Chapter 138 - Three 'No's

Chapter 138: Three ‘No’s

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Ye Shuang raised her brows. She turned to look at the private room next door and then turned back again.

“Now I understand. You’re talking about Senia?” Anthony shrugged with a cute smile. “Must there be a relationship? The company I’m responsible for needs to get some business from her family, so I selected the fastest shortcut that can get me to my goal.”

“How fast?” Ye Shuang cracked her knuckles but maintained the smile on her face.

Hearing the snaps from her knuckles and thinking about the scary combat power that was disproportional to her appearance, Anthony immediately stood up from the chair. He lowered the center of his gravity and kept his muscles tense. He was ready to box but kept the innocent demeanor, saying with a giggle, “Hey! Violence is not the right answer, and I hear Eastern women are all gentle and soft…”

Ye Shuang would not really do anything. After all, she was not his boss and was not close enough to fight without leaving offense. Therefore, she was only scaring him; her main purpose was to warn him— This is very serious.

“You have not done anything with her, right‽” Ye Shuang asked seriously.

“I wasn’t planning to do anything with her to begin with,” Anthony grumbled innocently. “But if she wants to do something with me… Hmm, is it so wrong for me to accept a beautiful girl’s interest?”

“It’s like this…” Ye Shuang decided to explain the complicated relationship to the man. “A man has been pursuing Yuan Ruan, or Senia, for a long time already. That man is Han Chu’s friend, and you’re also Han Chu’s friend, so if you steal the man’s crush, it’ll make things very difficult for Han Chu. Now do you understand‽”

“How is this related to Han‽” Anthony was even more confused. “Even if something did happen between me and the girl, shouldn’t the man direct his anger at me‽ It’s not Han Chu who slept with her after all.”

“…This is our culture; human relationships are more complicated than you think.” Ye Shuang could not explain it clearly even if she wanted to. Actually, she also thought Han Chu was completely innocent, but if something really happened, as the mutual friend, Mr. Fang, who was not familiar with Anthony, would naturally turn his aggression toward Han Chu. “By the way, why did you take Yuan Ruan home so late at night?”

Anthony smiled. “She said that she wanted to have coffee with me.”

“So, you invited her up to your place just like that‽ When it was midnight?” Ye Shuang was surprised that was the answer.

“Why not?” Anthony winked at Ye Shuang, and his lips curved into a mischievous smile. “If she said that she wanted to have wine, then perhaps I would have reconsidered.”

Ye Shuang sighed in relief. Thankfully, the man still had his morality.

“I would have gone the convenience store to buy a pack of condom first.”


After a series of hard exchanges, Ye Shuang finally got a broad idea from Anthony. Things were better than she thought—at least Yuan Ruan still had not gotten the chance to do anything crossing the line with Anthony yet. But the worst thing was, while Anthony was willing to take a step back from Yuan Ruan, the girl seemed to have an inexplicable crush on Anthony.

At least, from how Anthony told it, the party who initiated everything was Yuan Ruan. For example, this dinner, it was Yuan Ruan who called Anthony to invite him. All Anthony could be blamed for was his ‘three no’s: no initiation, no rejection, and no responsibility.

The lack of physical activity between them was not because Anthony had suddenly decided to be a monk but because Yuan Ruan insisted on not having sex before marriage. Anthony was not one who liked to force women to do things they did not like, so his initial interest in the girl started to flag after a while. Other than accepting the invitation from Yuan Ruan when he was free, the man had not done anything else.

“In other words, Yuan Ruan still doesn’t know how you feel?” Ye Shuang thought about it. “It’s always like this when it is the girl who chases after the guy. Always speculating while hoping the scenario will be pushed toward the best ending. So, it’s simple if you want her to give up, either you ruin your own image or reject her in a roundabout way.”

“Why can’t I just reject her directly?” Anthony was curious.

“Because girls don’t have thick faces, and even Mr. Fang needs his face. The rejection is to stop more trouble from forming because of her. If you tell her everything honestly, you’ll only make an enemy out of Mr. Fang, so in that case, why are we wasting our time talking?” Ye Shuang sighed. To make a foreigner understand the unique Chinese concept of face was difficult, especially since Anthony was extremely reckless.

Anthony did not like to deal with these troublesome problems and had no time for other people’s feelings, but since the situation involved his friend, he was a little more concerned about it.

“Fine fine.” Anthony shrugged and sighed. “I’ll try to make her give up… Plus, I will not let other people realize that I’m rejecting her.”

