Chapter 469 - Good Employees

Chapter 469: Good Employees

Cedrick was not on the capture list. However, even though he had personal freedom, he was in a more awkward situation than Ye Shuang’s group. By then, the effect of Han Chu being kidnapped was showing. Cedrick watched as Father Han cuffed Ye Shuang’s group with surprise but did not intervene. At the same time, he made an unfriendly front and asked with a brow raised, “You guys are not going to arrest me as well, are you?”

Father Han indeed hesitated. Arresting Cedrick was different from arresting Ye Shuang’s group—the later could be considered ally. Even if they were detained in this manner, they would not turn into enemies. As for Cedrick, the government, which Father Han represented, had no close relationship with him.

To be frank, Cedrick could only be considered a temporary ally because they had the same goal. Their relationship was so weak that it had to be taken care of, and a careless mistake might cause serious repercussions. Without Han Chu’s team acting as the buffer, a small mistake might cause the other party to be alert, much less going forward together as allies.

Ye Shuang did not wish to make her senior lose face, so she did not struggle too hard when she was captured. However, it was impossible to expect her to stay back obediently, so she made use of this chance to say, “Uncle Han, please consider this further!”

Consider what? Ye Shuang did not need to state those problems; Father Han himself would be able to figure out the various problems. Balance, influence, and whether this group who was captured would listen to his orders… he swiftly calmed down. Father Han confirmed his decision. “There’s no need for words. If something really happens to you, how will I answer to Xiao Chu and your parents? Furthermore, don’t look down on people from the government. We’re not there just for show.”

“I have no parents!” Anthony was the first to argue.

Father Han did not hold back and smack the boy on the back on his head. “I have to answer to my wife!”

Indeed, the Han family was half of Anthony’s family, so naturally, Father and Mother Han could be considered Anthony’s parents. Due to his ability to act cute and his appearance, Anthony who had no shame was more valued at the family compared to Han Chu at times. The golden retriever wiggled several times on his chair before finally piping down.

After Cedrick was escorted out by Father Han, Su Zheng immediately sat up from the bed while she was captured. With difficulty, she pushed her legs to the ground to find her balance. Finally, she jumped little by little to the sofa where Ye Shuang was…

“Oh, that’s really… weak body strong will.” Anthony figured out a way to comment on Su Zheng’s action.

“Not bad.” Su Zheng returned the compliment and looked at Ye Shuang with stars in her eyes. “Brother Shuang, Brother Shuang, you’ve already figured out how we can escape, right? I saw the signal from you earlier, so I was very clever and didn’t say anything before Uncle Han.”

Ye Shuang looked at Su Zheng speechlessly and then turned to glance at the small unit of five who stood at the door ready with their electric batons who were tasked with guarding over the trio. The unit was rather speechless. What should they say in this kind of situation?

Even if you wished to do something bad, at least make it confidential. Look how awkward it is now.

And the most awkward part was that these three were allies. They were detained not because they were part of the enemy, so if they did not do anything, there was nothing the unit could do. Or else, they would have been rewarded with a shock each and dragged into the little black room.

“Cough!” Ye Shuang coughed and turned to the five. “Isn’t it best if we both pretend to be dumb and hear nothing?”

The five looked at each other and did not say anything, but one of them had already taken out his phone. It looked like he was about to contact his superior to ask what should they do in this kind of situation, whether they should take drastic measures if the hostages were discussing how to escape right before them.

“Don’t be like that.” Anthony looked at the man with a pained expression. “We’re just chatting.”

Seeing how determined the man with the phone was, Ye Shuang shook her head. She looked around. Suddenly, her leg lurched forward and used her toe to lift up the coffee table not far away. Instantly, the wooden table was lifted up like it was a prop. It flew through the air, turning and twisting as it careened toward the five at the door.

This stunned the five. After all, with the three being tied like chicken, no one expected Ye Shuang to be able to do something like that. But their reaction was fast. Even though this was surprising, the five subconsciously ducked to avoid the attack. The phone naturally dropped from the man’s hand, and the call was stopped.

The next second, when everyone snapped out of it, they realized that Ye Shuang was already standing up. The rope on her was cut into pieces unscientifically and had fallen to the ground. Brother Shuang was pulling off the last piece of rope from her arm. When the rope hit the ground, she raised her head to smile. “I do wish to resolve this peacefully.”

Who are you lying to‽ the five yelled internally.

Father Han had just reached the hotel. He wanted to call his wife and then focus on his work. At the same time, he had to arrange people to deal with what to do with Ye Shuang’s group next. As he arranged his work, he rushed to the room. Before the elevator reached the floor, his phone rang. When he saw the call coming from the people who were supposed to watch over Ye Shuang’s group, Father Han thought that the three were up to some trouble again. But once he answered the phone, he realized that the destructiveness of the trio was far greater than he imagined.

“…So, it’s because of that. We’re now all tied up inside the room.” With the colleague’s help, the call was made. He collapsed on the ground and almost cried into the phone. “The three of them have escaped. Our communication devices and weapons were all taken. Even this phone I believe they have purposely left for us so that we will have an easier time asking for help…”

They were probably worried that something bad might happen when the five were incapacitated in the room. If the boss trusted them too much and did not contact them for days, then these people might have starved in that amount of time.

So, they left behind a well-hidden phone for the five to have a chance to seek help. But based on their previous experience, the five were trussed up like chicken and dropped on the ground. They had trouble even standing up, much less going to grab the phone.

My son is impressive. Even the people he found are so good at their job. Father Han was silent. After a long time, he finally spoke in a pained tone. His words were mixed with relief and sadness. “So, where are they now?”