Chapter 412 - Only One Day? Sure…

Chapter 412: Only One Day? Sure…

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It would be a piece of cake for Han Chu to get a girlfriend with his great prospects. However, his mother was the one who wanted to have fun.

A woman like Mother Han had no career, nor did she have to take care of kids. Time was all she had. It was only natural that she would follow up on her son if she knew that there was any opportunity that he might be dating. She was the one persuading him to get into a relationship. She would play cupid if she happened to encounter a girl whom her son liked but was too shy to confess. If her son had no interest in the girl, it would be fine. She would just treat it as killing time.

Han Chu was not a man who would play along with his mother if she attempted to persuade him anyway.

Her husband worked in security, and her son did the same. Affected by them, Mother Han figured that she was a tough lady and had called her godson Anthony. It had been a piece of cake for her to find out Ye Shuang’s car’s whereabouts. Finally, she had found an opportunity when her husband went to a province nearby to talk business with her son. She had gone there to see Ye Shuang after the stalking officer had confirmed that it was Ye Shuang who was in the car.

That was how such a ‘coincidence’ on the street happened.

Mother Han remained calm as she acted nonchalant. Although she had been skeptical when Ye Shuang spat juice in the beginning, that had not affected her professional acting.

As Mother Han drank her milk tea, she thought about how to break the ice, get to know Ye Shuang, familiarize herself with Ye Shuang, click, get into the enemy’s lair, and then either leave after hearing what she wanted or wait for her son to get here and act surprised.

Oh, so you guys know each other? It must be fate.

There were two happy ending options.

As she was having a series of thought, Ye Shuang, who was sitting across, lifted her head and finished her juice before Mother Han could figure what to say to begin her plan. She was going to leave as soon as she was done wiping her lips.

“Wait, wait, wait!” Mother Han was dumbstruck at the moment. She ditched the topics that Ye Shuang was interested in, which she had gotten from her godson, and grabbed onto her sleeve. “Where are you going?”

We should chat if you’re not busy… Ye Shuang was sure that she could see those words coming out of Mother Han’s eyes. She fell speechless for three seconds. “… I need to pee.”

Naturally, Mother Han felt somewhat embarrassed. She finally realized how absurd her behavior was at the moment.

Why did I grab her‽ Won’t there be a next time if I miss her this time? Since I have the GPS set… Realizing that no excuses could explain her absurd behavior, Mother Han thought to herself for half a minute and directly asked, “You are Ye Shuang, aren’t you?”

Ye Shuang was speechless again. “Would you believe me if I say I’m not?”

“I wouldn’t.” Mother Han finally smiled. She seemed to have picked up the rhythm again. She grabbed a phone out of her bag and scrolled through her photo album. She turned it around and showed a picture to Ye Shuang. “It’s not good to lie to adults…”

The picture had clearly been taken secretly. It was rather far away, which was why it looked a little like it had been taken from above. It had either been edited from a surveillance camera nearby, or someone was hiding behind a building. Although there was not sufficient proof, Ye Shuang thought that the former was more likely.

Seeing that Ye Shuang had gotten a clear look on the picture, Mother Han put her phone away and said in a relaxed manner, “Xiao Chu has something to discuss with his father. I’ll be alone in San Lin City in the meantime. It’s a little troublesome to get the officer’s help, so Xiao Chu has gotten you to be my company for a few days.”

What she said was half true and half made-up. Indeed, that was what Han Chu had intended, but Mother Han was planning to get to know Ye Shuang as a person. She had told Han Chu that she would be staying for a night, not a few days. However, that did not matter. She would cross that bridge when she got there. Everything could be adjusted for convenience.

Ye Shuang looked at Mother Han in disbelief. She took out her phone to read all unread messages and checked all her missed calls. She did not find any messages from Han Chu asking her for that favor.

She squeezed her phone and struggled for a few seconds. Ye Shuang could not help but say, “He didn’t tell me that.”

“You can ask him if you don’t believe me,” Mother Han said with certainty.

What was the meaning of Ye Shuang doing that when the task was definitely unavoidable?

“Alright then.” She sighed. “What are you planning to do here, aunty?”

Was she there to cling to Ye Shuang or to check on her? Would it be an eight-hour shift, or would she have to be on call for twenty-four hours? Would she be staying at her place, staying at an apartment, or at a hotel?

Ye Shuang took a seat again in a blur. She tapped on her phone cautiously while waiting for Mother Han to speak. She sent Han Chu a message. It was ridiculous that he had not told her about this.

Mother Han was stunned upon being asked the question. This girl had accepted everything too quickly. She had no idea what she should do first.

Eventually, the both of them went shopping.

“This is annoying.” Ye Shuang called Han Chu secretly outside the boutique while Mother Han was picking clothes for her husband and son in a shopping mall. “My candy is almost finished. I was just going to get myself changed for a few days. why did you throw your family at me? Do you want them to know about what happened?”

Han Chu was rather surprised. “You rushed back because you were running out of candy?”

Did she not leave him behind because she did not want to attend those tiresome events?

“Of course!” Ye Shuang was firm with her answer.

In reality, that was not the real reason. Still having two candies aside, even if she really finished the candy, she still had the boy. She had been surviving like that, so it did not make sense that she would use a different approach now. However, she could not tell Han Chu that. Otherwise, she would draw his ire upon herself in the blink of an eye.

As expected, Han Chu regretted what he had done, but nobody could tell from his voice. “Bear with my mom today then. I’ll call her tonight to explain things to her. You’ll be free from her tomorrow.”

Ye Shuang was relieved. “One day only? I’ll bear with her then.”

“Yeah, but remember not to let her get your phone number. I’ll tell Tony not to spill,” Han Chu added. “Otherwise, it’s none of my business if she does more in the future.”

After they were done talking about that, they thought that they would talk about what they would be doing in the future.

Nothing was really happening in Ye Shuang’s life apart from having Mother Han with her. Meanwhile, Han Chu, who was confident after getting back the military arms, found a clue. Never had he thought that the leader hiding the military arms would have gone missing. Han Chu had captured some insignificant people when he rushed there… Because of that, he had to spend a few more days there to find out where the person had gone.

Just when Ye Shuang was hanging up the call, a hand came to her. Her hand was grabbed, and her wrist was twisted. There was pulling involved… and it ended there.

Ye Shuang patted her chest to calm herself down with her vacant hand while looking at Yao Zhixing, who had almost gotten her onto the floor. “What are you doing, Brother Yao?”

Yao Zhixing clenched his teeth. “I should be the one asking you that!”