Chapter 268 - Respect My Identity

Chapter 268: Respect My Identity

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Han Chu was confused as well. It was Ye Shuang who called him, but it was another person who answered the call. However, after Qian Qianxiang said a few words, Han Chu soon understood the situation.

“Getting close to your sister?” Even though he did not know Ye Shuang’s actual plan, it did not stop him from scoffing. “What kind of confidential secret your is sister involved that you need to be so worried about?”

“Is your sister still underage and needs you as a guardian?”

“There is naturally a reason for him to get close to your sister. He’s not after her beauty or money, so why are you so worried?”

“So insecure? Then, does this mean I have to call the government to inform them first, or do you want me to post an article in the newspaper?”

Qian Qianxiang could not get used to such cruel, rapid attacks. Han Chu was famed within the Beijing circle for his venomous tongue, especially toward other males. It was almost impossible for his peers to find a way to survive before him, so normally, people would take a detour around him, afraid that they would be shot at for no reason. This time, it was Qian Qianxiang’s fault for surrendering himself to the slaughter. Ye Shuang looked at how Qian Qianxiang was bombed by Han Chu with a smile. The man did not even get a chance to interrupt, much less interrogate.

“Why is my cousin in such a bad mood?” Rong Su came out after changing, and the first thing that she saw was Qian Qianxiang’s defeated expression. Ye Shuang turned back to reveal a bright smile. “Xiao Su, does your family also know Han Chu?”

“Yes, we’re childhood friends!” Rong Su nodded. “Brother Han is a good person.”

Ye Shuang chuckled but did not explain. “Then it’ll be fine.”

Rong Su still did not quite get it, but it sounded so deep.

After inviting the key player, Rong Su, the guardian wolf Qian Qianxiang was KO-ed by Han Chu remotely through the phone. He did not even have the chance to defend, much less retaliate. Of course, Ye Shuang also received a warning message from Han Chu before of this. He was very unsatisfied with the fact that she kept using him to attack else people. Brother Han was very busy, involved in a lot of business, so he did not have time to handle small altercations between people. He reminded her to respect his identity as the professional top head hunter!

While Ye Shuang drove the car while replying to Han Chu’s message, Rong Su was also talking on the phone. With her super hearing, Ye Shuang heard the conversation on the phone easily, and unsurprisingly, it was Xia Cheng, who had recently been disturbed by Ye Shuang.

“Xiao Rong, are you also busy today?” Xia Cheng’s voice was very gentlemanly; there was no trace of offense or dissatisfaction. However, due to this kindness, it made Rong Su feel embarrassed.

“I’m sorry Brother Xia. I’m going to the opera with Brother Ye. I didn’t know you’d want to see me today… How about next time?”

Next time and another next time, there would be endless next times. Xia Cheng practically used all the patience he had to not curse and throw his phone across the room. Recently, his power at Tian Wang Media had slowly been getting more and more limited. Even then, Xia Cheng had no idea why was that—what had he done to offend the third son of the Lin family?

Of course, he knew that there was no way he could reason with the boss, so Xia Cheng could only practice patience. He hoped that Lin Yu would eventually lose interest in him, or else if this was to continue, all his past effort could be considered a waste.

Originally, he had wanted to get attached to the Beijing force that Rong Su represented to get another chip. So, when the situation was turning against him, Rong Su became the life-saving pill in Xia Cheng’s eyes. Whether or not he could make a comeback depended on whether he could make this relationship work or not.

With him sponsoring the movie, to get close to a small actor was something easy for Xia Cheng, but reality was so cruel. Whenever he wanted to make a move, Ye Shuang would show up to interrupt his plan.

When Xia Cheng bought snacks to visit the crew, Brother Shuang would walk over to take two sets, one for himself and another sent for Rong Su. He would even help her open the packaging. When Xia Cheng invited the whole crew to dinner, Ye Shuang took care of Rong Su perfectly at the dinner table. Xia Cheng wanted to contact Rong Su privately, and the reply was either that she was going to the opera or movies with Brother Shuang to ‘practice acting’, or she would go shopping with Mo Xiao Xia and the girls because ‘one needed to relax after work’.

Enough! He had had enough of these people!

In any case, no matter how annoyed Xia Cheng was, he could only accept the promise of ‘next time’. It was not that he could not make the appointment earlier, but that way, his purpose would be too obvious. Previously, the reason that he had used was, “I just so happen to have two tickets to XXX”, or “I’m visiting the crew, and I wish to talk about XXX with Miss Rong”… Even though the intention was still bad, at least it was not so obvious.

