Chapter 362 - New Job Opportunity

Chapter 362: New Job Opportunity

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So where was Luo Mingxin going to find a computer technician? Be it from technical expertise or from the relations to the case, the only candidate that he could think of was Ye Shuang’s recommendation, Anthony.

“Why should I fix a computer that doesn’t possess the information that we need?” Since Anthony already had the chip, he was less than interested in committing to the maintenance. He puffed up his cheeks and lamely accepted the power source. The expression on his face was one of boredom. “The inability to start the computer is mostly due to hardware. For a setup of this standard, it’ll be easier to just buy a new one… Oh, there is no operating system. Then, it’s probably an issue with the motherboard or internal drive.”

With the power source removed, he used a screwdriver to easily remove the casing. Even though he looked distracted, Anthony’s actions were professional and expedient. At least, from the surface, it was enough to trick other people. Of course, Anthony’s other hand was used to hold the phone. The person that he was talking to earlier was Ye Shuang, who had been specifically mentioned by the director. “Seriously, why am I called here? A job like this can be done by anyone from the computer shop.”

“I also thought that’s weird.” Ye Shuang’s voice came from the other end. “We’ve already obtained the chip, and you’ve checked the computer. Based on that, I don’t think there is anything worth searching at the film set anymore. There is really no reason to purposely ruin the computer… Unless there is something that we’ve missed.”

“Impossible.” Anthony had great confidence in himself. “Even if there’s something we’ve missed, I don’t think that it’ll be anything important.” At most, it would be some repeated data or some useless information.

Even though Anthony chatted while fixing the computer, it did not take the man long to fix the computer that was placed at the set. He made it look as simple as playing with building blocks. Ever since the incident with the prop manager, the director had understandably been worried about foreigners. He purposely came over to take a look during lunch break. The result was expected. The director was not only impressed by Anthony’s skill—he did not get mad, which was rare. In fact, his tone softened aplenty. Out of admiration, he even wanted to introduce Anthony to a friend in the electronics business that he knew!

Yes, that’s right! To introduce a job for an internationally well-known hacker! Our director is that impressive!

Anthony nodded speechlessly, not knowing how to respond. Anthony, who had always been friendly with adults, entertained the director for a while. The obedient expression on his face had not changed. With a smile, he asked about the leave, the insurance, working visa, and so on… The face was filled with sincerity like he was really considering the job offer.

After lunch break was over, the crew started work again. Anthony waved goodbye to the director whom he had become close with. He whistled and happily left the set to go to get his bicycle. It was that difficult to get a foreign driver’s license, especially for someone with blond hair and blue eyes like Anthony. He could not follow Cedrick’s suit and try his luck by getting behind the wheel.

The film set was built at a movie base about ten kilometers away from Feng Yuan City. Even though it was not at the city center, it was quite a noisy place. This was because the base was huge, and not only Luo Mingxin’s crew was working. There were other film crews nearby as well.

There were other celebrities, other staff that maintained the set, small artists that were there hoping to catch their big breaks, fans who went to visit their idols, and reporters who went for the scoop.

Anthony rode on his bicycle for about twenty minutes before the road became quieter. There were no cars on the road, much less pedestrians.

Rock music with a heavy beat came out of the big headphones. When Anthony was caught in the music, the corner of his eyes glanced at the mirror on the handle. Behind him, a man poked his body out from the car roof, and the barrel of the gun that he was holding aimed directly at Anthony.

The whistling skipped a tune. Anthony gripped the brake handle, and at the same time, he leaned his upper body down until his chest was almost touching the handles as he turned the bicycle around. As the bicycle turned, perhaps it was his mind playing tricks or maybe he just escaped death, but Anthony felt a cold caress by his cheek like something just moved past him with an extremely fast speed.

After the miss, the people behind him realized that Anthony had already noticed that they were there, so the shooter dropped the gun that he had used earlier. With a shake of the finger, another gun appeared in his arm.

Sh*t! Anthony could not believe what he was seeing. These people have mass-produced the plastic guns!

Without the time to think, based on the current situation, be it speed or firepower, he was not their match. Thankfully, Anthony’s brain moved fast at that crucial moment. He grabbed the backpack, hugged it in front of his chest, and jumped away from the bicycle. After he rolled off the ground, he abandoned the bicycle and ran into the small forest that was next to the countryside road.

Thank God, there’s a forest here! Anthony was overjoyed.

What the f*ck, why is there a forest here‽ The two men following him were angered.

“Get him!” The two quickly recovered from their shock. There were too many trees in the forest, and a bullet would not weave through them, so that advantage was lost. The advantage with the car also disappeared. It probably would have been useful if they came in a bulldozer.

Using the cover provided by the trees, Anthony raced into the forest. He was very agile. With a jump here and there, he was quick to lose his followers. The two quickly got out of the car and started to chase while holding their guns. Before they got fifty meters into the chase, a shadow jumped down on them from the tree. The man at the back was knocked to the ground. Before he realized what was happening, a punch landed on his temple, and it knocked him unconscious.

As the man in front turned around, Anthony held his weight by pushing his hands against the ground. Using his hands to pivot, he swung his leg at the other man. The man crossed his arms to block this incoming kick. He staggered back two steps to neutralize the force and to introduce some distance between them. Then, with a grimace, he waved his hands before going into a defensive stance.

Anthony was still smiling. He half-knelt with his hand on the ground and was the first to complain in an innocent voice. “Wow, so you people would stoop to ambushing people?”

Standing up from the ground, Anthony continued in a cheery voice. “No wonder both honey and I thought that something is not right. In other words, you purposely ruined the computer to see who might come to check on the situation.”