Chapter 136 - You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do

Chapter 136: You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do

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After An Zining’s mother helped promote her reputation as a private investigator specializing in extra-marital affair, Ye Shuang had a new understanding of how common that was, especially among rich married men. After getting permission from Han Chu, Ye Shuang set the workshop that Lawyer Lin was a part of as constant partner to expand an extra-marital affair committee. This meant that Ye Shuang would receive one or two cases every week.

Some came with suspicion, others with concrete proof. Most of the men sought comfort outside of the house not really because the wife was no good or because of biological needs—most of them just wanted to use this to prove themselves… be it physically or money-wise.

This was especially true among those who got rich suddenly. When Ye Shuang called Lawyer Lin to discuss the cases, she would sometimes hear about the more unique cases. For example, there was one Boss Mei who had a habit of keeping female university students. Depending on the girl’s looks and experience, they would get an allowance from several thousands to tens of thousands. If they signed up for a long contract, they could even get extra benefits. The competition for it was apparently quite high.

In any case, even though Ye Shuang’s commission from these cases was at most four to five thousand, they added up over time. Combined with the cases she managed to procure in Jing Hu City, life was rather easy for Ye Shuang.

“Hehe, how is your big sister doing? Order anything you want, it’s on me today. You don’t be shy.” Ye Shuang ordered her favorite coffee and passed the menu to Little Brother Yuan, not exposing anything.

Little Brother Yuan took the menu and looked at Yao Zhixing with confusion. “Brother Yao, did you call me out today just to chat?”

Yao Zhixing also had no clue why Ye Shuang was looking for Little Brother Yuan, but he was sure it was related to Anthony and Yuan Ruan. In any case, he was there just to introduce them, so he groused with annoyance, “Why do you have so many words? If people ask to you to order something, then you order something. Do you think we’d call you out for no reason?”

Seeing how angry his idol was, Little Brother Yuan did not dare to press. He lowered his head obediently. However, this was only because Yao Zhixing came from a powerful background and was treated as a hero of sorts among the second generations. If this was a different second generation or a normal racer, Little Brother Yuan would have left with a dark face already.

He politely ordered a medium-priced coffee. Yao Zhixing stated his desire to not intervene as he leaned back to look outside the window. Little Brother Yuan understood that today’s focus was going to come Ye Shuang.

“Actually, it’s nothing.” Ye Shuang noticed Little Brother Yuan’s gaze that was filled with confusion, so she coughed and smiled in embarrassment. “It’s like this. I have a friend who is interested in Mr. Fang. Actually, it is rather embarrassing to ask for your help, but I wish for you to help me kill my friend’s heart before she gets stucked in too deep.”

Wait, isn’t this about Anthony and Yuan Ruan? Yao Zhixing was confused but did not say anything.

It dawned on Little Brother Yuan then. “So, you mean, you want my sister to ask Mr. Fang out to clear the air?”

Good boy! Ye Shuang praised him in her heart before adding, “If possible, have your big sister attend a function together with Mr. Fang—this way my friend will know what’s up.”

Asking for Yuan Ruan’s status directly would have been a bit out of line. Ye Shuang’s main concern was to see if Yuan Ruan had something to do with Anthony. To discern that, she only needed to observe how Yuan Ruan was before her own pursuer.

Before the approach of a member of the opposite sex, normally, girls who were not attached to anyone would act shyly, and those who already had someone in their hearts would be weighed down by guilt. This kind of expression could not be hidden, and it could be seen from minor expressions and actions, unless that woman was an expert at toying with people’s feelings. However, Yuan Ruan was obviously not that sort.

Even if Yuan Ruan did not agree to this demand, Ye Shuang could make use of this opportunity to ask the right questions and uncover what she wanted to know. Therefore, the result did not matter much; she only needed a situation where she could find out about Yuan Ruan’s relationship status without arousing other people’s suspicion.

Little Brother Yuan thought about it and said, “I cannot promise you that. I’ll need to ask my sister’s opinion first.”

Ye Shuang smiled. “I understand, so how about you make the call now‽”

What? Why won’t you let me do it later…?

Little Brother Yuan was still struggling when Yao Zhixing tapped his fingers on the table. “Just make the call now. That way, we can also contact the one with the crush. The earlier we solve this problem, the earlier we don’t need to worry about it.”

“Huh, Brother Yao also knows that person‽” Little Brother Yuan was surprised, but since Yao Zhixing had said so, he took out his phone to contact his sister.

“No.” Yao Zhixing harrumphed and turned his face away. He detested dealing with these kinds of relationship problems. If not for Ye Shuang, he would not have gotten himself involved. The phone was answered almost instantly. After she heard the situation from her brother, Yuan Ruan hesitated for a while before accepting the request. However, she said that she only agreed to ask Mr. Fang out; playing a pair of lovers with him was a no-go because they were longtime enemies.

