Chapter 413 - You Disgust Me

Chapter 413: You Disgust Me

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Ye Shuang had yet to hang up her phone, so Han Chu could hear everything going on crystal clear.

A calm, mocking voice came from the other side of the phone. “Is Zhixing bullying you?”

Yao Zhixing and Ye Shuang both heard that.

“Are you talking to Xiao Han?” Yao Zhixing stood up straight and peeped at Ye Shuang, who was rubbing her shoulder. He let go of her hand and stretched his arm forward. “Give it to me; let me talk to him.”

Ye Shuang handed her phone over obediently as she listened to the two immature men teasing each other.

“You should really work on your body since you can’t even fight the little lady under me…”

“Come back to San Lin City to see who is weaker if you dare. I’ll take you for a spin, you motherf*cker…”

That was the gist of the conversation.

Ye Shuang leaned on the wall and waited for a while, feeling bored. When the two men were finally done teasing each other and talking business, her phone was burning up. What the hell, how are men more talkative than women?

“Xiao Han asked me to watch out for you and his mom.” Yao Zhixing also leaned on the wall while crossing his arms. “I’m waiting for aunty to come out so that I can say hi. Not that I want to rain on your parade, but nothing really happens in San Lin City, right? It’s far away from the ocean and border, and the environment isn’t suitable for cultivating any special crops. I don’t understand why any criminals would come here for nothing.”

Ye Shuang thought about it and thought that she could reveal the details to an appropriate extent. “Something happened recently. Although it didn’t happen in San Lin City, it’s nearby. We’re just worried that this city will be affected.”

Especially the bunch of people from the sect who had been forced to blend into society again after getting out of the isolated jungle. Although they did not say where they would move to, considering that it would be a long-term thing, they would not go far to settle down, putting their living conditions as well as the children’s schooling, accents, and futures into consideration. Ye Shuang speculated and realized that they might end up in San Lin City eventually.

If that was the case, it would be unavoidable for chaos to break in San Lin City, which was usually quiet.

Even without the sect moving in, how about the leader who had hidden the military arms and escaped? Han Chu had yet to find him. The person was quick to run, having disappeared in the blink of an eye. If the person was still on the loose, he might be in another county in San Lin Province, but he might also be in San Lin City.

Yao Zhixing had no idea about that, but he understood the situation as he listened to Ye Shuang. He was not interested in Han Chu’s stuff, but it made sense for him to be prepared for chaos. “Alright then. I’ll ask my guys to lookout at home and get them to notify me if anything is off.”

Mother Han finally came out with the clothes that she had bought as they were chatting.

She saw Yao Zhixing as she lifted her head. “Xiao Yao?”

Yao Zhixing stood up straight and greeted her with a smile. “Aunty.”

Mother Han did not see Yao Zhixing as often as she saw Anthony. After all, one was in the capital while another was in San Lin City. That was why they had little chance of keeping in touch. However, she was pretty close with her son’s few good friends. Yao Zhixing was the one who would pick her up when she happened to pass by San Lin City on her vacations. Therefore, they were familiar with each other.

Mother Han smiled in a friendly way at Yao Zhixing. “It’s been more than a year since I last saw you. How’s everything at home?”

Although Yao Zhixing was unruly, he was respectful toward adults that he liked. He soon took the shopping bags from Mother Han’s hands while gesturing for the two ladies to walk. “It’s great at home. We’re investing more in the market outside the province. We might test the water in the capital in the next few years. Xiao Han called me earlier. I have a restaurant in this shopping mall, so I can host you there.”

As they chatted about the little things that happened at their homes, the three of them arrived at the shopping mall’s top floor. He had promised to take care of Mother Han during her trip.

Mother Han looked at Ye Shuang while being touched by the boy’s grand gesture. She was a little sad to let the opportunity slip. “Then, Xiao Shuang…”

Ye Shuang immediately interrupted her. “Brother Han said that Brother Yao is more familiar with the city. He said he’ll feel better if Brother Yao takes care of you.”

That stupid kid! Mother Han cursed her own son secretly while clenching her teeth. All that she could do now was accept the kindness that had been offered.

Yao Zhixing was a restaurant heir, so it made sense that the private room’s service and speed of serving food were top-notch. All of the dishes were served within ten minutes, and the meal ended in less than an hour as the three of them chatted while eating.

As they were sitting there drinking and digesting, Yao Zhixing tossed a car key at Ye Shuang. “I’ve got aunty, so you’ll have to pick up the people.”

“Pick up who?” Ye Shuang was puzzled. She looked at the car key and proceeded to speak while feeling puzzled. “I drove myself, so why did you give me this?”

Yao Zhixing played with his hair and said, equally puzzled, “Don’t you know there are people settling down in San Lin City? Xiao Han told me about this earlier. He asked me to find them accommodation and show them around. Didn’t you know that?”

Rolling her eyes, Ye Shuang figured it out. It had to be the bunch of people from the sect, who were scammers.

As expected, they had decided on San Lin City.

Feeling speechless, Ye Shuang looked at Yao Zhixing. In response to her stare, he chuckled. “Don’t look at me like that. I’ve already settled everything that I can. Look for my men if there’s anything that you can’t handle. Nobody can defeat us in San Lin City just yet.” He then proceeded to explain about the key. “Everyone in San Lin City knows my number plate. Take them wherever you need to when you pick them up. Just tell them it’s me, Yao Zhixing, who asked you to do this when you get there.”

“So full of yourself.” Ye Shuang was speechless again. “You disgust me.”

She put away the car key. She would still have to work after showing her disdain.

Mother Han sighed, feeling sorry for herself as she watched Ye Shuang leaving the private room. Noticing the sigh as he was going to pick up Mother Han’s shopping bags, Yao Zhixing asked, “What’s wrong, aunty? Did you forget to do something?”

Mother Han shook her head. It was her personal entertainment, so it would be bad to announce it. “I just think it’s a waste. It’s not every day that I have a young lady shopping with me.”

Yao Zhixing knew how to play the game. “Don’t tell me you’re here looking for a daughter-in-law?”

“Wow, you knew that?” Mother Han was happy that someone understood her.

“How could I not know? My queen has been very enthusiastic about this for a few years now.” Yao Zhixing picked up the few shopping bags in one hand while holding Mother Han’s arm with the other hand. “Let’s go, Queen Han. You’re fun, so I’ll introduce you to the finest ladies of San Lin City later. Don’t just eye our Xiao Shuang. She’s a busy lady—she doesn’t have time for lovey-dovey things.”