkward as well. Initially, she had thought it was something serious, but in reality, it was a face problem.

At least she confirmed that Han Chu did not harbor any malice toward her. Brother Shuang’s capability was approved, but the useable range was too small, and extended usage might lead to special events that could be too scary for him to handle. Taking on Sister Shuang to give face to Fang Mo was acceptable, but taking on Brother Shuang was finding trouble for himself.

Yao Zhixing held his stomach to stop himself from bursting in laughter. After he managed to calm himself, he turned his head to ask the woman next to him audibly, “Ye Shuang, what do you think?”

Ye Shuang laughed drily.

Han Chu’s grip on the phone tightened. Yao Zhixing, you f*cking betrayer!

Yao Zhixing enjoyed the situation with interest. Even though he could not see Han Chu’s face, he could imagine it would not be prettier than how Ye Shuang’s awkward face was looking then.

After a moment’s silence, Han Chu’s voice continued, accompanied by a chilling scoff. “That sounds like Miss Ye Shuang beside you. Haha… I should have known a virgin like you would have zero defense before a beautiful woman…”

“F*ck!” Yao Zhixing was angered immediately. He was about to raise the phone to his mouth to start cursing when Ye Shuang pulled his phone away from him.

“Hello, Brother Han. Actually, Brother Fang’s recommendation was the other Ye Shuang; I am the supplementary one. Furthermore, being handsome has its own advantages, right?”

“Sigh, it’s just more troubles.” Since he had been exposed, Han Chu did not mind sharing his difficulty with her. “To be honest, it would be fine if the other Ye Shuang is placed on an international platform, but San Lin City is just too small; the types of cases that can be taken here are limited. In fact, there are none that are suitable for him.”

Putting fine timber to petty use was sometimes more than a waste; the most crucial issue lay in suitability. If one assigned a professional car racer to go teach driving classes, both the talent and the client would feel a certain way. That was what Han Chu was concerned about.

It was another issue if Brother Shuang was not famous, but after the advertisement was released to the public, he might be identified on his cases, so how could Han Chu possibly take him on?

While Han Chu could put a little bit more effort to accommodate Ye Shuang, his job encapsulated the whole nation and not just one San Lin City, why would he waste so much effort just to please this one worker?

Ye Shuang was speechless. Yao Zhixing felt like helping Ye Shuang, so he pulled the phone back to say, “If outside work won’t do, then just let him do inside work. Don’t think I don’t know you also have regional agents working for you.”

Han Chu gritted his teeth. “Agents have to not only look after the talents but also assign cases, and on top of that, they have to be ready to mediate all kinds of sudden situations. They’ll need to know people from government departments to the street gangs… do you think everyone can do the job‽”

“I helped you do the same job for about half a year before,” Yao Zhixing retorted, “how come I didn’t hear you tell me these limitations then‽”

Han Chu sighed silently; he was too lazy to reason with this man.

Was Yao Zhixing a normal person‽ The man came from an honorable family but had his own way of living his life. The upper society would give him face due to the Yao family, and the darker side of the society naturally knew of Brother Yao’s name. Therefore, Yao Zhixing was practically the perfect candidate to be San Lin City’s regional agent. However, if someone else wanted to take over his post, that individual had to have experience, brains, and brawn.

In the large country of China, Han Chu had only managed to cultivate three regional agents, which meant that each one of them had to handle 7.5 districts on average. Even a special character like Yao Zhixing could only take on the responsibility for a small city like San Lin City; this went to show how high the demands on a regional agent were.

Or else, why would Han Chu need to fly all over the country day in and day out?

“Is being a regional agent that difficult?” Ye Shuang asked humbly.

Yao Zhixing shrugged and said, “It’s not as hard as Xiao Han made it out to be. After Xiao Han accepts the case, if the client is within the region you’re responsible for, they will send the case details to you. Or if you’ve made a name for yourself, some clients will come to you on their own.

