Chapter 137 - Why Would I Want to Hug You?

Chapter 137: Why Would I Want to Hug You?

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Mo Xiao Xia already knew that Ye Shuang did not come from a famous family. After all, her new agent was Ye Shuang’s cousin. Even though Luo Ce would not reveal too many things to her, basic information could not be hidden for that long.

However, Mo Xiao Xia did not feel disappointed or lied to. She liked Ye Shuang due to her personality and because she had saved her and was kind to her. Furthermore, she had introduced her to other people at the ball and helped her resolve the misunderstanding with Luo Mingxin.

Through their interaction, Mo Xiao Xia was slowly attracted by the radiance exuded by Ye Shuang. Naturally, there was a closeness that formed, and she had subconsciously felt this kind of impressive individual should come from a traditional family, but even when she found out that she was wrong, she was just surprised, like… Wow! So I’m wrong…

But it would not affect the affection that she felt toward Ye Shuang.

Just as Ye Shuang had told Luo Mingxin, one needed qualification to enter a circle, but one needed more than that to gain acceptance. When one was really accepted by this circle, it was no longer as important how one first gained entry.

This was similar to how a company required certain certifications from their employees. One day, someone without the necessary certifications somehow slipped through the system. As the days went by, everyone was slowly impressed by his skill and technique. Based on his success, he slowly climbed through the ranks. At the time, people might be compelled by curiosity to check his resume. F*ck! He’s just a high school graduate!

The shock would be due to surprise and their expectations being so far from the truth. Nevertheless, this would not affect people’s impression of him, nor would they question how he entered the company. At most it would become a topic for water-cooler talk, but it would not shake the status and success that he had already built.

After finding all the participants, Ye Shuang treated Yao Zhixing to a dinner before going home. Little Brother Ye was given the orders to observe the situation next door, but Anthony did not return home that night. It was unclear whether it was due to official business or private business. It did not matter. Ye Shuang waited for the next day to arrive.

“Sister Ye—”

Ye Shuang arrived at the Mo Xiao Xia’s photoshoot with Little Brother Ye, who insisted on tagging along. Mo Xiao Xia, who was resting, saw Ye Shuang and flew toward her with her eyes lighting up… and rammed into Little Brother Ye. This young man had a weak lower body and thus careened to the floor. The two youngsters tangled into one another and rolled until their bodies were stuck with grass. Ye Shuang was feeling awkward because she did not move fast enough to save them—she was too stunned by what happened.

“Who are you‽” Little Brother Ye grumbled with dissatisfaction. F*ck me! Why couldn’t you just do a normal photoshoot? Why are there so many wires and lines‽ The floor is covered with a layer of fallen leaves, so the lines couldn’t be seen. Even so, do you need to trip on them and ram into me? F*ck, maybe I shouldn’t have left home today!

Mo Xiao Xia was also angry as she climbed up from the floor. She glared at Little Brother Ye. “Why were you blocking my way? I wanted to hug Sister Ye, not you!”

Ye Shuang quickly rushed over to help the girl up with a warm smile and helped pat the grass stuck to her body away. “You need to be careful when you’re outside. After all, the place is such a mess. By the way, this is my biological little brother, Ye Feng.”

As she said so, she reached out another hand to pull on the back of Little Brother Ye’s shirt collar. The slender arm without muscle lifted the young man up easily like she was picking up a kitten.

Mo Xiao Xia’s eyes glowed when she saw this scene. “Wow!”

Then she turned to give Little Brother Ye a side-eye. “Since you’re Sister Ye’s brother, I’ll forgive you.”

Her eyes were filled with condescension like she was feeling ashamed on Ye Shuang’s behalf.

Patience! Little Brother Ye told himself.

Luo Ce had also arrived then. She had not seen him for a month, but many things had changed. After signing Mo Xiao Xia, Luo Ce had managed to round up a whole team to serve his artist immediately, including a make-up artist, personal assistant, and security.

“Miss Mo, you’ll need to change your outfit and redo your hair and make-up… Xiao Shuang and Xiao Feng are also here? Wait a minute, I’ll come talk to you when I’m done.” Luo Ce pointed at a stylist to get her to help Mo Xiao Xia clean up her image. Ye Shuang waited at the side. When Mo Xiao Xia was placed in the chair and the assistant came to help her with the make-up, Luo Ce finally had the time to talk to them.

“Things are going well for Brother Luo,” Ye Shuang said with a smile.

