Chapter 269 - Decentralization

Chapter 269: Decentralization

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“We’ve forced his hand‽” Ye Shuang and Mo Xiao Xia were both on the phone in the bathroom. Su Zheng accompanied Rong Su to protect her from Xia Cheng. The two girls used a reason to go to the toilet together. Then Ye Shuang contacted Han Chu, and Mo Xiao Xia called Lin Yu. They mobilized all the resources that they had to find out everything that they could in the shortest amount of time.

It was understandable why Mo Xiao Xia called Lin Yu. Other than Lin Yu, who else could have forced Xia Cheng to the stage of having to launch a clear offense like this?

And Ye Shuang called Han Chu to confirm whether their boss would add support fire or not. Even if he did not, at least she could find out about Xia Cheng’s current situation. For example, other than being bullied by Tian Wang Media, was he under attack by other forces?

Han Chu’s answer? “Yes… You should still remember what I told you earlier about the target condition to reach to chase this organization out of the country, right?”

Han Chu’s even voice came from the phone as he explained the situation patiently to Ye Shuang. “There are often only two reasons for the forming of a group—religion and profit… Perhaps there might be private reason among the members, but the main ones were definitely these two.

“For an organization that exists to launder money, it’s the quintessential organization where people gathered for profit.”

Other than Han Chu’s explanation, there was the occasional sound of typing… and a suspicious cracker snapping sound. “How the company is managed and run aside, just from the bigger picture, the main purpose of these people is profit, and… to be frank, they’re only here for the money. To gain a bigger profit, they will not hesitate to do illegal things, but if the reward is not proportional to the contribution, then it would a losing transaction.”

“Yes,” Ye Shuang replied, “I do remember you saying that. First, we should go after their assets within the country and then take down a few of their higher ups. When they realize setting up a base here is more trouble than it’s worth, they will give up… In other words, this place is not suitable for their investment.”

While Mo Xiao Xia demanded from Lin Yu the explanation of his actions, she even had the time to lean over to gossip. “What investment? Sister Shuang, what investment is this? I feel like you and Xiao Su are still hiding something from me.”

Ye Shuang patted Mo Xiao Xia on her head, and then she continued to listen to Han Chu’s explanation.

“That’s right. On an international scale, our country is most against terrorist groups, and this is mainly related to the country’s law like anti-weapon and anti-gun… However, in comparison, they are not that harsh on intelligent crimes. Previously, due to a wealth of choices, international crime syndicates would ignore this land that is not beneficial to them, but after they have grown to a certain size, when they’re trying to expand, the size of this country cannot be ignored anymore.”

Other than the size, there were also other reasons like the economy and so on. However, after all, this was an undeveloped market, so before entering this place, they had to send out a few scouts first.

So, the problem was whether Ye Shuang could chase this group of scouts back or not. If she managed to injure the scouts, then the larger organizations would have to be cautious about the risk and would be more reserved with their future actions. Inversely, if she failed to do that and allowed the enemy to have a good start, then the future would be harsh. This was what they called killing the chicken to scare the monkey.

“We’ve completed our analysis, and I remember telling you this. They prepared to use two hundred million USD to test the water here,” Han Chu said. “Zuo Yuanhang has already cut them down by forty million, so one hundred and sixty million remains… Even though the base operation of a money laundering company is to create fake account to ‘cleanse’ the money, they have to have real budget to operate the companies. If they lose three quarters of the assets—in other words, if you could make them lose another one hundred and ten million—then their operation in China will be paralyzed.”

What was the result after paralysis?

Either the organization would continue to persist and pour more money into China… and wait for this one operation to drag down the whole organization, or they would decide to pull out instantly once the loss came in, and they would not come after this market again in a short period of time.

“Like you said, the whole project is split into two stages—the first stage is to hit their economy, and the second is to snipe their talents.”

