Chapter 415 - Scared Little Girl

Chapter 415: Scared Little Girl

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What was a girly girl?

A girly girl was an expensive, weak, and fragile thing that needed care. They had to depend on someone most of the time or have company to be able to survive. It was hard for them to face problems on their own.

Ye Shuang was clearly not a girly girl. Instead, most men were like girly girls before her.

Even Su Zheng was not a girly girl. Although her strength was not as ridiculous as Ye Shuang’s, this lady’s experience in the society was sufficient for her to go places. Her intelligence was not the only reason that she could not explore the world. Another reason was that she could not speak any foreign languages.

Strictly speaking, all of Ye Shuang’s friends were independent no matter their gender. Not only that, most of them were skilled. The person before her was the only one that she had ever met that matched the definition of a girly girl—Xia Qi.

“Are—are you Ye Shuang’s friend?”

Xiao Qi was different from the time when she had been holding Master Five earlier. Back then, she had been quiet and obedient. There had been nothing special about her. However, she seemed small and pity. There was a faint quivering in her voice. She looked like a small animal that was eager to run for her life from danger.

Even Ye Shuang could not help but lower her voice upon seeing such a girl. She was afraid that she might cause this girl and stir her emotion further. “Yes, you can also call me Ye Shuang. That’s my, I mean, our code name.”

She thought she would skip that since she was too lazy to explain why they had the same name.

Xiao Qi did not seem to be in the mood to discuss Ye Shuang’s name being the same as that of another person. After confirming that the man outside the security door matched the person on the phone, she unlocked the door and let him in. She pulled him in while shaking and slammed the door with lightning speed. A bang was created. She said in her panicked voice as if she was going to cry, “H-he’s in the bathroom… I was taking a bath, and he sneaked in to attack me. Something fell when I was struggling. He accidentally stepped on a bar of soap, and his head smashed against the bathtub, and… and…”

“His head began to bleed?” Ye Shuang could not help but finished the sentence for her.

“I don’t think so.” Xiao Qi shook her body and looked puzzled. She seemed like she could not understand something. “It doesn’t seem like it’s his head that’s bleeding. I dare not look at him, nor do I dare touch him, so I ran out after turning off the water.”

Ye Shuang nodded. She believed that explanation.

Perhaps this lady really did not dare look at the man. Judging by what had happened to her, her system might have collapsed when such an accident happened. Why would she take note of other details? She did not even react on Ye Shuang’s current face.

Ye Shuang was not being boastful.

Her killer body in her male form aside, her features were so handsome that she could take over the world.

Thinking of the man who was still unconscious in the bathroom, Xiao Qi could not help but hug her own body while beginning to shiver. Brother Shuang signed and helped her to the bathroom slowly. “Don’t worry. Judging from what you’ve said, that man should have fainted because of the knock to his head. Meanwhile, the bleeding should have been caused by some other thing, but it shouldn’t be too serious…”

Judging by the thickness of blood that she had smelled since she gotten into the house, the injury that had caused the bleeding should not be too serious. Plus, Ye Shuang could hear another person’s breathing in the bathroom. The frequency was stable, and the breath was long. If something terrible had really happened, the person’s breathing would have become heavy at least. If he had been dying, it would have become weak.

Now it seemed like the man was just unconscious.

However, this lady must have been high on adrenaline when someone invaded the bathroom while she was naked and had to fight the man while being shocked. Later on, she had witnessed the ferocious man hurt himself and pass out before her. From the overlapping shock and anxiety, she had become relieved when the person passed out. She had called the number that Xiao San had left behind as she panicked.

“Don’t be afraid.” Ye Shuang held Xiao Qi’s shoulder to calm her shaking body while slowly turning the bathroom’s doorknob. “I’ll look at it. He’s definitely fine… Look, his breathing is very stable. I told you he’s fine. It’s just a minor injury judging by the amount of blood. I’ll take care of it.”

After patting the small shoulder under her big palm, Brother Shuang smiled lightly with the most serene expression and walked over after releasing the lady in her arms. She squatted next to the unconscious man by the bathtub.

The man looked approximately thirty years old. He had small abs from working out, so he should be an active man who was an expert in combat skills.

At the moment, the man lay unconscious by the bathtub. There was blood spreading under his shoulder, but it was minor. It looked like a normal external injury. Due to the water on the bathroom floor, the coagulation was slowed down.

It looked terrifying, but in reality, it was nothing.

Brother Shuang turned the man around to check on him before releasing a sigh of relief. “Nothing major. He cut himself on some sharp object. It’s just a flesh wound. If this didn’t happen in the bathroom, he would’ve stopped bleeding since the injury is minor.”

In other words, the lady scared herself. It was not as serious as she had thought.

Brother Shuang tried his best to narrate what had happened as calmly as he could. He held the man up from the floor and made him sit up with one hand. He then pressed a few points on the man’s shoulder joint to slow down the bleeding in the aorta. As that went on, very soon, the blood coagulated from the wound’s platelets working their magic.

After dealing with the wound, Brother Shuang carried the man out of the bathroom and tied him up with the rope that he had gotten from the bathroom floor that was clearly used earlier. Brother Shuang then tossed the man onto the bed… After he was done with that, he wiped off the water on his hand and helped Xiao Qi, who had calmed down a little, up from leaning on the wall. He said softly and gently, “Look, everything is taken care of. Don’t be afraid.”

Xiao Qi lifted her head while pursing her lips. She revealed a grateful expression. “Thank you, thank you.”

She only really saw what Brother Shuang looked like then. She rubbed her eyes, feeling a little shy and regretful. “I didn’t think I would need to drag you guys in again.”

Brother Shuang smiled and could not help but pat Xiao Qi’s head. “There’s nothing to worry about… Actually, who is this man?”

“Well…” Xiao Qi hesitated. She figured it was an embarrassing situation.

Brother Shuang waited for a moment and thought that she should act like a gentleman and stop troubling her. “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to. You must be starving after going through this. Do you want me to cook you something?”