Chapter 363 - Bring It, Baby

Chapter 363: Bring It, Baby

Translator: Lonelytree  Editor: Millman97

Out in the countryside, in the middle of the nowhere, there was very little human traffic. It was the best place to kill people and hide their bodies.

The issue was that it was yet unclear whose bodies would be the ones abandoned. Anthony smiled because he was glad that the problem that he had been discussing with Ye Shuang earlier had finally been answered. The ruining of the computer was not to prevent important information from being leaked but to act as bait, successfully landing a big fish.

Realizing that he had been tricked on the favor of helping others, Anthony was not in a good mood. From the way that the men had been using guns, it was clear that their intention was not to kidnap but to kill the computer repairman… in other words, the man in Ye Shuang’s team who had the ability to unlock the chip.

Glancing at the collapsed man next to him with a smile, and then looking at the other man who was waiting for the incoming blow, Anthony raised his arms to shrug his backpack off. He moved away to work heat through his limps and whistled in provocation. He beckoned with his index finger and challenged the man. “Come on, baby!”

Ye Shuang waited until dinner to see Anthony who returned late. Before leaving the set, the man had called on the phone to act cute and order a bowl of bone soup. The man who was supposed to reach home in an hour was nowhere to be seen, and the bone soup had almost become bone paste.

Initially, Ye Shuang thought that the golden retriever who had no self-discipline was distracted by some beauty on the way home and gave himself the day off. But when the man returned and she saw his dirty outfit, she finally noticed that something was wrong. It was as if her own dog had sneaked out from home to roll around in someone else’s mud pit before returning.

“Are you injured?” Ye Shuang gave Anthony a once-over. Seeing how spirited the man was, she turned to walk back into the kitchen to warm the food. As she set the table, she asked, “From the looks of it, you probably went for a field battle, right?”

Naturally, the field battle here did not refer to war; everyone knew the real meaning. It was too shameful for Ye Shuang to point it out loud.

“Of course not. You’re my only love, baby.” Without changing his clothes, Anthony sat down at the table, facing the disgusted gaze from Ye Shuang. Holding his chin, he puckered up his lips to send a flying kiss to Ye Shuang. “I’ll only get down in a field battle with you in the future.”

Suddenly, she felt like she should not have been worried about this guy. Energy exhausted aplenty during the exercise. Ye Shuang had prepared just enough food, or perhaps a little slightly more based on Anthony’s appetite. However, the man finished all the food voraciously and even asked for a bunch of grapes after dinner.

After eating his fill, it was time for conversation. Anthony went to his room to take a shower first and change. Then, as he returned to the living room, he showed his bruised shoulders and arm to Ye Shuang. “Xiao Shuang, you know Chinese massage, right?”

Ye Shuang looked at Anthony and then at the bruises. She shook her head. “The swelling is too severe. If you apply any force, the recovering blood vessels will rupture a second time under the force. For the next twenty-four hours, I suggest you put them in a cold bath. You can have the massage or change to a warm bath tomorrow.”

Anthony gasped. “No wonder I was feeling so uncomfortable during the warm shower!”

If you were uncomfortable, how did you not know to switch to a cold shower?

Ye Shuang was speechless before sighing. “What happened?”

Anthony put down his shirt and picked one of the grapes. As he munched on the fruit, he described the assault in detail. In the end, he concluded, “So, like I said, we were tricked.”

Ye Shuang was saddened. “Then, what about the two?”

Anthony blinked. “One escaped.”

One escaped? Then, naturally, the other one did not. Since he did not escape, where was the man? Since Anthony did not bring anyone home with him and he did not call the police, the answer was unwritten but clear.

Ye Shuang did not want to point out the obvious, so she also pretended to not understand it. She moved the focus to the one who had escaped. “Will the escapee report on you? The other party should know I have the chip, but they didn’t know what happened to the chip because they did not know you’re involved… Even though it might take some time, I believe it won’t take too long for them to discover your identity.”

