Chapter 364 - Temporary Leader

Chapter 364: Temporary Leader

Translator: Lonelytree  Editor: Millman97

Han Chu did not torture Ye Shuang and Anthony for too long. Even though he was drunk, he still had control over himself unlike most drunkards—he was simply more anal than usual. Therefore, if there was some business, as long as one relied on reason, Han Chu would not be uncooperative due to the alcohol in his body.

With a glass of water down his throat and a brief hour-long nap, he felt much better. When he was no longer feeling that warm, he took a shower. Therefore, when Han Chu stepped out from the shower, the alcohol had mostly left his system, and he barely looked different from normal.

“You planted my bug on your assailant?” As he used the towel to dry his wet hair, Han Chu, who still had moisture clinging around him, walked to sit next to Anthony. He used his chin to point at his bedroom and said, “Go get my laptop.”

Anthony moved to oblige. He retrieved the laptop and placed it on the coffee table. Without the order from Han Chu, he started to operate it expertly. “Even though it hasn’t been fully modified, I’ve expanded the signal range, so the receiving sensitivity is much higher than before. However, the disadvantage is that the bug will not be online as long… Hmm, but it should be enough to last until the man returns to his lair. Perhaps we might be able to listen to the man report on the mission.”

“Hmm.” Han Chu lifted his eyes. “What about the switch? Better make sure it is not discovered at the door.”

“That can be done by closing the power. Just press this button.” Anthony opened the program gleefully. A satellite map of Feng Yuan City appeared on-screen instantly, and a blinking red dot showed the actual location of the bug.

As they continued to zoom in, the exact location of the bug was eventually triangulated on a certain street. The familiar coordinates made Ye Shuang, who had just joined them, gasp in shock. “Wait, isn’t this Luther’s villa?” Isn’t the man still cosplaying as a princess waiting to be rescued?”

“If I’m not mistaken, hasn’t Luther not been rescued yet?” Han Chu also noticed the problem. After a moment’s silence, he frowned. “There can only be two explanations. One, the person who assaulted Tony normally disguises as Luther’s bodyguard but actually works for another boss. Two, within Luther’s group, there is someone who will be able to take over the organization when Luther is not available… Which do you think is more possible?”

Ye Shuang held the fruit juice and clicked the spying button. She shoved the glass of milk into Anthony’s hands. “There’s no need to guess. We’ll know once we listen to this.”

Han Chu lifted his eyes to look. Anthony and Ye Shuang were sitting around the screen, one holding a glass of milk, the other holding a fruit juice. They looked at the screen excitedly. Those not in the know would assume that the three of them were catching up on some serial drama.

Soon, a barely clear enough voice came from the computer. The person who had assaulted Anthony seemed to be asking his colleagues about the location of the temporary leader. After knowing that the latter was not resting, he soon went upstairs to report the failure. If that was everything, Han Chu would have thought that it was Luther’s second in command who had given the order to assault Anthony.

However, after the assailant finished the report and returned to his room, another question surfaced.

“We failed the retrieve the chip, but for now, we’ve confirmed whose hands it’s in.”

“We’re sorry, miss. The opponent is too powerful. He even took down my partner.”

“Of course, the temporary leader will continue to negotiate with Madam Grace. I’ll continue looking for an opening…”

Anthony switched off the bug. As he licked the ring of milk bubbles around his lips, he shrugged innocently. “Looks like the situation is clear as day. It should be the first possibility, but Han’s second prediction is not wrong either. When Luther is not around, there is a second-in-command who will temporarily take over the leadership.”

“Perhaps I’m jumping the gun here.” Ye Shuang scratched her chin to think. “Since the person mentioned it was a ‘miss’ on the phone, I can only think of that Jennifer whom Luther wished to cooperate with Madam Grace to deal with. Brother Han, what do you think?”

“That’s exactly my thought.” Han Chu nodded to show that he was in agreement with Ye Shuang. Then he turned to ask Anthony, “How long do you still need to crack the chip?”

“Three… er, two days? That is the fastest I can work. I cannot guarantee that it’ll be done so soon.” Under the pressure from Han Chu’s gaze, Anthony could not help but change his answer, but he still blinked unwillingly. “Do we have to move this fast?”

Han Chu looked at Anthony with a sigh. “We might need to move even faster.”

The enemy’s movement was far bigger and faster than Han Chu had predicted. He had thought that these people would not openly go after them to keep the issue under wraps. However, there had already been an assassination attempt. It was too hard to guarantee that they would not do something similar a second or third time.

Ye Shuang had taken the chip away, and Anthony had shown up after the computer was ruined. Either of them could become their next target.

That was not considering Anthony’s sensitive identity. Once that was discovered, perhaps the opponent might become even more alert and aggressive. Therefore, they could not afford to waste a single second. They needed to get their hands on some leverage that might cause the opponent to be more cautious of them. If the chip was taken away or ruined, then they would stop at nothing to hunt Han Chu’s team down.

Anthony had been given a heavy duty, so he had no choice but to carry a face that looked like he was going to cry and continue to work.

Ye Shuang did not have it easy either. Since Han Chu thought that the safety of their location might be compromised, while Anthony was working, she and Han Chu had to stay up to guard the place overnight… Their main job scope was to look at the surveillance video that Anthony had assumed control over and then use the telescope to look around the area and the surrounding buildings.

After a night spent on high alert, even Ye Shuang, whose body was improved, felt a bit tired, much less Han Chu… It was more of a mental exhaustion. Being on the alert all the time was really taxing.

In the morning, they waited for Su Zheng to arrive with breakfast. When it was turn for Ye Shuang to go rest, as she walked to her room, she could not help but ask, “Tony, how much longer do you need?”

Anthony lifted his head to reveal a pair of panda eyes. A steamed bun was dangling on his mummy-like face. “What time is it? Did someone call my name?”

The future looked dark for Ye Shuang.