This reason was so unreasonable that Ye Shuang did not know what to say. After all, it was true that Yuan Ruan did not realize that Mr. Fang was interested in her. Thankfully, before the call ended, Yuan Ruan said that she would keep an eye on the situation because she was afraid an ‘innocent girl’ might be tricked by Mr. Fang.

So be it, Ye Shuang then had to contact the ‘friend with the crush’. Ye Shuang sighed to herself before smiling appreciatively at Little Brother Yuan. “Thank you so much, shall we make the date tomorrow?”

After settling was everything, Little Brother Yuan left, leaving Yao Zhixing sitting beside Ye Shuang. The man frowned. “The situation is more complicated than you thought?”

“This…” Ye Shuang hesitated. Thinking about how she might still need Yao Zhixing’s help to convince Little Brother Yuan later on, she decided it would be better to clarify the situation. “Actually, I should have been clearer. I suspect that Yuan Ruan are in a relationship with Anthony because my little brother saw them return to Anthony’s apartment in the middle of the night…”

Yao Zhixing’s eyes widened. That’s right! I knew Ye Shuang wouldn’t care that much if it was just a normal relationship!

It was not recent news that Mr. Fang had been ‘pursuing’ Yuan Ruan. The two were like happy rivals. Mr. Fang would come to San Lin City to stay for a few days annually. Basically, this was the start of the competition between the capital and the local second generations, so their business was an open secret among those who mixed with this group.

Mr. Fang was a family friend of Han Chu’s who originated from the capital. Anthony came later, but Yao Zhixing knew that Anthony was Han Chu’s close friend whom he met studying overseas. Yuan Ruan had been the target of Mr. Fang’s affection for many years already, and Anthony had taken her to his home late at night. If this was exposed, things would get complicated, and no matter what, Han Chu would be stuck in the middle.

Therefore, what she needed to do now was to confirm whether anything had happened between them and Yuan Ruan’s current stance. For example, even if nothing had happened between them yet… but if Yuan Ruan was more interested in Anthony than Mr. Fang… but Anthony might not be interested in her… In any case, the situation would be equally chaotic.

“…I shouldn’t have asked that much.” Yao Zhixing scratched his head in regret. If he had known that things were so complicated, he would not have asked.

“Brother Yao is friends with Brother Han. Will you really not help when trouble happens?” Ye Shuang asked with a smile.

Yao Zhixing sighed. “You have a point. So, who do you plan to have a crush on Mr. Fang?”

“I’m sorry, I need to answer a call.” Ye Shuang picked up her phone to answer, and her voice immediately turned gentle and soft. “Hello?”

Mo Xiao Xia’s cheery voice came through. “Sister Ye, I’ve landed in San Lin City. Brother Luo says you’ll be visiting the set tomorrow?”

“Hmm… There’s a slight change of plan. I’ll treat you to a dinner tomorrow, but will you please lend me a hand?”

Yao Zhixing was stunned, and his lips fell open unconsciously. He looked at Ye Shuang with shock as the woman shifted from ‘his pal’ to a feminine woman. Even though her appearance did not change, that voice… it was just like the voice of a properly raised young lady.

If he had not heard this in person, Yao Zhixing would have suspected that the girl had been swapped out. Ye Shuang winked at Yao Zhixing and made the sign of shush to ask him not to expose her. Then she continued to trick the little girl. “It’s like this. I have a friend who is pursuing a girl, but there hasn’t been any progress, so he wanted to ask for my help to pretend to be in love with him to instigate his actual crush…”

At this point, Ye Shuang sighed helplessly. Her voice took on endless melancholy and a trace of embarrassment. It elicited pity in her listeners, making them want to solve her problem. “But I’m a really bad actor. If the thing is exposed…”

Yao Zhixing, “…”

“Sister Ye, don’t worry, you still have me!” Mo Xiao Xia volunteered without being prompted. After all, it was not some big issue, and she wished to help Ye Shuang. “I’m a professional actor, so Sister Ye, just leave this to me!”

“Really‽” Ye Shuang’s joy moved through the phone, and it was followed by a huge sigh of relief as well as a thank you. “Then, it’ll be perfect. I was so troubled by this earlier. Xiao Xia, you’re amazing, then tomorrow night…”

She revealed the time and venue that Yuan Ruan had decided and then continued to chat a little while longer with Mo Xiao Xia before hanging up. Ye Shuang said happily, “Now we have the crush.”

Yao Zhixing, who had just recovered, commented with his brow raised, “…I’m surprised you know something like this as well.”

“Well, you gotta do what you gotta do.”