Chapter 164 - The Kissing Game

Chapter 164: The Kissing Game

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A ‘perfect’ girlfriend was enough to fill up his life, making him alternate between the department of security and his classes daily. During his only free time, he would return to his dormitory to lick his wounds and decide whether he was in the mood to update or not.

Therefore, it was understandable that with such a ‘fulfilling’ life, his interaction with the outside world was practically zero, much less the connection with other authors in Shanghai. Even though Xiao Zhu Hou did know a few other authors online and would occasionally read their novels, when Ye Shuang asked him to recommend some authors that he knew… Xiao Zhu Hou could only chuckle.

“But connecting with other writers is such an important thing.” When Ye Shuang left, she could not help but grumble inside the taxi. “They could ask each other for recommendations; he should at least have been able to think of someone when I asked. Anyway, I managed to deal with one in one afternoon, that’s not bad… By the way, have I forgotten something?”

Little Brother Ye silently suffered through his sister’s grumbling. When asked, he followed her train of thought and said, “You said you want to eat before going home, is that it?”

“…My god, how could I forget such an important thing‽” Ye Shuang felt like crying. It was because the real-life drama was too interesting. Before they parted, Xiao Zhu Hou had gotten a call from his girlfriend. The way his face turned was nothing short of magic. Thus after watching him walk away, Ye Shuang filled in the various events of how a shrew infiltrate a famed university. Then she reached out her hand to wave down a taxi; the original plan of eating after signing the contract had been pushed to the back of her mind.

Regret was one thing—reality was another. Ultimately, Ye Shuang did not ask the taxi to turn back. The traffic in Shanghai was no laughing matter. If she did turn around, by the time she reached home, she would have been ready for dinner already.

Over the next few days, Ye Shuang spent her time visiting other authors in Shanghai and paid the company some visits. Signing the authors to write a script would distract the author’s attention, which might affect regular updates of their novels. However, if the format was changed then, it might be easier acceptable. For example, adding a script genre.

The authors that Ye Shuang chatted with could be considered special invitees. They could send their scripts to be processed internally, but their writing could only be sold to Tian Mo. Other interested writers who had potential and were not discovered yet could start their own scripts in this genre, or other completed novels that the company felt had the potential to be adapted into a script could be placed in this channel to be recommended. It was half-public and half-waiting to be sold. Those interested could read on their own and contact the website to discuss the purchasing of adaptation rights. If the offered conditions were the same, then Tian Mo had the upper hand.

The channel would be purchased and managed by Tian Mo Media and the company. Tian Mo would hire one or two editors to go through the submissions, but the authors would be contracted authors from the website. Technically, both companies would be cooperating to explore new territory.

When Boss Mo did not see her with open hostility, he was a rational and bright business. He was not afraid of having too many scripts creating a mess. If anything, he was afraid that there might be too few. If they did not have the resources to shoot all of them, they would cooperate with other companies. As long as the scripts were not monopolized by Miao Yi, Boss Mo was more than willing to share this slice of the pie with others.

The negotiations between the three parties were considered quite successful. Ye Shuang hired a local lawyer to join in the negotiation. When she handed the commission to Han Chu, the latter was rather confused. When he found out what Ye Shuang had done, he did not have much to say. After all, he already had a feeling this agent he had found in San Lin City lived to move about. As long as she did not create much trouble, he decided to leave her be.

However, he still requested that Ye Shuang at least focus on her local market. He did not bar her from doing business from outside the city, but at least two cases out of every ten ought to be from her own San Lin City, right‽ A city agent who flew all over the nation to do her work, wasn’t she being a bit too free?

“When the channel begins, the website can promote it on the front page, and Tian Mo can produce some commercials to go along with it. A few ghostwriters for famed scriptwriters might be willing to take on the offer. In that case, the number of scripts won’t be a cause for concern.”

Ye Shuang pointed out the details and told the other parties, “In other words, Tian Mo and your company will cooperate in making a channel to collect web novel scripts. The editors will carefully choose the products that can be used.

“After a few features have been made, the name should be big enough to be known in the scriptwriting circle. The congregation of scriptwriters will also help the website pull in a batch of new readers. However, other than the specially invited authors, I’m not responsible for other people’s script payments. Whether they are paid through the same model or some other method, that’s your business.”

