Chapter 167 - Karma

Chapter 167: Karma

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After Han Chu pointed it out, Ye Shuang realized that Anthony’s pair of blue eyes came from Northern Ireland’s lineage while his golden hair probably came from his other parent. However, he had an American passport since he was sent to the orphanage when he was five. Since he had the means to investigate his bloodline, why didn’t he find out simple information like his parents’ location and his birthday‽

One of the possibilities was that Anthony did not care, and the other was that the trail had gone cold. Either way, obviously, Anthony knew more than he told Han Chu.

Han Chu did not stay to accompany Ye Shuang. After he finished the glass of water, he returned to his room to rest. He was suffering from jet lag, and Anthony had already told Ye Shuang the password to his home, so the girl could enter and leave as she pleased; there was no need for someone to watch over her.

Anthony slept until 10 am the next morning. When he woke up and exited his room, he saw a long Christmas stocking outside his door. The stocking was supposed to be one of the decorations on the Christmas tree, but now it was hanging outside his door with something inside it.

He took it down to take a look. Inside was a handmade wool cap. There was no packaging, and a different color thread had been used to knit his name on the rim of the cap—Tony. W.

Han Chu was eating a sandwich in the living room with the leftover turkey as well as the stuffing from the day before as the filling. When he heard the door to Anthony’s room open, Han Chu asked without raising his eyes from the newspaper, “There’s some leftover white sauce from yesterday, do you want to cook some spaghetti or make sandwiches?”

“Is this the Christmas present Xiao Shuang gave me?” Anthony did not care about the breakfast. He ran to the mirror to try the hat on. It was fashionable and fitted him perfectly. Then he ran over happily to Han Chu. While pointing at the letters by the side of his head, he asked, “But what is the meaning of this ‘W’?”

The sandwich that was about to go into Han Chu’s mouth stopped. He raised his eyes and chuckled wickedly. “Have you forgotten the Chinese name you gave yourself?”

Wang Daqiang.

Having recently discovered that not all positive words represented a good name, Anthony was silent. He pulled the cap down and rubbed it. “Do you think I can ask her to undo this letter?”

It was such a dark history! Why did he think at the time that ‘ Guo Wang 1 ‘, ‘Wei Da 2 ‘, and ‘ Qiang Zhuang 3 ‘ would make a good name‽

Facing the sincere and anticipatory gaze from Anthony, Han Chu thought about it and smiled faintly. “I’m sure you can, but I have to remind you, the line of alphabet was knitted when she started the knitting, meaning if you want her to fix it, the whole thing has to be unraveled.”

Why are you like that!

After finishing his breakfast and the coffee, Han Chu folded the newspaper and stood up from the dining table, completely refreshed. He did not want to tell the boy that when Ye Shuang started the knitting, he was just next to her, and he was silent as he watched the W come into life. It was after that he went back to his room to sleep and enjoyed a good dream.

Act cute‽ Fight for my parent’s affection‽ Stealing my birthday‽

Good, karma is striking back. Serves you right!

Despite the small flaw in the name, Anthony appreciated the present. The weather was turning cold, and other people would not know the meaning of a simple letter. Therefore, he decided to ignore it and wore it over his head of golden hair. With the fashionable cap and large headphones, the sharp and cute dressing added to his charm.

Han Chu did not stay in San Lin City that long. Even though his family could understand that he needed to get a few days off for Christmas, it did not mean that they could tolerate him being outside for new year. The month before New Year, Han Chu’s family would call him to return home. If not for a specially important event, Han Chu and the other agents would not accept cases during this period. After all, to accept cases, there had to be clients. As long as it was not a house on fire, normal people would not have jobs for them during New Year.

Therefore, after staying for a few days, with New Year approaching and the fact that Anthony was flashing his cap day after day, Han Chu flew back to Beijing without waiting for the Christmas celebrations to finish. In any case, he stayed in San Lin City for less than 1 week, and he had not even had time to meet Yao Zhixing.

“Why did he escape so soon‽” When Yao Zhixing got the news, it was already too late. He could not stop himself from mocking him. “His whole family is returning to Beijing—is he so eager to play with little kids‽”

“You said that his whole family is returning, so how can Brother Han not be there?” Ye Shuang replied with a smile.