If he was being obvious and asked her out directly, people would question his intentions. Just to chat? What was there to chat about if they were not friends? Want to be friends? Then he should go and talk to Qian Qianxiang first.

“Another call from Mr. Xia?”

When they arrived at the opera’s underground parking, Rong Su also ended the call. Opening the door, Rong Su nodded with some confusion. “Yes, recently, he has been trying hard to meet me. Is he trying to start some business with my family?”

Okay, Rong Su was not an idiot. She came from a big family and had entered the entertainment business, so if she could not see Xia Cheng’s intention, it would be rather miraculous.

“No matter the kind of business…” Ye Shuang extended his hand to her like a gentleman. When Rong Su held it, he smiled and led the lady to the door. “Regardless of whether he’s just trying to make nice or he has a mutually beneficial deal in mind… he shouldn’t have contacted you.”

Rong Su pouted with dissatisfied and huffed. “That’s right. I’m not involved in the family business, and I’ve been focusing the past few years on my acting career. He’s just using me as a platform to get close to them.”

It was because Rong Su knew about it that she was so annoyed. In fact, if Xia Cheng had just wanted to get Rong Su to be the middleman to help introduce him to the family, then it would have been fine. But if Xia Cheng just wanted to brush up on his existence and use Rong Su as a backup plan to get some benefits from her family, from a certain perspective, he was tricking Rong Su’s feelings.

Qian Qianxiang was also in Shanghai, so if he wanted to talk business, why would him not go to him directly? Instead, he focused his fire on Rong Su. Was it because he thought that a woman would be easier to trick?

Xia Cheng wanted to make use of Rong Su, so naturally, he had to make sure the girl had affection toward him. Then, after a long time, that affection might become something else. What if that happened? Women hated to be taken advantage of, and Xia Cheng’s overly urgent actions revealed that. Even if Rong Su did not realize that instantly, there was a deeply hidden monster next to her who would point that out to her.

“Therefore, when Mr. Xia calls you next time, you should just transfer his call to your cousin.” Ye Shuang winked and suggested naughtily. “I believe your cousin will be very interested to hear what Mr. Xia has to say.”

Rong Su was first shocked, and then she giggled and nodded a lot. “Yes, I think I’ll do that.”

This method was really ingenious. Since Qian Qianxiang was so guarded around Brother Shuang, then he would do the same to other men.

They enjoyed the show peacefully. Over the next few days, Brother Shuang did not see Rong Su accept any more calls from Xia Cheng. Instead, Qian Qianxiang’s face became darker and darker—he had probably discovered a well-hidden wolf targeting his family.

Xia Cheng’s ending was predictable. Rong Su had already finished her part of the movie, so he had already lost the excuse to interact with her. He tried his best to create ‘coincidences’ for them to have a chance encounter, but every time, Ye Shuang or Qian Qianxiang would be there. When he was lucky, he would have a double boss encounter.

Xia Cheng’s emotions could not have been worse.

“Have you still not planned your return to San Lin City?”

After another day of shopping with Rong Su, Mo Xiao Xia, and Su Zheng, Brother Shuang received the angry call from Han Chu. Seeing the three girls enter the dressing room to try on the clothes, Brother Shuang chuckled and said, “The big fish still hasn’t taken the bait. If I go back now, all the previous preparation will have gone to waste. We at least have to wait until Xiao Su’s next movie shoot begins before I can go back.”

The next movie would not be shot in Shanghai, and Ye Shuang would not need to worry about Xia Cheng.

Han Chu sighed silently. “Don’t tell me you don’t have a back-up plan when you work? If the enemy doesn’t follow the plan that you’ve set up, do you plan to continue waiting until he does?”

“I won’t be so unlucky, right?” Ye Shuang grumbled to herself. Are the men today that dumb? If a man wants to pursue a girl… whether it’s for personal use or business use, if he cannot go to the target directly, can’t he go after the people around the target?

She was temporarily worried about Xia Cheng’s IQ, but then Ye Shuang said confidently, “It’ll be fine. If Xia Cheng still doesn’t take the bait, next time I return to Shanghai, I’ll just make the move myself.”

She was just saying that, before she could promise anything else, the target appeared in her sight—it was Xia Cheng.

The man seemed to have given up all hope and was going to make one last attempt. He walked directly toward his target, and with an awkward smile, he said, “Xiao Ye? This is such a coincidence!”