Chapter 414 - Midnight Call

Chapter 414: Midnight Call

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As expected, Ye Shuang saw Xiao San when she was picking up the people. However, Xiao San was the only one there.

Since Xiao San had been informed on the phone earlier, he was not surprised when he saw Ye Shuang. He smiled happily as he waved at her outside the police station.

Ye Shuang walked over after she parked the car. “Are Master Five and Sister Xiao Qi not coming?”

Xiao San smiled and showed the suitcase in his hand. “I’m just here to send these applications, identification cards, and account books. I brought everyone’s along, so it makes sense that I come alone.”

Very soon, a person came out noticing Yao Zhixing’s car. It was someone whom Ye Shuang was familiar with, the prominent officer’s young son from Yao Zhixing’s team.

Ye Shuang remembered this person’s father was a director of the area. He was most probably there at the moment to help with the green channel. Otherwise, the process would be a pain in the *ss if everyone in Nature Village went there for the procedures one by one.

“It’s you, Sister Shuang?”

The young ones in the team called Ye Shuang ‘Sister Shuang’ to give Yao Zhixing face. Ye Shuang’s remarkable personal strength might also have been why she was respected.

The person smiled as he walked over. He turned his head around after taking a glance at Yao Zhixing’s car. He could not hide the envy and jealousy in his eyes. “Brother Yao is a car enthusiast. He does dope modification on his cars; we haven’t even been in the passenger seat before.”

Yet, Ye Shuang was given the privilege to drive the car.

As expected, men were worthless compared to a beauty.

Ye Shuang smiled and patted the car roof. “Brother Yao knew that you guys are familiar with this car. He was concerned that I might mess this up, so he lent this car to me.”

“You don’t need this car to prove your existence. You have us. All you have to do is show your face.” He led the duo in as he spoke.

Immigration applications were nothing difficult. One could get the permit any minute since there was the green channel. However, they would need to apply for a migration card on their account after the permit was given. Xiao San would have to do that in the future.

Han Chu had yet to return. It was ideal that he stayed there to take over the operation. In reality, there was no trouble for Xiao San apart from having to go there with the stuff.

However, there was a problem now. Xiao San was worried about Xiao Qi. If she stayed in San Lin City alone…

“You can go with her if you’re worried.” Ye Shuang looked puzzled at Xiao San. “A ticket isn’t too expensive. Since you guys will back two or three days the most…”

Although most people from Nature Village had gotten out of the mountain, it was a trouble to stay in a hotel instead of settling down since so many of them had come to the unfamiliar city with their family. Moreover, it was impossible for the children to get into school before they had gotten their permit. Some of them who were working part-time jobs nearby had to quit their jobs.

Therefore, no one went too far. Xiao San and Xiao Qi were the only ones who had gone to San Lin City for the time being.

Naturally, that was not the key issue.

The key issue was that everyone had left their old lair, so they could not leave immediately. At the moment, the little leader whom they captured had become a concern.

Leave him where he was? That would be too risky. The person might have his way of contacting someone outside. While Jennifer, Han Chu, and the rest were suppressing the situation, Master Five dared not take any unnecessary risks while holding the man by keeping it a secret from those people.

Naturally, the experienced Xiao San was given the responsibility of handling the person. His main mission was to ‘take good care’ of this person’s living condition before Master Five and the rest arrived in San Lin City.

However, he had been given the mission to go back. The plan had come out of nowhere.

No, he could not leave Xiao Qi alone. Xiao San was afraid that somebody would kidnap her!

Ye Shuang noticed Xiao San falling into silence for a couple of seconds, which was odd; he seemed like he was troubled. She could not help but ask, “What’s wrong?”

Xiao San sighed and shook his head. “No, nothing.”

He could not be telling this person if something was up. She was Han Chu’s partner. If she found out that his men had captured the leader, she would definitely tell Han Chu about it.

The worst part was that San Lin City was their territory.

Xiao San was clearly in hesitation before he left. Although Ye Shuang had no idea of what Xiao San was struggling about, since he did not tell, she did not ask.

To Ye Shuang’s surprise, he gave her Xiao Qi’s phone number. All that he said was that he hoped Ye Shuang could help out if Xiao Qi called.

It’ll only be one or two days—what could happen‽

Ye Shuang looked at the newly saved number on her phone for a second. She jumped to the conclusion that it was Xiao San who was behaving like a paranoid mother. She decided to forget about the favor.

‘She’ received a call in the middle of the night on the day itself.

“Hello?” Ye Shuang had yet to wake up completely from the phone call that came out of nowhere. She picked up the call in a lazy manner without even looking at her phone. There was an allure in her husky voice, an indescribable seductiveness in it.

The person on the other side did not respond.

Ye Shuang frowned and opened her eyes unwillingly. She sat up on her bed, feeling a little dazed. She leaned on her pillow as if she had no spine and yawned. “Speak.”

This person had called in the middle of the night and said nothing; she was asking for death by disturbing Ye Shuang at such an hour. She would wake up the golden retriever to check the caller’s IP address.

The person who was on the other side of the phone was stunned for half a minute. It seemed like there was finally a system reboot, and a lady’s voice stammered in concern, “I-I’m looking for Ye Shuang…”

I thought Ye Shuang is a girl?

“Well, I… Give me a second!” Those few words were sufficient for Ye Shuang to get an idea of what was happening. At the moment, she finally noticed her flat chest. Cough! That was not important right now. The important thing was, she did not expect to be given a mission that required her to show herself so soon after getting home. Therefore, she had not wasted any candies or molested boys after dealing with Mother Han and getting rid of Xiao San, Yao Zhixing, and Anthony.

In other words, she was a man now.

Brother Shuang fell speechless while slapping her forehead. She looked at her phone screen and put it back to her ear, feeling helpless. “Xiao Qi? The person you’re looking for isn’t here, but you can tell me if there’s something that you need to tell her. I’m Ye Shuang’s partner.”

The person on the other side of the phone seemed to have no more options. She spoke while failing to hold back her tears after a moment of hesitation. “I-I think I killed someone. He’s still bleeding. I don’t dare take him to the hospital. What should I do? I didn’t do it on purpose. He attacked me, so I…”

Wait, what the hell? Brother Shuang sighed. Hearing that person’s panicky voice, she definitely could not ask what exactly had happened now. All that she could do was catch the crucial points and comforted her while putting on clothes. “Don’t worry, a dead person’s blood will be stagnant and coagulate in the vein. Bleeding means there’s still hope. Give me the address. I’ll go to you now…”