Chapter 267 - Doe-eyed Accomplice

Chapter 267: Doe-eyed Accomplice

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After a few days, Lin Yu’s investigation also came to an end. Xia Cheng’s resume was so clean and so perfect that it did not seem like it was the normal life of a person. Then, with Ye Shuang tactically exposing Xia Cheng’s real identity when they were negotiating with Lin Yu, Ye Shuang also cleverly revealed the information regarding the money-laundering organization.

As they expected, Lin Yu promised that he would take care of the traitor himself. How dare he come after Lin family’s company? His person’s fingers had to be chopped off. However, since Mo Xiao Xia had been pulled into their camp, they managed to get Lin Yu to calm down quickly. Before he could explode, he was quickly suppressed.

“You don’t believe in Sister Shuang’s ability?”

“Sister Shuang has given you so much information, but you plan to abandon her?”

“How can you be so evil!”

The consecutive attacks easily conquered Lin Yu. He also wrote a cheque and agreed to use Ye Shuang’s service to help his company investigate and resolve the problem. At the same time, he patted his chest, saying that he would talk to Lin Chen on his own.

After getting the cheque, Ye Shuang lived up to her promise of taking the girls to a theme park. Seeing Mo Xiao Xia happily licking the ice-cream, Ye Shuang could not help but sigh. “Xiao Xia is really the best weapon.”

Mo Xiao Xia squinted and then smiled proudly. “If Sister Shuang had told me sooner, I would have helped you to teach him a lesson already. Humph! He wants to use our information for free‽ Impossible!”

She thought that she was already part of Ye Shuang’s team.

Ye Shuang and Su Zheng shared a look and did not say anything. After all, it was not a secret that Ye Shuang was a headhunting agent, but her current job scope was much more specialized compared to before. As for the things that Mo Xiao Xia should not know, she still didn’t know, like Su Zheng’s special skills and Ye Shuang’s acting ability.

Sometimes, there had to be secrets between friends. In a field that others could not understand, saying too much would lead to distance between them, so why waste energy?

After finishing the ice-cream, Mo Xiao Xia said that she wanted to take the roller coaster. Ye Shuang and Su Zheng looked after her bags, but in reality, they wanted to find a chance to talk between themselves.

“In total, there are 4,000,000 HK dollars. Lin Yu’s request is to defeat Xia Cheng; Qin Chu’s request is to investigate the forces behind Xia Cheng. Of course, our own target is to chase that organization out of China. Theoretically, we do not need to pull other people into this case anymore, and if there is a need, it’ll only be temporary.” Ye Shuang calculated the income with Su Zheng. “If our daily expenses add up to 10,000, the purchase of high-end equipment might be 400,000, then the hiring of temporary talent will be 500,000. That all adds up to 1,000,000, and the remaining 3,000,000 will be pure profit.”

Su Zheng calculated even faster. “I think we should be more conservative. Let’s add 500,000 as emergency fund, so 2,500,000 will be the pure profit.”

“Hmm, so three of us will share 2,500,000.” Ye Shuang sighed. “Based on the current currency exchange rate, both you and O’ k will be able to get 200,000 RMB. Next time, we should only accept RMB; 4,000,000 suddenly dwindling to 3,200,000 sure is too much.”

“Brother Zhang often takes money in USD; he said it’s because we’re international, but the main purpose is so that we can get more money.” Su Zheng pushed out her tongue. A normal person was more sensitive toward numbers than the unit. So, for currency that had a higher exchange rate into RMB, in reality, Ye Shuang would be able to gain more benefits. For example, with this case, if they changed 2,000,000 HK dollar to 500,000 USD, then both cases would have doubled in terms of payment. Both Qin Chu and Lin Yu were Xiang Jiang citizens, so it was not strange for them to pay in terms of HK dollars. That was their habit.

Ye Shuang remembered this pain. She realized that if she had added a sentence during the negotiation… “Oh, by the way, we only deal in RMB.” Then, perhaps she might have an additional income of 800,000.

Thinking of that possibility, Ye Shuang suddenly felt her heart break.

Mo Xiao Xia screamed while she was on the roller coaster. When she got off, there was a glow in her eyes like she wanted to go on it again. Before she could share her happiness with her friends, she noticed the disappointment on Ye Shuang’s face. She asked with concern, “Sister Shuang, what’s wrong?”

“Hmm, lost some money.” Su Zheng tapped her bottom lip in explanation.

Mo Xiao Xia gasped. “How much money have you lost? We have to be careful of pickpockets at theme parks, but thankfully, it’s only money. Sister Shuang, your documents are safe, right?”

She had lost almost 1,000,000 HK Dollars…

Forcing a smile, Ye Shuang said, “Never mind, what should we do next?”