She was also preparing to return to the Ye family for New Year. Before this, she had thought that she had the schedule of the annual symposium, but she found out the end of year deadline was for registration, and the actual symposium was in February. Therefore, Ye Shuang’s schedule emptied out, and she planned to return home. However, before she managed to escape, she ran into Yao Zhixing. Anthony was at the company since it was morning, so Ye Shuang invited the man into her home for tea.

Yao Zhixing held the tea cup and continued to grumble. The main content was mostly about how Han Chu bore such little importance in his friends; how could he not call his friends out for a Christmas gathering while he was back in San Lin City? He put this behind him after he finished grumbling. After all, he was not the type to hold onto grudges. He finished the tea and prepared to leave.

When he was at the door, Yao Zhixing turned to ask, “By the way, has your family started the preparation for New Year? You also know my family is in the restaurant business, and we’ve ordered an additional crate of fresh seafood. The shelf life isn’t that long; we plan to give it out to the workers as new year bonus. If you want some, I can give you some.”

“Okay, I’ll drive to your place to take it later,” Ye Shuang said openly. They had known each other for long enough to not stand on ceremony anymore. Ye Shuang had helped the man fix his generator, and then she gave presents for Christmas. Even when she came back from Shanghai, she also remembered to pick up a souvenir for Yao Zhixing. If Ye Shuang tried to discuss money with Yao Zhixing for his offering of seafood, it was not being polite but being unfamiliar.

As the man said, it was a bonus for workers, so at most it was four digits. Yao Zhixing nodded. “Then I’ll inform the workers to prepare a separate box for you. When you arrive, just go and find the restaurant manager.”

After sending Yao Zhixing away, Ye Shuang spent the afternoon at the Go association to get the information for the upcoming qualification matches. Then she was dragged by the few elders to join them for several matches. She played until night and had her dinner there before she was released.

She headed for the Yao family’s restaurant. Thankfully the restaurant manager was efficient. When he got the call from his young master, he had immediately packed the box. When Ye Shuang arrived, he placed the box inside the trunk.

On the way home, Ye Shuang called to inform her family that she was bringing the box of seafood. If the fridge was full, then she could temporarily place it as her own place.

Thankfully, Mother Ye still had not gone to war yet. There was another month until New Year, so she was waiting for the supermarket to have their new year sale. Therefore, there was still space at home.

Halfway through her journey, a familiar looking golden head of hair covered under a wool cap entered her eyes. The man looked like he had just arrived at the bus stop and planned to return home to change before going out to play after work. Ye Shuang slowed down her car and thought about it. She decided not to interrupt the man’s private entertainment time. Furthermore, she was not planning to go back to her place that night, so they were heading down different direction. Therefore, she prepared to step on the gas and leave.

However, before she could do that, Ye Shuang glanced out from the corner of her eyes and realized something was off. Anthony had his head lowered as he played on his iPad and listened to music. Not far behind him were several inconspicuous men. Obviously, Tony had not discovered that he was being tailed. Ye Shuang, who was on the opposite side of the street, saw this clearly.

“This man sure is…” Ye Shuang grumbled, but she did not know what to do. She was going to rest, but she had to run into stuff like this. She could not just ignore it; the men looked like they were up to no good. Ye Shuang could not just turn her car around, so she drove forward to find somewhere to turn around. At the same time, she called Anthony to warn him.

Anthony probably did not notice that his phone was ringing. Ye Shuang waited for quite some time before the call was answered. Anthony’s happy voice came out. “Xiao Shuang…”

Before he even finished the greeting, Ye Shuang heard the sound of the phone falling to the ground. Before she could say anything, the signal was cut off. The phone had probably already broken.

“F*ck!” Ye Shuang smacked on the steering wheel. As Ye Shuang stepped on the gas, she turned the wheel. Without a break in speed, the car drifted perfectly in an arc before she entered the opposite lane. The smoothness and danger were so drastic that the traffic police office was too stunned to remember to blow the whistle. He was just about to raise the police baton when the car disappeared from his view.

Goodness! I haven’t seen such a showy driver in such a long time already!