Then they returned to their original room. Anthony did manage to use one sentence to shatter Yuan Ruan’s heart while simultaneously making Ye Shuang want to punch him into a pulp. As they sat down, Anthony reached over to hug Ye Shuang’s shoulders intimately and said like he just remembered something, “By the way, Xiao Shuang, I forgot to ask you. I could not find my favorite clothes this morning. Did I leave them at your place when I spent the night there last time?”

“…” The room.

The veins popped on Ye Shuang’s forehead. “Haha…”

So this is the brilliant method you were talking about‽

Little Brother Ye, like usual, only made things worse by adding, “But that’s impossible! You carried all your clothes back with you already that morning. Unless… it’s the outfit with leopard stripes? Later, I’ll go back to take a look for you, but you still haven’t returned the pajamas that you wore; I just bought that set.”

The only time Anthony spent the night at Ye Shuang’s place was when he was drunk. Since he had been there in person, Little Brother Ye remembered it well.

“…” The room.

Ye Shuang tightened her fists silently. “Haha…”

One of these days, I’ll demolish this little troublemaker!

They were neighbors, but they spent the night together‽ It’s one thing to leave stuff like jacket behind, but what about intimate clothing‽ What was the meaning of that?

The room started to fill in the blanks themselves. Mo Xiao Xia had her hand over her lips as she stared at Anthony, trying to gauge whether this man was qualified enough or not to be her Sister Ye’s partner.

Luo Ce wanted to say something. There was already a cousin-in-law, so it was immoral for Ye Shuang to continue to sleep around. Then again, seeing as Little Brother Ye did not seem to mind it that much, things were probably not as complicated as he thought. In any case, he decided that he should talk to Ye Shuang privately.

Yao Zhixing narrowed his eyes and scoffed. As the only person who knew what really happened, he thought, This foreigner sure is immoral… to make use of his own brother… No wait, to make use of a woman to help solve his problem. This man is shameless!

Ignoring the room’s gazes on herself and Anthony, before the food was served, Ye Shuang excused herself to use the bathroom. When she was out of the room, she called Han Chu.

“I’m sorry, but your friend A accidentally stole your friend F’s crush. I only tried to smooth things out, but your friend A now is using me as a meat shield. In any case, I’m annoyed, so the question is, can I punch your friend A‽”

Han Chu was silent about half a minute on the phone. “I still don’t quite understand what you’re trying to say.”

Therefore, Ye Shuang explained the whole thing again. Han Chu sighed. “Tony, he… So be it, this is not your fault. It was your partner who decided to assign Tony to this case. I knew that Tony, with his personality, would definitely create trouble. I’ve lost all hope on him already.”

Even though it was meant to console, it sounded like Han Chu was dumping the responsibility on Ye Shuang. After all, the man did not know that the other Ye Shuang was also her.

Ye Shuang sighed. “In any case, since I’m the agent, I should be responsible for the talent that I pushed. Tony, technically, has made no mistakes. Yes, his personality does need fixing, but this time, it’s not him who needs to take the main responsibility.”

Things were too coincidental. Who would have thought Yuan Ruan would ignore Mr. Fang, who had been pursuing her, and turn her head to fall in love with a foreigner?

Han Chu was rather surprised. To have a female admit to their mistake was something very hard. Even when they did, it would be about emotional problems like “I shouldn’t trust XX,” or “I shouldn’t do this.” Very rarely would a woman rationally admit her mistake.

Furthermore, Ye Shuang had not really done anything wrong. In fact, she had done more than enough damage control even though she did not need to. The problem creator was Anthony, but Ye Shuang was willing to take responsibility on his behalf.

Naturally, Han Chu did not know that he had inadvertently blamed Ye Shuang with his earlier comment, so as his admiration for the girl grew, he was willing to share more of his experience. “If it’s too much trouble, just leave it be. After all, this isn’t work. If something really does happen with Mr. Fang, I’ll handle it.”

“It’s probably fine with Mr. Fang.” Ye Shuang pouted. “Even though I don’t approve of the method, we’ve made things startlingly clear. If Yuan Ruan continues to knock her head against the wall, it has nothing to do with us.”

After she ranted on the phone, Ye Shuang felt better. She returned to the room, and Mo Xiao Xia approached her with her voice lowered. “Sister Ye, I’ve tested out your friend, and that Yuan Ruan does like him!”

Huh‽ Ye Shuang was stunned. This was not supposed to be. Yuan Ruan was interested in Anthony earlier, so how could she be liking Mr. Fang at the same time‽

Was Mo Xiao Xi mistaken‽