Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Finally

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Fang Mo’s real estate company, Noah, couldn’t be considered an internationally-renowned company, but at the very least, it was nationally-known, so he did have access to certain circles.

The key point here was that he merely had access; he wasn’t a permanent or constant fixture of those circles. In other words, all Fang Mo could do for Ye Shuang was make some introductions, acting her guide per se. With his position, it wasn’t enough to influence other people’s decisions, so if Ye Shuang really wanted to enter the list of a high-end headhunter, she needed to depend on herself.

For example, the Ivy League that Fang Mo had mentioned earlier, it wasn’t the name of a school but the name of an organization of schools, the organization of the best schools in America to be precise.

The Ivy League included eight of the top academies in the world, including Harvard. They produced plenty of Rhodes scholarship and Nobel Prize winners, a testament to the impressive quality of their schools. In fact, most of the famous scientists, politicians, business moguls, and other individuals from the top of their respective fields in America were Ivy League alumni.

Therefore, Fang Mo’s friend from the Ivy League was not lacking for reliable contacts, in fact, his judgement for talent was probably higher than most. If someone wasn’t the best in their field, he would be ashamed to bring them into this field. How could he not‽ When people met and made introductions, others would be CEOs, academics, or senators, but if he introduced a cookie seller, farmer, or night market stall owner…

The process of getting into the circle would be rather irksome, but as long as one gained the approval, the perks provided would be plenty as well. Headhunting equaled to a giant social network among the rich and famous. After one entered this field, it meant that one would gain access to plenty of rare resources. As long as one had enough backing and actual talent, when the need for one’s skill came up, the client would come knocking themself.

Therefore, even though this wasn’t technically a task performing company per se, this career route did satisfy all of the requirements listed by Ye Shuang—provided she was skillful enough to accept all the offered cases.

“Certifications you say…” Ye Shuang thought about it before saying with difficulty, “I’ll go back and consider what kind of certifications I should apply for.”

Fang Mo nodded. He had confidence in Ye Shuang because of two reasons; one, he knew how talented the man was, and two, that face of his would help him open many doors. Therefore, in Fang Mo’s eyes, Ye Shuang was equal to a rough diamond just waiting for his time to shine. “Remember to avoid the national examination, aim for those global-certified qualifications. The higher the difficulty, the better. You’d best go for those with thousands of participants but only accept one or two.”

“Lordy, you sure have faith in me.” Ye Shuang didn’t know what to say. Even though she had confidence in her memory and other skills, but that paled in comparison to Fang Mo’s confidence in her.

Was she being too cowardly, or was he being too kind? Ye Shuang really couldn’t tell.

Fang Fei had lost interest a long time ago. It was because of her brother that she didn’t comment throughout the conversation, but seeing that the conversation was ending, she finally added, “Big Brother, can your introduction be any vaguer‽ It just sounds like you’re trying to get him out of this country, how is that going to help his situation?”

She did remember Ye Shuang’s main criteria was freedom and not being tied down by his work, but more importantly, if Ye Shuang did listen to her brother’s advice and moved overseas, she would have lost her chance to get to know this handsome man.

Fang Mo looked at Fang Fei and then at Ye Shuang before laughing. “The real headhunting business is practically borderless and often lawless. Yes, there are occasions when the need for certain highly-trained individuals is advertised, but most of the times, the cases can’t be made public. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they’re illegal, but it has more to do with the client’s wishes. I wish I could go into further detail, but even I don’t know much about it. You’d better wait for my friend to come see you. Fei Fei, do you mind getting me a few lobsters, they’ll sure taste great barbequed.”

Ye Shuang didn’t think anything of the fact that Fang Fei was sent away by Fang Mo. She lowered her head to focus on her barbequing as she thought about the kind of certifications that would be useful to her should she wish to venture down this path.

It was when she noticed Fang Mo had stopped talking that Ye Shuang realized something was off. She raised her eyes to look at Fang Mo, and she saw the other party had been staring at her like there was something on his mind.

When he met Ye Shuang’s gaze, Fang Mo sighed. He realized if he didn’t spell it out for Ye Shuang, the latter would probably never get it. “Xiao Ye, what do you think about Fei Fei?”

“She’s not bad, pretty carefree,” Ye Shuang answered without much thought.

Pretty and carefree? Pretty, I understand, but carefree? What kind of comment is that‽ Fang Mo was rather confused. It had completely flown over his head that there wasn’t a comma between those two words. Ye Shuang meant to say that she had a carefree life because she had no financial worries. Regardless, since it was a compliment, Fang Mo couldn’t possibly shoot Ye Shuang down for it. So, he nodded along and said, “Fei Fei is indeed not bad… and you’re not so bad yourself, but you already have a girlfriend.”

Ye Shuang didn’t know what to say to that.

“Erm… What I mean is that you don’t seem like you’re interested in Fei Fei in that manner, so it would be best if you don’t lead her down that road, lest it becomes awkward for all of us involved. Do you get what I mean?” Fang Mo tried to be as tactful as he could, but even he had confused himself with the roundabout way he was talking. This was one of the hard things of being an elite, everything had to put face first, so many times, they couldn’t cut to the chase.

Ye Shuang stared at Fang Mo for half a minute before saying, “Did you not take your medicine today?”

It was Fang Mo’s turn to be speechless.

Tact doesn’t seem to work here. Fang Mo was close to pull out his hair. He calmed himself and tried again. “I mean, don’t you think you’re being too nice to Fei Fei, and that might cause a misunderstanding‽”

“What misunderstanding? We’re all friends, and she’s your little sister… F*ck! Don’t tell me… She has a crush on me‽”

Ye Shuang gasped in surprise, finally understanding what Fang Mo was getting at.