Chapter 365 - Delivery

Chapter 365: Delivery

Translator: Lonelytree  Editor: Millman97

That afternoon, when Ye Shuang rubbed her eyes, Su Zheng and Han Chu were no longer there. In their place was a strange man who was munching on chips while typing on the computer inside the apartment. The stunned Ye Shuang stood at the door of the bedroom for half a minute, believing that she had transmigrated to another story.

After a while, the man finished the bag of chip and was turning around to grab another bag of snack when he noticed her. After a confused, “Huh?”, the truth dawned on him. “Sister Shuang?”

Even though they had not met in person, hearing this familiar voice that she had heard many times on the phone, Ye Shuang finally realized who this person was. “…Ol’ K?”

The man nodded happily. “That’s me, Sister Shuang. We finally meet.”

“Hmm, when did you arrive?” Ye Shuang walked out from her room to look around and listen for a while. There was a soft snore coming from Anthony’s room, and it did not sound like there was a fourth person in the room. So, she asked, “Where are Brother Han and Xiao Su?”

“They’re out to purchase food.” Ol’ K grabbed a bag of rice crackers, tore it open, and continued munching. He mumbled through a full mouth to explain, “Brother Han said that things are getting more complicated, and we might need more technical workers, so he called me over a few days ago. I just arrived today. I was told to help with the surveillance and tracking. Actually, Brother Han and Xiao Su left just moments ago.”

“Oh.” Ye Shuang did not ask for more details. She turned into the washroom to wash her face, to wash her drowsiness away before returning to the living room. She took the seat beside Ol’ K and looked at the screen. The computer screen was split into two sides; one was the surveillance of the building that they were in, and the other side showed some code monitoring the interface that she could not understand. In any case, this should be tracking that Ol’ K had mentioned.

After some clarification, she found out that the tracking was actually an extension of the result of Anthony’s eavesdropping. The eavesdropping had been done through hacking the television signal inside Luther’s villa. Of course, they would not let the assailant who was bugged go so easily, but for the time being, they had not been able to hack into the man’s phone signal, much less trace Jennifer’s location from the man.

Because Anthony still needed to unlock the chip, Ol’ K had two main objectives. One was to try his best to follow the enemy’s situation and movement, and the other was to gather as many clues about Jennifer as he could. Other than that, when he was free, Ol’ K could be Anthony’s assistant. After all, he had admired Anthony for so long and had been fighting for the chance to work together with the man.

Ye Shuang looked around the room. She nodded and then stood up to prepare the food. Just as she stood up, she scanned the large bags of snacks that surrounded Ol’ K. She could not help herself and stopped moving. With some hesitance, she asked, “These snacks… why do they look so familiar?”

“I found them inside the fridge and under the TV console,” Ol’ K answered easily. “I rushed over once the plane landed, so I haven’t had anything to eat… Is there something wrong?”

The speechless Ye Shuang looked at Ol’ K, who turned to her with confusion. “…Nothing’s wrong, but you’d better call Brother Han and have him buy some snacks as well.”

Han Chu was famed for his chilling armor and unapproachability, and whenever he dealt with his people, he cut straight to the point. Those who had constant interaction with him were the three middle-tier agents and his private friends like Anthony and Yao Zhixing. Therefore, it was understandable that normal people did not know about Han Chu’s small habits.

Even though Han Chu was not going to curse him for life due to the sake of food, it was certain that the man would remember this offense. If Ol’ K did not want to be bogged down in the future, he needed to quickly refill the stock and continue the feeding. That way, at least he would have a chance at survival.

Ol’ K scratched his cheeks. He looked at the bag that he was holding and then at Ye Shuang, “Are they yours?”

Ye Shuang shook her head with a sigh. “If only they were.”

At least she would not entrap a person for the sake of a bag of chips. The girl departed to start the cooking. Even though Ol’ K was confused, he followed his boss’ orders and made the call. So, when Han Chu and Su Zheng returned with two bags of vegetables and meat, they were already carrying three full bags of sweets and snacks.

“Where’s Tony?” Once Han Chu stepped into the house, he changed into the slippers and scanned Ol’ K coldly. Because he had been given some mental preparation, he was not as mad as he would have been.

Ye Shuang happened to walk out from the kitchen, so when she heard the question, she added, “He’s still sleeping. Should we go wake him up?”

“Let him rest. Call him once the food is ready.” Han Chu placed the bags away and raised his wrist to look at the time. He poured a glass of water and stood beside Ol’ K. “So, what’s the latest?”

Ol’ K was confused. “It’s just been one afternoon. Shouldn’t we wait until after lunch and let me discuss the uncertainties with Ace first?”

“Tell me what you’ve found.” Han Chu was obviously using his office to seek personal revenge. He wanted the man to report his finding to increase the psychological pressure on Ol’ K.

Ye Shuang issued a dry laugh. “Ha, ha ha. Since you men are discussing work, Xiao Su, why don’t you help me inside the kitchen? Come help me wash the vegetables.”

Su Zheng instantly abandoned her partner and went to Ye Shuang’s side. “Sister Shuang, actually, I have good knife skills. Do you want me to help chop the vegetables?”

The two women’s voices soon disappeared into the kitchen. Only Ol’ K’s whimpering answer and Han Chu’s oppressive interrogation remained in the living room. Not long after that, when the smell of cooking drifted out from the kitchen, there was a knock on the door. Ol’ K caught the eyes from Han Chu and quickly escaped from his perch, wiped away his cold sweat, and looked through the cat’s eye.

A deliveryman wearing a chef’s hat and white coat stood outside. As he pressed on the bell, he checked the paper that he was holding. “Is someone home?”

Ol’ K whispered the situation to Han Chu. Han Chu glanced over and nodded. “I’ve seen this man before. Many of the deliveries in this area are conducted by this man.”

Actors valued their privacy more than normal people, so they would normally return to a few select shops, and that was true for deliveries as well. Since this was a building under the name of a media company, the introduction went around, and almost all the tenants ordered from the same few restaurants.

Ol’ K sighed in relief, but he still did not open the door. “Perhaps you got the wrong room number?”

The deliveryman checked the paper again and then looked up at the room number. “It’s correct. You ordered this.”

“But we didn’t order anything.” Ol’ K turned back and saw Han Chu frown. He asked the deliveryman, “Who made the call on the phone?”

“How would I know that? I’m only responsible for the delivery.” The man was getting impatient. “Are you going to pay or not? If this continues, I’m not going to delivery to this place anymore!”

Han Chu walked to the door and half squatted down. He fished a blowing dart out from his pocket and nodded at Ol’ K.

Ol’ K then opened the door. With the security door outside still closed, he took out his wallet. “How much is it? Pass it in here.”