Luo Ce shook his head with an embarrassed smile. “It’s because of Tian Mo Media’s boss or else I wouldn’t have been able to build a team so fast. However, Xiao Xia herself has a good foundation, and this photoshoot came from the magazine itself. Of course, it is related to Boss Mo, but Xiao Xia’s contribution cannot be underestimated.”

Ye Shuang smiled and did not comment. Yes, the model herself was important, but with good make-up, any model would do. At the end of the day, the important thing was the background. The magazine knew Boss Mo would not let his niece continue to be unknown, so they reached out to her when it was still early.

Even though she was temporarily unknown, Mo Xiao Xia’s background was strong enough. Therefore, the photoshoot ended successfully without any conflict in the crew, without the photographer trying to make things difficult. It was a tacit agreement to make Mo Xiao Xia the center; they respected her feelings. It was as if the girl who had just entered the scene was no different from a veteran star.

Therefore, when Mo Xiao Xia removed her make-up and bounced toward Ye Shuang in her casual outfit, Ye Shuang could not help but pat her on her head. “Xiao Xia will definitely be famous.”

“Really‽” Mo Xiao Xia’s almond eyes widened with surprise. Then she seemed to come to some conclusion, and her eyes smiled. “Sister Ye also thinks I have the potential, right?”

“Yes, huge potential.”

Connections were not that different from potential. Some people were born with more resources than others, and some were luckier than others. Regardless of envy or slander, the final result would be revealed before all.

When you have found your footing, the initial force that pushed you forward will stop being so important.

Ye Shuang did not feel envious. If other people had the resources, she was going to share them. Since Mo Xiao Xia was destined to have a smooth journey in the business, why would Ye Shuang harm herself by isolating her? She should make use of this opportunity to serve herself… like benefiting her cousin. This kind of symbiotic relationship was the best outcome.

Even though she had used the excuse of making an introduction to the crush, real life was different from acting. Everyone wanted face, so they would not sit down across from each other and then make the introduction.

They booked a private room and ordered food for people to enjoy themselves and chat. On the surface, the purpose of the meeting was for Ye Shuang’s ‘friend’ to see Mr. Fang’s real personality, but in reality, it was Ye Shuang’s chance to test Yuan Ruan.

When the dinner was over, she would have found out what she needed to know. Everyone would pretend that nothing had happened and leave. That way, it would not be awkward when they ran into each other in the future.

Other than the two main characters, Luo Ce also decided to tag along. Yao Zhixing, who wanted to follow up on the issue, also came. While Mr. Fang and the Yuan siblings had not arrived, Ye Shuang gave Mo Xiao Xia a few pointers and told her to act as normal as she could so that they would not be exposed.

Not long after that, there was a knock from outside the door. Ye Shuang answered, and the door was opened from the outside. Yuan Ruan walked in followed by Mr. Fang. She removed her jacket and said, “There’re so many people? I’m so sorry, the traffic was heavy, so we’re late.”

“It’s alright, better late than…” Ye Shuang stood up to welcome the guests. However, she stopped when she just took the first step. She could not finish the rest of the sentence.

There was a familiar golden halo of hair standing behind the two. When he realized Ye Shuang had discovered him, he raised his hand to wave at her. “Hi, nice to see you, Xiao Shuang.”

“…” Ye Shuang’s gaze studied Anthony. The man was wearing a suit that day, and even though his baby face still made him seem young, the man’s large body did add to a more mature allure.

The big headphones were nowhere to be seen, probably because they did not fit the overall fashion statement, but there was a Bluetooth earphone stuck in his left ear. He walked in naturally after he gave his greeting, not seeming to mind others thinking that he was being rude. He acted cute and said, “I hear there’s a free meal tonight, so do you mind feeding me as well?”

Ye Shuang produced a fake smile. She greeted the rest before pulling Anthony out. “I do have something to talk to you about.”

Then, she yanked the man out. Before she left, she turned to give Mo Xiao Xia a look, telling her to carry on with their set plan.

Mo Xiao Xia nodded with confidence. Ye Shuang pulled Anthony out of the room and closed the door. They entered the small room that was empty next door.

“Is this a private date‽” Anthony said with a smile, not at all surprised or worried.

“I have no time to waste with you, so I’ll ask you directly.” Ye Shuang scratched her head. She frowned and then asked, “What is your relationship to Yuan Ruan?”

“Yuan Ruan‽” Anthony pulled over a chair to sit down. His arm leaned against the back of the chair and he placed his chin over it. His expression of confusion looked authentic. “Who is that?”