Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Stop This Lovey-Dovey Action!

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It didn’t cross Ye Shuang’s mind at all that girls would be interested in her. After all, she saw herself as a woman. She had been a straight girl for the past twenty years, so obviously, she was not privy to the signs other girls had been tossing her away!

However, since Fang Mo had already confirmed it, Ye Shuang had no choice but to focus on dealing with this troublesome issue. “This… Erm, I’m sorry, but I really don’t feel the same way about her.”

Ye Shuang found herself trapped in an awkward situation. She was really afraid that Fang Mo would think she was toying with his little sister’s feelings, so she hurriedly explained herself. “I’ve only met your sister several times. The first time she almost fell from a broken heel, and I was just standing beside her, so I couldn’t just let her fall, could I?

“Then, it was the advertisement. You have to believe me—the whole film crew can be my witness—I had no extra interactions with Miss Fang outside of those required by the director.

“After the shooting was over, we came out to dinner, but that was because I had something to ask you. Since she is your sister, I couldn’t ignore her throughout the dinner, could I? The most I did was serve her a butter prawn. F*ck! If I knew it would cause such a huge misunderstanding, I would have been more aloof around her!”

Ye Shuang listed out all the interaction she had ever had with Fang Fei when she was in her male form in detail. She went through all of them and couldn’t find an instance where she was out of line.

To be fair, not only was Ye Shuang stumped, even Fang Mo felt the same way.

What Ye Shuang had said was not wrong; the heel of his sister’s shoe did break, so how could he blame his friend for lending a hand?

Serving others during dinner could not have been more common. Even though this was not a formal restaurant, it was him who paid the bill, so technically speaking, he was the host; it was only good manners for the guests to serve the host or, in this case, the host’s family. So, at the end of the day, the only thing he could blame was his friend’s face and his own sister’s fragile constitution, so… what? He was going to have Ye Shuang apologize for being too handsome‽

After he thought about it, Fang Mo was bewildered. He had nothing to criticize Ye Shuang about; it was his own little sister who had fallen for his friend, so what did that have to do with Ye Shuang?

Therefore, he could only sigh and say, “So be it, this naturally is not your fault; it’s Fei Fei who insists on knocking her head on the wall. I am just informing you of this because a little girl like her can have too little resistance. Since you already know the truth, I hope you’ll be more careful in the future lest you create more misunderstandings.”

After that, Ye Shuang, who had grown wiser, no longer helped Miss Fang with the food or drinks; she focused her attention entirely on Fang Mo. She didn’t even dare to move her gaze in Miss Fang’s direction. What if their eyes met and Miss Fang thought she was seducing her‽

After finishing the cautious dinner, Ye Shuang felt more tired than she was when the advertisement shooting concluded. The dinner had taken a great toll on her mental health. Fending off a romantic interest was nothing fun, and it was even worse when it came from a member of a same sex. Ye Shuang definitely didn’t bend that way!

“Later, I’ll talk to my friend about what we discussed today. However, he’ll need to read over your information first before he can confirm your value.” Fang Mo didn’t even dare to bring up the possibility of sending Ye Shuang home. The difference between the earlier and later part of the dinner cast a gloom over Miss Fang. Fang Mo didn’t want to put the two of them in the same space any longer lest his little sister did something stupid.

Fang Mo made sure the topic stayed on Ye Shuang’s career prospects to prevent the possibility of a misunderstanding. “If you plan on taking this path, I advise you spend some time thinking about the types of certifications that you can apply for. My personal recommendations are a driver’s license and language certificates. These are not professional skills but basic skills.”

If a client needed to go out, Ye Shuang could not have the boss drive him , right‽ Furthermore, if the boss wished to go overseas, would it be appropriate for the boss to hire another translator just to communicate‽

Fang Mo’s advice was relevant. In fact, not only Ye Shuang, but nowadays, many office workers required these two skills to survive in the modern job market. After all, a company of a certain size would require their employees to at least have these two basic skills.

Ye Shuang did not think this would be an issue. Driving was nothing more than memory and hand-eye coordination, and learning a language would be even easier. Did she need to worry with her photographic memory‽

“Okay then, I’ll take the language and driving tests first.” Ye Shuang nodded as she waved goodbye at Fang Mo. “Thank you for your help today, Brother Fang. If you receive any updates, please contact me. You have my contact number, right? If I’m not around, just talk to my girlfriend.”

At this point, Ye Shuang was reminded of a bothersome conundrum: no matter the test, she would have to take it twice… one for her male identity, another for female identity… Jesus Christ! Just my luck!

Fang Mo glanced at his little sister beside him. Fang Fei was playing on her phone with her head lowered. Even though there wasn’t anything noticeably wrong with her, she must have heard what Ye Shuang said earlier.

Then again, this might not be such a bad thing. It’ll help her understand where the line stands… Fang Mo turned back around and nodded slightly at Ye Shuang. Before they parted, he said with some difficulty, “Must you share the same phone with your girlfriend‽”

Do you know how many misunderstandings you could save if you just stopped with this lovey-dovey action‽

“One phone is enough; another would be a waste,” Ye Shuang replied with a shrug and a smile. In the future, she planned to use that number as her working address, so why should she come up with so many extra numbers? Furthermore, her two identities would not overlap anyway, so having two numbers was just a waste of money.

She did not need to explain herself to those strangers who asked about this, and to her friends… if they really noticed that something was off about her and approached her about it, Ye Shuang was not that hard-pressed to keep her two identities a secret.

A secret could not be kept for life, so her close friends would one day feel like something was wrong because they would never see two Ye Shuangs in the same room. They would have their suspicions.