Chapter 139 - More Work for Him

Chapter 139: More Work for Him

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Ye Shuang observed on her own during dinner. Of course, things were not that simple. She thought that Yuan Ruan had discovered her true love after being instigated by Mo Xiao Xia, but in the end, Yuan Ruan was doing the same thing Mo Xiao Xia was doing. She purposely performed intimate actions with Mr. Fang to incite competition within Anthony.

Anthony, though, was a man of his word. Since he promised Ye Shuang to give up on the girl, he did not pay attention to what the girl was doing. After all, there were plenty of beautiful ladies in the world; why should he attach himself to one that would cause problem for his friend‽

Therefore, he was really there to enjoy the dinner. To draw the line clear between them, he initially still chatted with Yuan Ruan, but now he completely blocked her out. However, what about the business that he needed from Yuan Ruan’s family‽ Anthony was sneakier than Ye Shuang thought. Since the fastest shortcut was no longer useable, he would use the second fastest shortcut. Thus, he started discussing the stock market with Little Brother Yuan.

Yuan Ruan’s expression changed from sadness to melancholy. Finally, her head hung low, like she had seen through some things. Naturally, Mr. Fang did not have time to interact with other people at the table. He was busy trying to brighten Yuan Ruan. He helped with the dish and water until the party ended and everyone left.

Ye Shuang thought things would end there, but several days later, Mr. Fang found her and asked directly, “Does Yuan Ruan like that Anthony?”

“Huh‽” Ye Shuang acted dumb.

“It was Han Chu who told me,” Mr. Fang admitted.

“Okay then.” Ye Shuang sighed in relief and nodded honestly. “That’s right, but Tony has already rejected her.”

Mr. Fang frowned and asked, “Can I come in?”

“Are you tired?” Ye Shuang replied with her own question. Seeing the confusion on Mr. Fang’s face, she moved the jacket hanging on her arm, “I’m planning to go out to do something, if you’re not tired, mind going on a walk with me?”

Who said that you could come into my home when you turned up at their door‽ Everyone has their own life to deal with, and my time isn’t used completely to resolve other people’s relationship problems.

Mr. Fang nodded understandingly and took a step back to let Ye Shuang open the door. “I drove here, so would you like me to give you a ride?”

“Thank you!” When they got into his car, Mr. Fang was silent. He admitted that he had acted too rashly by coming to find Ye Shuang. After the initial rush left him, he did not know what he was supposed to ask.

The situation could not have been clearer. Yuan Ruan liked Anthony, and even after the guy had stated his lack of interest, she did not give up. This was firsthand information that Han Chu had gotten from Anthony. After hearing that Yuan Ruan still continued to visit him at his company or ask him out to meals via Little Brother Yuan, to prevent a misunderstanding in the future, Han Chu decided to tell Mr. Fang the truth.

That was why Mr. Fang had gone to find Ye Shuang that day. After Han Chu revealed Yuan Ruan’s crush on Anthony, he found himself in a foul mood and understood that he probably had a crush on the girl.

“Brother Han told you all that‽” Ye Shuang sat in the driver seat. Based on Mr. Fang’s current condition, she did not dare leave her life in his hands. After hearing briefly what Han Chu had told Mr. Fang on the phone, Ye Shuang nodded and said calmly, “It’s good that he has explained everything. Tony is somewhat of a player, but he didn’t know you’re Han Chu’s friend and naturally wouldn’t know you like Miss Yuan. But when he found out, he started to withdraw to avoid suspicion. But if there is any development in the future, then it will not be because we’re not giving you face.”

“Just to avoid suspicion‽” Mr. Fang laughed bitterly.

“What else do you expect us to do? Will you be able to accept it better if we say it’s to prevent you from blaming us in the future?” Ye Shuang glanced at the man. “Honestly, there’s only so much we can do about this; we cannot control whom Miss Yuan likes. We’ve already done all we could.”

“You misunderstand me.” Mr. Fang thought about it. “I’m not here to create trouble. Actually, I want to hire Anthony.”

“…” Ye Shuang’s hands almost slipped from the steering wheel. “Are you planning to make him your subordinate and then bully him to your heart’s content‽”

“That was the plan.” Mr. Fang sounded more like he was saying that out of spite instead of honesty. Then he added helplessly, “But really, I just want to see how he is better than me…”

“He has two doctorates, taller than you, younger than you, cuter than you, more fashionable than you, and underneath his clothes is an impressive six-pack.” Ye Shuang listed off the goods.

Mr. Fang sulked silently.

Ye Shuang patted herself on her head. “Whoops, my bad. Don’t mind me, continue! You want to hire him and then what?”

