Chapter 468 - Red Alert

Chapter 468: Red Alert

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Ye Shuang hurried back as fast as she could. She jumped over Anthony who was fighting with the computer and grabbed Cedrick, who rushed back when he got the news. “Who’s the culprit?”

“That is yet to be known. Anthony is still working on the…” Cedrick was equally worried and dallied out of habit.

“I know all that. No one is asking for a specific person.” Ye Shuang waved her hands impatiently. “I mean, do you suspect anyone in your heart? It’s fine if there is no evidence. After all, we are illegal organization anyway.”

Cedrick was stunned by this statement that sounded more like that given by a terrorist, then he smiled bitterly. “If I say it’s Jennifer, would you think I’m purposely pinning this on her?”

Jennifer? Ye Shuang lowered her head to think about it. “Your analysis is not wrong. The history and the current relationship between you two does point toward her with the highest possibility.”

Even if Jennifer was not the final boss, she was involved in it somehow. She had to be tied to this. Therefore, the next question came. “Where is Jennifer now?”

“That, you have to ask Mr. Anthony.” Cedrick sighed. He pointed at Anthony next to him. “If I had that information, do you think I’d be here being questioned by you?”

Getting the inquisitive gaze from Ye Shuang, Anthony who was still fighting lifted his head to shrug. “Jennifer is very hard to find. I’ve already hacked into the government’s system, but…”

“Cough!” Father Han had to cough to state his official stance. These kids are getting worse by the day. Am I not standing right here?

But it had to be said that Anthony’s reaction was more pleasing than Han Chu’s. Knowing that he had offended him, Anthony quite smiled and cutely scrunched up his face. “Uncle Han, please don’t be made. It’s because of the emergency that I cheated a bit. Please forgive me this time.”

Father Han choked. “…”

Ye Shuang was speechless for a while. “Who taught you to do something like that?”

“It was Su Zheng.” Anthony scratched his head confusedly. “She said I have a natural aesthetic advantage, and most problems can be solved by acting cute. Is she wrong?”

Su Zheng, who had just walked into the kitchen to find something to eat, quickly retreated. She acted like she did not overhear this conversation where she had taught the foreigner something bad. Ye Shuang turned her face around to look at Anthony’s innocent and cute face silently. “She’s not wrong.”

“Back to the previous problem.” Father Han did not know what to say. Anthony did not notice what was wrong and continued with the earlier topic.

“The official records are detailed, but it’s hard to find the information I need because it’s too detailed. So, I need help, but you know I have no help, so I hacked into Uncle Han’s… Uncle Han, you don’t look so well.” Anthony scrunched up his face again.

“…” Father Han’s lips twitched. He made a choice between saving his son and allowing the criminal to destroy his own country’s honor. In the end, he chose to see no evil and hear no evil. He stood up. “I have to go and report this back to my superior. Discuss this among yourselves.”

Now that the man had left, Su Zheng left her room with a shamed face. The illegal discussion in the room heated up.

“Get Brother Xiao San to help you. Hasn’t he moved to San Lin City? He should know about things that happened here.” Su Zheng provided an idea.

Cedrick did not hold back. “Jennifer temporarily doesn’t dare harm my mother. She will figure out the way to keep her alive. There are certain drugs that come in through certain channels only. My people should be able to follow that line of investigation.”

Anthony moved fast, and his fingers flew over the keyboard. “Wait, I have to hack into another satellite.”

“…Do whatever you want, just do it quick!” Ye Shuang ordered.

An hour later, Father Han felt like he had given enough time for the people inside the room. If he returned now, he probably would not hear anything too exciting. Once he opened the door, he saw Ye Shuang was all ready to go out.

“Something has been found?” Father Han refused to ask how they got the clue. He acted dumb and focused on the result. “Tell me what is happening now.”

“You’d better ask Anthony about that; I’ll go take a look first.” Ye Shuang was eager to confirm the credibility of the information. If Han Chu was really where they said he was, then she had to consider how to save him.

“I don’t think you understand what I mean.” Father Han stopped her and frowned. “I mean tell me the information and then leave the rest to us. We’ll handle the rest.”

“Excuse me?” Anthony was stunned. He looked at Father Han with confusion. “Uncle Han, you want us to ignore the safety of our friend and leave him be?”

“He is my son; I won’t leave him stranded,” Father Han said. “You should understand that the government’s power is greater than a small group of ruffians. Now is not the time for you to act on your temper.”

“It is not our intention to get things out of control.” Ye Shuang sighed. She tried to communicate to Father Han her thought process. “It’s just that we have a good relationship with Brother Han, and in this kind of situation, having us wait for a result without doing anything will make us giddy and anxious. It’s not that we don’t trust you—I just want to look around the place to check how Brother Han is coping. With Tony there, we are not afraid of being discovered by the surveillance and security system.”

Human security was even less of a threat. Even if there was one capable of toppling Ye Shuang, she believed that no one possessed greater and sharper senses than she did. As long as she was not discovered, everything would naturally be fine. Of course, if they located a chance to save the hostage after the observation, they would consider slipping the man out. Of course, this was not something that they would tell Father Han…

Father Han looked at the stubborn Ye Shuang and then at the golden-haired Tony who did not look like he could be persuaded and then glanced at Su Zheng who looked like she was being obedient, but it was clear that she would slip out whenever he let his guard down. “…Looks like the three of you have already decided?”

While Ye Shuang silently met his gaze, Su Zheng struggled to suppress an awkward chuckle.

Anthony puckered his lips and reached out for a hug.

Father Han’s anger exploded. Suddenly, he turned his head out the door. “Red alert, get in here and capture all of them!”

Then, he did not stop moving. He grabbed Ye Shuang smoothly and captured her. Ye Shuang did not think that their ally would so something like this. With a confused look, she was pressed against the table and then felt something cold curled around her wrists.

At the same time, Father Han’s people who had been waiting outside rushed in and sealed the whole room.