“It’s fine, because we’ve discovered their identity as well.” Anthony squeezed the branch of the grapes that he had finished and smiled cutely. “While we were fighting, I made use of the close contact to plant Han’s bug on the man.”

So, that’s why he let that man go. Ye Shuang frowned. “Since there’s nothing to be worried about, I’ll go and call Brother Han.”

It was several hours to midnight. When Han Chu returned, his cheeks were burning, and his steps were uneven. After pressing the doorbell, he leaned against the wall with a deep frown for a long time before shaking his head. Then, using an unnaturally slow movement, he changed his shoes.

If that was everything, Ye Shuang would not have thought that Han Chu’s drunkenness was that serious. After all, the man was not shouting or yelling, and he looked like he was still conscious of his surroundings.

However, Han Chu suddenly squatted down. With a serious expression, he started to rearrange his shoes so that they looked perfectly symmetrical. Then, with that same seriousness, he placed his bag right in the middle of the cupboard by the door. To ensure that the placement was definitely right in the middle, he even adjusted the bag’s location and center several times.

Anthony followed behind Ye Shuang to enjoy the fun. Seeing this, he giggled and whistled. “It’s been so long since I’ve witnessed Han’s OCD.”

“He has OCD?” Ye Shuang did not know what to do when she heard this comment come from behind her.

“Hmm…” Anthony held his chin with his fingers like he was thinking, then he smiled. “Normally, the OCD doesn’t surface, but when he is particularly concerned about a problem or when he’s seriously drunk, the manifestation will appear.”

Then, he turned around to whisper in a serious tone, “At this moment, his desire to control will be multiple times higher than usual. So, try not to purposely go against his desire or offend him.”

If you do, the result might be unimaginable.

Anthony personally experienced that. Han Chu turned with a frown when he heard the whistle. A deathly chill was radiating off him. He pressed on his lips and uttered coldly, “It’s already midnight, and your whistling is in violation of the moral code.”

Anthony blinked innocently. “But the decibel of the whistling isn’t… Er, I mean, I’m sorry.”

As the frost fell over Han Chu’s face, Anthony realized that he should have heeded the advice that he had just given Ye Shuang. However, it was too late to salvage the situation. After only hearing the first half of the sentence, Han Chu had already accumulated enough dissatisfaction. Before Anthony could say anything to excuse himself, Han Chu started to lecture. “Even if it won’t disrupt the neighbors, it doesn’t mean that you won’t disturb the rest of your housemates. Furthermore, the act of whistling itself is a questionable action. Your attitude…”

Ye Shuang, who silently took two steps back from Anthony, finally understood what the man meant. Han Chu used a flat and unchanging tone and a haughty and condescending expression as he lectured Anthony. The latter tried but failed multiple times to interrupt the lecture, and in the end, he could only dangle his head to accept the punishment. Anthony looked just like a dog who had been caught to have pooped on the carpet… Thankfully, Ye Shuang had been too confused by Han Chu’s actions earlier, or else she would have been the one being lectured.

Ye Shuang waited ten minutes in the living room before the two men reappeared. Ye Shuang had already prepared the necessary equipment to help cure Han Chu from his drunken state.

Han Chu glanced at the spread of drinks on the table and raised his brow as he leveled a gaze at Ye Shuang.

Ye Shuang immediately adjusted her expression and used the manner of a trained Old English butler to bow and explain in a perfectly respectful tone, “Mr. Han, these are the drinks that I’ve prepared for thee to help with thy headache. There are fruit juices, tea, milk, and freshly-squeezed citrus juices. Feel free to select the flavor you prefer.”

She had been too naïve to think that was enough. Han Chu gave a flat grunt and then concluded everything with a detached, “Such a waste.”

If you’re the one to give me my salary… Ye Shuang practiced patience. “The ones that you didn’t choose will be finished by Mr. Anthony.”

“Why me?” Anthony lamented sadly.

Han Chu looked at him, and the golden retriever immediately piped down.