“I know!” Mo Xiao Xia tossed the trouble away and listed the attractions excitedly. “I want to ride the Viking skip, I want to see the dolphins…”

“Lunch first!” Su Zheng could not bear it anymore and dragged them to the food trucks.

Time flew while the three girls were playing at theme park. After finishing the negotiation, Ye Shuang had no need to retain her female form. She switched to become Brother Shuang to finish the rest of the film shooting and, when she was free, spend time with Rong Su.

Xia Cheng did not enjoy himself during that period of time. Based on his rise to stardom in Tian Wang Media over the past few years, Xia Cheng could be considered one of the new rising stars in the business.

However, after Lin Yu was reminded by Ye Shuang to investigate Xia Cheng and grew suspicious regarding Xia Cheng’s identity, Lin Yu did not value Xia Cheng as much as before. Lin Yu personally did not have much subtlety. If this was Lin Chen or Qin Chu, at least they would have been able to act like nothing had happened. But once Lin Yu had a problem with someone, it was impossible for people around him not to know it. Therefore, things started to change at the company.

No matter where one was working, there were too many people who wanted to get into their boss’ good books. Once Lin Yu’s attitude toward Xia Cheng became clear, the consequence was that Xia Cheng’s status at Tian Wang Media shook.

We do not know why the young master is so annoyed at you, but we only need to know that he has such resentment toward you.

Therefore, Xia Cheng slipped down from his status to the lowest level, where he was standing on thin ice. Even though the position had not changed, things were not as smooth as they had once been.

Thankfully, Lin Yu did not have much subtlety. So, even though there was such a drastic change, Xia Cheng did not believe that the man had noticed anything. At most, he thought that he had accidentally ruffled the feathers of a mad person.

“Brother Shuang, why would you suddenly decide to go to see a play today?” Rong Su finished her last few shots, and her face was red as she held the tickets that Brother Shuang had given her. Over the past few days, combined with the earlier incident where he saved her life, Brother Shuang was the most important existence in Rong Su’s heart, even closer than her biological brother.

Ye Shuang finished the shot earlier than Rong Su, so she had time to take shower and change her clothes. The semi-long hair fell on her face, and there was steam surrounding her. The two top buttons of her shirt were left open, and he appeared softer than usual.

Tussling Rong Su’s hair, Ye Shuang smiled. “The play’s acting is more exaggerated than a normal movie. Even though it’s not much help for practicing expressions, it’s rich in body language, and it’s also useful to aid in training lines. The most important thing is… we’re almost done with the shoot, so we need to find a time to relax. Do you not want to go?”

“Of course, I want to go!” Rong Su ignored the dark face of her cousin and nodded rapidly, afraid that Ye Shuang might change her mind. She even held the ticket closer to her heart, as if afraid that someone might steal it from her. “Then, Brother Ye, do you mind waiting for five minutes? I’ll be ready in a bit!”

“You need to remove the make-up, the wig, and change your clothes. It’s still early, and five minutes might not be enough time. Take your time, you can even take a shower if you want.” Ye Shuang was considerate. She shook the phone and told the girl, “You’ve worn the wig for such a long time already—it’s going to be so uncomfortable if you don’t wash your hair. After all, I can read a novel while I wait for you…”

After Rong Su raced into the dressing room happily, Qian Qianxiang, who had been busy grinding his teeth, finally said, “Hey! What are you doing? Pursuing my sister‽”

Ye Shuang found a chair to sit down by the door, and then she raised her head to look at Qian Qianxiang. “Don’t worry, I only treat her as my little sister.”

“We’re both guys; there’s no need to lie. Don’t go around enchanting girls. If you really cross the line one day, know that it’s not a good idea to make an enemy of my family.” Qian Qianxiang smirked coldly as he used his leg to hook over a chair and sit down. He laid his arm on the armrest and turned his eyes toward Ye Shuang. “There has to be a reason to every incident in this world. Why don’t you just tell me your bottom line? Otherwise, it might be hard for all of us.”

Due to his family business, Qian Qianxiang was a good people reader. Even though not everyone was good with people, at least they were not idiots. Ye Shuang did not hide her intention, and it was understandable that Qian Qianxiang could see that she was purposely getting close to Rong Su.

But what was the purpose of her doing that? Qian Qianxiang initially thought the man was trying to ingratiate himself to his family, but he soon denied that speculation—If he wanted to do that, he would not have focused solely on Rong Su. Rong Su’s status was not that big at the family, and other than that, there was a simple reason. For the sake of endearing yourself to one person, you had offended all the rest, where was the logic in that?

Ye Shuang gave Qian Qianxiang a side eye. She exited the app that she used to read web novels and then tossed the phone to the man. “I’ll let him explain it to you.”

Qian Qianxiang accepted the phone, and he almost cursed when he saw the caller ID. “Han Chu‽”