Chapter 471 - Repayment

Chapter 471: Repayment

There were two officers at Nature Village—the village had its own security team. Even the two officers were locals. After all, the place was too isolated. Those who were sent there had been exiled, and outsiders would not stay there for too long.

“Su can go and steal a few things from their houses to create a distraction. Then, we’ll grab our man.” Anthony had a headache dealing with this kind of backward place. “Their office doesn’t even have something like a computer. This place is just too small.”

Therefore, he had to this kind of technologically-weak areas. The high-tech traps were all useless because these people would not understand it and would not realize they had stepped into it.

During the earlier part of the journey, they paused intermittently. The latter part was smooth. The trio sat in the truck just like that. First, it was shaking back and forth from the inertia and then jumping up and down from the cr*ppy road situation.

Eventually, they reached the destination. When Zhou Yue let them out, the three practically rolled out from the cargo, complaining about car sickness. Even Ye Shuang had fallen victim. Su Zheng rushed to the side with a scream and started to vomit. Anthony clasped his mouth with one hand and his laptop in another—he did not look well. Ye Shuang held the side of the car to steady herself. She stared at Zhou Yue darkly and refused to speak.

Zhou Yue was shocked. “Are the three of you so physically weak?”

Ye Shuang took some breather before saying, “Brother, at least your seat has proper suspension. The cargo doesn’t even have a seat, the floor is just a metal sheet, and we were travelling on such horrible roads…”

“Be thankful.” Zhou Yue smirked coldly. “It’s rare to see a cold chain truck coming to the countryside. At least I brought you here. If I hadn’t found a route, even if you died from vomiting, you wouldn’t have reached here.”

This was true. Ye Shuang had heard it when they were travelling. Several times, Zhou Yue’s truck had been stopped for inspection, but they had all been warded off with promise of goodies. This was the good thing about young masters; even though they often created trouble, they were good at doing such under the table dealings.

Ye Shuang knew how appreciative she should be, but the car sickness was literally hard to stomach. Actually, if this was before, even if it was a spaceship, she would not have felt a thing, but currently, her body was not in top form. Not only had Ye Shuang zipped up her collar, she had even put on the sleeve button. Other than the disappeared Adam’s Apple and slender limbs, the muscular muscles on her body had started to soft and begun to take on a more feminine state. Thankfully, the change was not obvious to her face, or else Ye Shuang would have abandoned Su Zheng and Anthony.

“In any case, thank you.” Ye Shuang sighed weakly, too lazy to complain. Even though the journey was harsh, at least it was a favor owed. “If there’s nothing else, you can return now, Mr. Zhou. It’s probably going to be chaotic here later.”

“How chaotic can it get?” Zhou Yue mocked with ease, but he did not really plan to stay to join in the fun. “I’m too lazy to meddle in your business. Just tell that woman to go back home and put in some good words for me.”

“You plan to make use of her?” Ye Shuang waited for Anthony, whose breathing had eased, before getting the stuff out of the truck. Ye Shuang chided the young man.

Zhou Yue rolled his eyes. “What’s it to you‽”

Mr. Zhou had his own ambitions. Yao Zhixing had made a name for himself in San Lin City, and his nemesis had made it his life mission to make life as difficult as possible. But who would have thought that Ye Shuang would get into the mix? Once the relationship became complicated, if he dared get up to his previous mischief, the girl could turn around to tell on him to his father directly.

Therefore, the initial grudge turned into small arguments. It became harder for Mr. Zhou to make trouble for Yao Zhixing, and he found it hard to make his presence known before Yao Zhixing. Furthermore, as unruly as Yao Zhixing was, he was competent and managed to handle his family business nicely. With this comparison, the already weak Mr. Zhou appeared even weaker…

The opponent was on the rise. Mr. Zhou prepared to fight back in terms of business. His family’s cold chain business was already mature, and there was nothing that he could do about it, so he prepared to branch out into other business… and then came the beating by his own father.

Just the thought of the might behind his father’s slap caused Zhou Yue’s cheek to wince with phantom pain. Even a person like Zhou Yue felt humiliated. He coughed drily and said awkwardly and angrily, “Just tell her to come over and say a few good things about me before my father and consider this favor repaid.”

Seeing the stuff had been moved all out of the truck, Mr. Zhou turned and left. He waved his sleeves and escaped. Anthony looked at the truck, which was leaving in a hurry. “Is he like me? He grew up at a children’s home?”

“…No.” Ye Shuang looked at Anthony with complicated emotions.

Anthony was confused. “Then why would Xiao Shuang’s words have more weight with his father?”

“That is related to many things like the familial structure in the country, Confucianism, and love…” Ye Shuang looked at the sky. The more Anthony listened to the explanation, the more confused he became. He could not figure out how these seemingly unrelated things were joined together.

“Get to work, stop wasting time.” Ye Shuang was too lazy to wait for him to get it. She squatted down to arrange the boxes and waved her hand to order Su Zheng. “There are about one hundred farming families in Nature Village. Based on the geographical location, house size, and building materials, that family with three peach trees in the yard should be quite important locally. It’s probably the village head’s home. This family and this family… they probably have unreasonable aunties living in them.”

Tossing the binoculars to Su Zheng, Ye Shuang decided the target for her. After she had memorized everything, Ye Shuang handed her the mission. “Go steal some things from those aunties’ homes. Don’t take anything valuable, but take things that are easily missed.”

“What do you mean by that?” Su Zheng asked in confusion. “And Brother Shuang, how did you know there’s an aunty living in these houses?”

“See the dog bowl in the yard, that is obviously recycled from a broken pot. The other family’s onions grow so prettily. Normally, in places like this, it is a habit for neighbors to steal from each other. No one minds these small things, but to have such a neat plot means that the family has a member who is stingy, and no one dares to cross her,” Ye Shuang analyzed. “A man wouldn’t care about spring onions, but a middle-aged woman would. Just go and yank one sprig of spring onion—that will be conspicuous enough.”

Su Zheng was speechless for a long time. She was a master thief, but she had been given the task of stealing a spring onion?