Mr. Fang wanted to say something when Ye Shuang added, “Give me the specific job scope, like the range of his job and other necessary details to know. You can save on the emotional issue; I’m not interested in other people’s private issues.”

“Actually, this is somewhat related to my cousin. When my aunt first married to the An family, even though it was a business marriage, she shared a good relationship with my uncle, and they have enjoyed a peaceful life for years.” Mr. Fang was hesitant to continue. It was as if he had something to say but decided to swallow it in the end and moved onto another topic. “The An family is in the electronics business in San Lin City, and my aunt owns half of its shares. Since their assets will soon be inherited by their children, it didn’t matter who own the shares. However, uncle’s physical condition has been deteriorating for the past few years, and their company has been taken over by their son or my male cousin—I suppose you can call him the inheritor. However, now with the problem within the An family, the issue of inheritor has to be reconsidered, so they want to temporarily hire an outside manager.”

Ye Shuang thought about it and filled in the details that Mr. Fang had left out on her own. Then she asked probingly, “You mean that, currently, half of An Zining’s family’s company belongs to the Fang family? If they cannot select an inheritor, the Fang family will take back the shares that belong to them‽ So, now that both inheritors have been put under quarantine due to their personal problems, you’re tasked with temporarily handling the company?”

Mr. Fang’s mind sounded with alarm. “How did you know that?”

“…You said it yourself. Half of the An family’s shares belong to your aunt, and then now they have to reselect a new inheritor. Uncle An is too old to manage the company himself, and you’re coming to me to ask to hire Anthony. You couldn’t have been clearer.”

Mr. Fang was speechless and massaged the bridge of his nose with a long sigh. Lately he had not been in his prime condition. He purposely hidden some details because he did not want others to know the truth, but by doing that, he had unwittingly exposed the truth.

“Problem with the inheritor…” Since Mr. Fang did not say anything more, Ye Shuang continued on this train of thought. “A normal problem wouldn’t affect inheritance, so it must a big problem that shook the foundation of the An family. An Zining’s case is easy to understand. She’s a married daughter, and as another family’s daughter-in-law, she wasn’t expected to inherit the family business unless they wanted to benefit Chen He. So, that leaves Little Brother An… Hmm, it shouldn’t be case of betrayal, then the only explanation is the lack of future generation‽”

It did make sense. After all, Little Brother An was a homosexual. Then again, the An family knew about this already, so they should not have woken up one day and suddenly decided that they mind this. In that case, it was probably because of something stupid that Little Brother An had recently done for love‽

No wonder he could not be the inheritor. How were two men going to create a future generation?

Mr. Fang, who had just sighed in relief, got tense again. He demanded in a stern voice, “How did you know about that‽”

There are many things that you don’t know… Ye Shuang was really speechless this time. “Still speculation… I say, you’re really planning to discuss this with me‽”

Mr. Fang looked at Ye Shuang with alert, and he suddenly realized that he needed to be extra careful when he was interacting with this person. He had only said a few simple sentences, but she had managed to rationally predict the whole situation.

Certain people were naturally astute. They were able to notice many things others would not pay attention to. These people were usually big successes in their lives because they would be able to pinpoint great opportunities before others. However, Mr. Fang was surprised that he would find such talent in an agent—and a woman on top of that.

“Your speculations are right, and I hope you’ll abide by the rules of your occupation and keep them a secret,” Mr. Fang said cautiously. “I’ve asked Han Chu about his thoughts on a possible company manager at San Lin City, and his only approval was Anthony. However, at the same time, Han Chu also warned me about the instability of Anthony’s personality. You might think it’s wrong for me to do this, but I need someone who can take over the An family’s business temporarily, and at the same time, I wish to closely observe this Anthony.”

“And then discovering his weakness so that you can beat him and carry the beauty home‽” Ye Shuang turned the steering wheel and drove through a large gate. She found a parking space and turned off the ignition before tossing the key back to Mr. Fang. “I can accept this case, but I don’t think Tony will stand in your way. It depends on your own effort to win a girl’s heart. There might be outside influence, but they shouldn’t be enough to detract from your active influence.”

Mr. Fang got out from the car obediently. He locked the door and followed Ye Shuang into the building next door. “I don’t plan to use some dirty tricks. After all, Anthony is also Han Chu’s friend, and Anthony is Han Chu’s most recommended candidate. Huh, this place looks so familiar…”

Ye Shuang turned back to smile. “You have a friend who likes to play Go in San Lin City‽ This is our district’s Go institute. An elder suggested I come here to apply for a certificate.”