“How come it sounds like you’re telling us that Tian Mo will purposely delay and suppress the script fee‽” Boss Mo frowned when he heard the insinuation. “My company’s reputation is still not bad.”

“Boss Mo’s reputation is indeed not bad, but you won’t have the time to follow up on every filming team. The entertainment business also has its underlying rules, like 99 percent of contracts will say that they’ll pay if they’re satisfied with the script.

“This is too subjective. Therefore, for most scriptwriters, they might miss up to 30 percent from the negotiated contract.”

Ye Shuang shook her head. “We have around twenty well-known writers in the country. Other than these few people, other directors or sponsors could say ‘we’re not satisfied with the script’, and then who is the scriptwriter going to complain to? Other than that, there are issues of editing and rewriting…”

The representative from the company coughed. Everyone knew this, but it did not sound so good in his ears.

“In any case, this Lawyer Chen that I’ve hired will specialize in following up for the scriptwriters that I’ve signed.” Ye Shuang edited the last detail in the contract and passed it to all the parties. When everyone was satisfied with it, they dropped their signatures, and the contract was photocopied. Each party would have two copies. “I would love to have your cooperation during the symposium. At the time, I still want to contact a few of the authors.”

“Is the contract similar to Xiao Zhu Hou’s?” The representative nodded. “That shouldn’t be a problem. As long as the authors are willing and it won’t affect their normal update.”

“That’s not my issue anymore. You can urge the editors to rush them harder.” Ye Shuang laughed. After discussing the business, it was time for private issues. Ye Shuang closed the laptop and asked for the waiter to serve the food.

As Boss Mo took a sip of the tea, he said, “Xiao Ye, while you’re welcome to come to my place to play, can you stop playing the kissing game with my grandson? Nowadays, children know more than we do. He follows his grandmother every day as she watches those love dramas. You’re causing him trauma before his first love; do you know that‽ His parents are both overseas, and I cannot watch as the child suffers from love wounds right under my eyes.”

Ye Shuang choked on the tea and said with embarrassment, “It’s only because he’s too cute…”

If she did not kiss him daily, how was she going to maintain her female form‽ The negotiation took up almost half a month; it was not easy for Ye Shuang either. Little Brother Ye had flown back to San Lin City two weeks ago. After all, it was not yet university holiday. If he had stayed any longer than one week, he would have failed the whole semester.

Ye Shuang saw that Boss Mo still want to say something, so she quickly changed the subject. “By the way, have you found someone to adapt Oligarchy of Nobility? Celebrity Luo’s contract is ending soon, and he quite likes Xiao Zhu Hou’s writing. If you go and talk to him with this script, he might consider continuing the contract.”

“You’re planning to give this to Luo Mingxin?” Boss Mo frowned and huffed. “No wonder you’re rushing me to finish the editing before the end of the month. Why should I pull my face down to beg him‽”

“Well, you did bully him first.” Ye Shuang now had Madam Mo behind her back, so she could say whatever she wanted. “Xiao Zhu Hou’s script and Director Zhou’s support… As long as you’re willing to give face, Celebrity Luo will do the same.”

Boss Mo did not have the impetuousness of youth, and he understood how Luo Mingxin’s departure would harm his company. To save this talent, compromising a little on the contract could be considered. Furthermore, this was just giving face.

The main source of conflict was that Tian Mo could not produce a script that interested Luo Mingxin. Now that the conflict had been resolved, Boss Mo was willing to put the conflict behind him. Keeping the man around so that they could have a win-win situation was better than fighting to the bitter end.

“I’ll have people talk to him tomorrow. Actually, I’ll go personally. I’ll call Ol’ Zhou along for this lunch.” Boss Mo was silent for a while before adding, “Xiao Ye, you coming‽”

“Thanks, but I’m not going to mix in your household business.” Ye Shuang smiled and shrugged. “I’ve been away for half a month already. After finishing this, I’ll return to San Lin City for Christmas. I’ve already promised my friends.”

“Okay, then I won’t force you to stay. When you come back to Shanghai, return to visit your Uncle Mo.” Boss Mo nodded before adding in a serious countenance, “But stop kidnapping my grandson to play the kissing game. He’s only three, you know.”

I’m really not a pedophile…