Ye Shuang could hear the snap clearly mixed between Han Chu’s clear intonation, “It’s too early to start the second stage, so we should focus on the first stage for now… Xia Cheng probably has around 30,000,000, and Xu He in San Lin City has around 10,000,000. These people who were inserted into different companies have their own level of permission, and these levels represent how much they are favored by the main organization. You focus on Xia Cheng for now and let Xu Jian fish Xu He. We should sniff out the other 70,000,000, and then we can prepare to start the second stage.”

“What is the actual plan? Also, Brother Han, are you stealing my Pocky 1 ? I remember your house’s fridge does not ring when the door is opened; I’m sure I heard everything!” Ye Shuang warned.

The snapping stopped immediately, and the silence persisted for about five seconds. Then Han Chu’s slow voice said, “This is your request… When you’re away from home for a long time, you told me and Tony to clear out the food in your fridge.”

“That’s because I’m afraid of the fresh fruits and vegetables going to waste. Snacks are not within that category!” Ye Shuang was speechless. Ever since her secret was revealed to Han Chu, of course she would not maintain her distance from Han Chu like before.

The key reason was that Albert, who came to observe Anthony, had not been asked to return to US yet. Therefore, in this period, to prevent her secret from being leaked, she tried her best to stay away from San Lin City. Thus, Han Chu had been given the password to Ye Shuang’s apartment to help her look after it.

“What is it?” Mo Xiao Xia had already finished her call. She was circling Ye Shuang. “Sister Shuang, what do you have? Why don’t you share it with me?”

Ye Shuang face-palmed. “Never mind, let’s focus on the business.”

Han Chu cleared his throat. “In any case, you have to gain Xia Cheng’s trust…”

After half an hour inside the toilet, when Ye Shuang came out with Mo Xiao Xia, Xia Cheng who was accompanying Su Zheng and Rong Su could not hold it in anymore.

“…I’m sorry, I have to use the bathroom.” Xia Cheng stood up with a constipated expression. He tried so hard to maintain the gentleman smile on his face. Ye Shuang looked on with pity as the man disappeared around the corner. She turned back to look at the two. “How much have you all drunk?”

Technically speaking, Xia Cheng was someone who should know very well where his limit was. Furthermore, even if they had ordered bubble tea, he had no reason to finish it. Many people would wander around the mall with the drinks in their hands.

Rong Su was confused. “But we didn’t order that much… At most, he only drank half a glass of tea. Is that a lot?”

Su Zheng covered her mouth and giggled. Ye Shuang saw this and knew instantly that this girl must have been up to something. Since Xia Cheng did not drink that much to have to use the toilet, then…

“A laxative?” Ye Shuang asked.

Su Zheng sat upright and said, “Am I that evil in your eyes? I only added some intestine-cleansing powder! It’s given by the hospital, confirmed quality!”

Ye Shuang did not know what to say. Xia Cheng sure is ‘lucky’ to have run into you.

The powder on the market was mostly an alternative to tea. In other words, the medicinal value would be rather tame. In fact, when the person had serious constipation issue, it might not have worked. But the hospital given ones were for usage before a colonoscopy, so… the effect was strong.

Ye Shuang sighed. “It’s not easy for Xia Cheng to survive these days. Why don’t you try to collect some karma?”

“Fine, fine. I just wanted to send him away so that he won’t overhear us.” Su Zheng waved her hands and then turned to look at Mo Xiao Xia. “What about it, Xiao Xia? What did Mr. Lin say?”

Even Rong Su abandoned Xia Cheng and turned toward Mo Xiao Xia. The latter coughed proudly and explained without dragging it out too much. “Lin Yu said that even though his big brother has agreed to have the case over the Sister Shuang, they couldn’t let Xia Cheng continue at such an important post lest he makes some trouble for the company. Therefore, they plan to send another representative to Shanghai…”

To put it simply, it was a decentralization of power. Even though Lin Chen did not take away Xia Cheng’s power and post, he did send another person to share his responsibility.

When he was alone, Xia Cheng could make all the decisions on his own, but now, he had to acquire the agreement from a second person. The key point was, with the order from above, the post that looked equal was not actually equal. With just a hint from Lin Yu, the people underneath would realize which representative’s words actually carried weight.

Xia Cheng’s power was hollowed out.