Chapter 470 - Acquiring a Vehicle

Chapter 470: Acquiring a Vehicle

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The things had been done, so what was left to be said?

The people? They had already disappeared. With Anthony covering their tracks, when Father Han got the report, he had trouble finding a single hair of theirs, much less the people in question. Father Han did not dare imagine what would happen next. When those children were playing on their own, each of them could already raise hell. But with them working together with a clear goal in mind, the final result was definitely going to be huge, and whether it was disastrous or not was yet to be seen.

“Are we sure this is okay?” Su Zheng asked carefully. After all, Father Han was their boss’ father. As a child who walked on the not-straight-and-narrow path but was also obedient at the same time, one needed courage to go against the adults for the first time. Ye Shuang was staring at Anthony, who was triangulating Han Chu’s location. She would not regret what she had done, so she was not under any pressure. “It’ll be fine. At worst, we’ll get lectured once we return.”

“I don’t think they will let us off so easily.” Su Zheng gulped fearfully.

Ye Shuang took time to glance at her. “Then what do you think will happen to us?”

Su Zheng gave it some thought and then realized that Ye Shuang was right. They did not really do anything wrong. Now that she thought about it, the most serious punishment they might have was getting grounded, lectured, or physically punished. What else could there be? In conclusion, other than physical tiredness, the mental lecture could be suffered through with a thick face. Therefore, with that in mind, the girl with the most morals of the trio was also corrupted.

Cedrick did not wait for the three to make his move, or rather, he was unsure the three could still escape. Since Han Chu had been captured, it meant that this cooperation with the government was over. Cedrick, who had lost his faith in the officials, started to pull back. Other than leaving behind people to fool the government, the real elites had been pulled back. To contact them would not be so easy anymore.

He could not contact his own people and could not reach his allies. Ye Shuang’s group had been captured, so he would have to depend on himself for the rest. In less than ten minutes, Anthony pressed the last button and announced the result to the two on the computer screen. “The target has been locked onto. The drive there from the city is twenty minutes, provided there are no traffic jams along the way.”

Afraid of exposing their tracks, Anthony did not dare tamper with the traffic lights, so Ye Shuang could not guarantee a smooth journey. It was the same with their vehicle. The cars that they could use would definitely be watched. If they sought a random car by the street, that would be stealing, and even if the trio had that ability, they did not have the courage. Even Yao Zhixing was not a suitable option. After all, Father Han knew about his son’s friend in San Lin City and would have been watching his social circle.

“The best solution is to find someone we know but Han Chu doesn’t. This person has to be of a certain level, and the vehicle must be low profile enough that it won’t be noticed,” Ye Shuang mumbled in thought. Who fitted that description? She looked through her contacts and managed to find one.

“A truck? I have many trucks, but who are you?” The other person was not going to give face, and his tone was filled with impatience.

Ye Shuang coughed. She held the encrypted phone and continued. “I am Ye Shuang’s friend.”

Saying her own name was a strange feeling, but this was serious business, so she could ignore that small awkwardness. “We need to head to the countryside, and the journey is a bit far. There might be people stopping to check the vehicles, so it’s best that we do not inform anyone else about this…”

The person on the other side thought about it. “I know now. You’re that one, right? The handsome one.”

“Just say whether you’re helping or not.” Ye Shuang gritted her teeth, stopping herself from hanging up to call her mother already. Even though Zhou Yue was an annoyance, Father Zhou still gave Mother Ye face. If the son would not give face, even though it was a bit of an offense to Mother Ye, Ye Shuang would have to sell her out to get a truck.

Yes, the person on the phone with Ye Shuang now was Zhou Yue. The person who was fighting with Yao Zhixing but, for some reason, had a relationship with Ye Shuang due to their parents. Thankfully, Ye Shuang did not have the chance to sell her mother because Zhou Yue knew about the relationship between the two Ye Shuangs. He understood there would be interactions between the two, so even if he could not ask for more details, in the end, he was willing to lend his own company’s vehicle.

Young Master Zhou with money to throw around was efficient with his work. If this was someone else, they would have had to find an excuse, go through the procedure, and during that process, they might be stopped by some busybody senior or family member. But since it was Zhou Yue, being unreasonable was his personality, and with Father Zhou looking after his own, the company was basically already used to their young boss’ unreasonable personality. Therefore, none of them questioned his orders. In less than ten minutes, Ye Shuang got the call from the man and the location for them to meet up.

“Where do you plan to go?” The driver and other employees were all told to leave. Zhou Yue was the only one left behind waiting for Ye Shuang’s group by the large truck.

Ye Shuang did not answer. She helped Anthony move boxes into the cargo, and then she waited for the other two to enter the truck before turning around to pull out her phone and the map. “We’re heading to this marked location. We just need to stop around there.”

Zhou Yue leaned over to look. His eyes turned to think. “No problem. There’s a Nature Village nearby. I can say we’re going there to collect some mountain resources.”

Otherwise, it would be hard to explain why a big truck was going that way.

“Master Zhou appears to have been working hard lately.” Ye Shuang was shocked before adding in surprise, “But the economy there is not that good, and no one is in the production business, so there probably aren’t many resources to collect.”

Zhou Yue shrugged. “So many ramblings. Fine, we’re going there to collect chicken eggs.”

“…” Ye Shuang.

They got into the car, closed the door, locked the doors. Ye Shuang and Anthony waited for a while inside the cargo box until the sound of the drivers and others returned. After those people were chased away, then came the sound of the engine starting. The car shook, and it started to slide outward.

After the truck got onto the road, Su Zheng leaned over to whisper, “Is it really fine for him to come with us?”

Ye Shuang shrugged. “If not, who is going to open the door for us? Tony, I need you to pull up the information on the police officers over there first.”