“After that, you select the suitable talents from Xiao Han’s talent storage and use their information to liaise with the client. If the client is satisfied, they will sign the contract and poof, you’re done. Don’t worry, if anyone dares to create any trouble for you, tell me, and I will go teach them a lesson! It’s difficult to say if it’s some other places, but being the agent for San Lin City is a piece of cake.”

After promising Ye Shuang everything, Yao Zhixing roared into the phone, “Well? Have you made up your mind? In any case, I know that after I quit, you didn’t find anyone to replace me. Instead of handing San Lin City to some outsiders, why not benefit one of our own?”

One of our own‽ When did he become one of our own‽

Han Chu sighed. “…Do you really think San Lin City is your backyard?”

“Of course, in a minute, I’ll announce that the cases in San Lin City will now go to Brother Ye!” Yao Zhixing said easily as he scratched his short hair.

Yao Zhixing was the type of guy who valued the code of brotherhood. If you had earned his approval, he would go to the ends of the earth for you, but if you were of no interest to him, he would not even glance your way.

When Han Chu heard that, he knew that Yao Zhixing had really taken Ye Shuang as one of his brothers. Since he had made that promise, in the future, even if Han Chu tried to assign another agent to San Lin City, Yao Zhixing would definitely make things difficult for the new agent.

For the sake of his career, and partly due to his indolence, Han Chu finally relented. “Fine, you win. The agent will be able to earn a two percent commission of all cases that pass through his hands, but the agent is not allowed to take the case for himself unless there is really no one else available to take the case.

“If there are any accidents or complicated incidents, the agent must be able to handle them, and the agent is expected to provide help whenever necessary. However, that additional help will not be paid. In other words, even if you help another finish their work, you’ll only be given the two percent of your promised commission.”

“But why? That sounds so unfair…” Yao Zhixing started to grumble. When he was the agent, he had just been doing it for fun; he did not go out actively to search for clients and did not really pay attention to the contract payment. However, since his brother was taking over the business, he needed to be a little fussier when it came to matters of money.

Han Chu interrupted him. “Because if your people cannot complete the case, it is the agent’s fault for not picking the right talents. Lending help is your way of fixing your mistake. Not asking for compensation is already me being kind.”

If there were too many failed cases, Han Chu’s personal reputation would be affected as well, so this was not an unreasonable condition.

Ye Shuang understood the basic responsibility of an agent. It was as mentioned by Yao Zhixing, this post, compared to being one of the talents, was the difference of internal work and external work. Even though it might require more focus, it did not require her to involve herself in the cases, but with this foundation, she still would have the channels to meet people from all walks of life.

It was perfect!

“Okay then, agent it is. Since Sister An’s contract might be ending soon, I can report to work anytime soon.” Ye Shuang accepted the new job happily. Yao Zhixing, who wanted to negotiate more benefits for her and ‘Brother Ye’, suddenly did not know what to say.

Yao Zhixing rolled his eyes before talking into his phone. “You heard her. Both my sister and brother have no problem, consider yourself lucky.”

Who is your sister and brother‽ Han Chu slammed the phone shut. One could easily guess what he was feeling.

However, Yao Zhixing seemed to have gotten used to Han Chu’s personality. He did not mind it one bit; in fact, he snapped his fingers and tried to push this further. “How about we go pay Xiao Han a visit and force him to sign the contract today just in case he tries to wiggle out of it later?”

Ye Shuang agreed with the man but still demurred. “Isn’t that a bit immoral?”

“Why not‽” Yao Zhixing started the engine after deciding the roadmap. “In any case, we have something to ask of him. Perhaps we should buy some flowers for him. What do you think?”

“That’s for hospital visits. I feel fruit is better; we can have them after lunch.”

Therefore, after the plan had been made, the pair headed for Han Chu’s place happily.

Yao Zhixing was thinking, This girl sure matches my taste! Quick on her feet and even faster mentally.

Ye Shuang was thinking, Hurray, Brother Yao!

Han Chu was thinking, F*ck!